Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Event Pick: International Noise Conference at 25 Watt - Style Weekly


By Chris Bopst
Flesh Control
Flesh Control
Never in the history of civilization have there been so many ways to manipulate sound. Purists tend to dismiss music made with the numerous contemporary mediums, but I doubt 20th-century experimentalists John Cage, Harry Partch, Raymond Scott or Sun Ra would have felt that way. I’m confident that they would have embraced and thrilled with a world of ever-increasing creative possibilities. A wide range of 21st-century audio adventurers will take the stage at the 25 Watt for the International Noise Conference on Wednesday, July 6. Presented by Rat Bastard and the Laundryroom Squelcher, the night of combative cacophonies features 15-minute performances by analog and digital provocateurs Stabbed in the Face, Crack Bytch, Yoga Demon, Flesh Control and many others. Definitely not for the faint of heart, doors open for the system of assaults at 7 p.m. Admission is $5.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

TRANSISTOR HEART IX - DJ Rat-Ward Playlist for June 27th 2016

C-90 format

Side A:

01 - The Lift Boys "Anarchy Village" 2005
02 - Koonda Hoola & The Beeches "Drugs" 200X
03 - Lothar & The Hand People "Machines" 1968
04 - Master's Apprentices "Barefoot When I Saw Her" 1970
05 - Mydolls "The-rapist" 1981
06 - Can't "Crazy Cat" 2004
07 - Christine Shields "Monkey Goes To The Moon" 2001
08 - Ceramic Hobs "The Yew Survives From The Ancient Woodland" 1988
09 - Tangela Tticoli "Jet Lady" 1982
10 - Tom Fazzini "Smokescreen" 1984
11 - Deerhoof "My Pal Foot Foot" 2002
12 - Starfuckers "Dear Prudence" 1996
13 - Ronnie And The Rhythm Boys "Hey Joe" 1980

Side B:

14 - Screamin' Mee-Mees "Answer Me!" 1996
15 - Memphis Goons "See Her Face In The Mirror" 19XX
16 - Destroy All Monsters "You're Gonna Die" 1978
17 - Screaming Lord Sutch "Cause I Love You" 1970
18 - Emmanuel Angel "Gertrude" 1970
19 - Adam's Rib "Hide Your Love" 1970
20 - Unknown Artist "Sorban Palid" 19XX
21 - Lewisite "Hanzaisya" 1983
22 - Andrew Klimek "Felt Hammer" 1979
23 - Arnold Lane "No Collar" 1981
24 - Thomas Leer "International" 1978
25 - Dark Day "Hands In The Dark" 1979
26 - Noh Mercy "Revolutionary Spy" 198X
27 - Randy Grief "I'm A Bat" 1990
28 - The Cheese Band "I Like Cheese (Transistor Heart edit)" 1997
29 - Tommy Jay "Last Hurrah" 198X


Compiled by Gary Stevens aka DJ Rat-Ward June 27th 2016

Additional volumes of the Transistor Heart compilations available here:

Friday, June 24, 2016

TRANSISTOR HEART VIII - DJ Rat-Ward playlist for June 24th 2016

C-90 format

Side A:

01 - Carol "So Low" 1983
02 - Sylvester "I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (Transistor Heart edit)" 1979
03 - Leland "I've Got Some Happiness" 1976
04 - The Durutti Column "I Get Along Without You Very Well" 1983
05 - The Clean "Tally Ho" 1981
06 - Tall Dwarfs "All My Hollowness To You" 1987
07 - The 49 Americans "Stupid Boy" 1980
08 - The Homosexuals "Jesus (Transistor Heart edit)" 1983
09 - Fox "Only You Can" 1975
10 - Haruomi Hosono "Sportsmen" 1982
11 - Chiemi Manabe "Untotooku" 1982
12 - Cleaners From Venus "Corridor Of Dreams" 1982
13 - Cathy Kidd & Tim Smyth "Rainy Days And Mondays" 1987

Side B:

