Tuesday, February 24, 2004

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hey everybody

sorry to inform you that we have been evicted from the
Rat-Ward, so in effect we gotta cancel all the
upcoming shows. Sorry!


Sunday, February 15, 2004

Rat-Ward shows this Monday & Friday

rat-ward reminder:


Feb 16th 7PM

SWORD HEAVEN -Columbus, OH.Gameboy records kids...sound like this: crash!
crash! thud! in other words...noise influenced rock band with industrial
tendencies (think early swans). lots of damaged sound!!! someone once
said... was "like being hypnotized at a punk show!"...drums, guitars,
keyboards, samples, effects, tubes, floating symbols, throat and screams
to convey...sonic mayhem.

PALM TREES-HVA total noise and screaming.

KELLY G and TOMORROW NOW -Newport News ritual rhythmatists take
performance cues from "changes in barometric pressure" and "that sinking
feeling" to create an interactive experience some have described as
"sinkingly