14 - Modern English "Gathering Dust" 1980
15 - Dow Jones & The Industrials "Ladies With Appliances" 1980
16 - The Blank Students "Background Music" 1979
17 - Tuxedomoon "No Tears (Transistor Heart edit)" 1978
18 - After Dinner "Cymbals At Dawn" 1982
19 - Current Obsessions "Faceless Rite" 1982
20 - Pete Brandt's Method "What You Are" 1980
21 - Nini Raviolette "Suis-Je Normale" 1980
22 - Ludus "Breaking The Rules" 1983
23 - Psychic TV "The Orchids" 1983
24 - Shelley Duvall "He Needs Me" 1980
25 - Damien Youth "One Night Stand" 2000
26 - Allen Toussaint "Southern Nights" 1975


Compiled by Gary Stevens aka DJ Rat-Ward June 24th 2016

Additional volumes of the Transistor Heart compilations available here:

Friday, June 10, 2016

International Noise Conference - Richmond Virginia - 2016

Wednesday July 6th 2016 7pm

RVA Noise presents:  International Noise Conference - Richmond Virginia - 2016

Rat Bastard and the Laundryroom Squelchers bring the International Noise Conference tour to Richmond VA!


Laundryroom Squelchers, Head Molt, Stabbed In The Face, Brown Piss, Broadcastatic,
Flesh Control, Yoga Demon, Muzak City, Blue Nine, Crack Bytch, Lacanthrope, R-Complex, Taciturnal, Dyrt, Predation, Fake Object, 10-56, Coteries, Yohimbe and Stone Garden Jam Temple.

Doors open at 7PM - Sounds start at 8PM sharp
18+ $5.00 admission
*Performance schedule posted below*

"In 2004, cult South Florida producer, Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra, hosted the inaugural International Noise Conference (INC) at Churchill’s Pub in Miami, Florida. Around 40 acts - all from the United Sates - performed over the course of three days.

12 years later, the conference proper has expanded to a full week, every major city in Florida hosts pre- and post-shows, and the total number of bands is but one of myriad statistics that confirms INC is a consistent institution in the often chaotically transient world of do-it-yourself underground experimental music. In the course of its expansion, Falestra has justified the global scope of his festival’s once seemingly ironic namesake by featuring provocative avant-garde performers from all over the world, and by expanding into annual touring editions that have traveled through five continents..."

08:00 - Head Molt
08:15 - Stabbed In The Face
08:30 - Brown Piss
08:45 - Broadcastatic
09:00 - Flesh Control
09:15 - Yoga Demon
09:30 - Muzak City
09:45 - Blue Nine
10:00 - Crack Bytch
10:15 - Lacanthrope
10:30 - R-Complex
10:45 - Taciturnal
11:00 - Dyrt
11:15 - Predation
11:30 - Fake Object
11:45 - 10-56
12:00 - Coteries
12:15 - Yohimbe
12:30 - Stone Garden Jam Temple
12:45 - Laundryroom Squelchers

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

RVA Noise Fest V videos hit the web - RVA Mag


The fifth annual RVA Noise Fest took place a few weeks back, and for those who missed it, you're in luck (at least a little bit). A number of decent quality videos from the event have emerged and nows your chance to catch up on some of the best noise, harsh noise, power electronics, ambient, drone, synth, techno, free jazz, no wave and performance art available in the area.

The actual event took place over two days at both Strange Matter and Gallery 5, and it was a veritable marathon of short, back to back performances by local noise, electronic, experimental and otherwise unclassifiable musicians.

Check out some of the videos below via Nic De Santis....

Posted by: brad – May 10, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Event Pick: RVA Noise Fest V at Strange Matter and Gallery5 - Style Weekly

“Please God, make it stop” noise to some is “Yes Lord, turn it up louder” sound to others. Take the RVA Noise Fest, for example. The fifth annual showcase of Virginia underground experimental artists happens Saturday, April 23, at Strange Matter, and Sunday, April 24, at Gallery5 — and it will have people screaming to get in or get out. That dichotomy suits event organizer and divisive entertainment champion Gary Stevens just fine. Each year the prolific Richmond noisemaker assembles a diverse cast of like-minded sound manipulators who don’t concern themselves with the mundane triviality of making people happy. From the fractured tonal disintegrations of France Gall Entity to deep left-field jazz of the New Loft, it’s instantly clear that this two-day festival is definitely not for everyone. The process of weeding out begins Saturday for a full 12 hours of entertainment or torture at 2 p.m. and Sunday from 5-11 p.m. Admission for each night is $5. or (Photo by Joey Fichete)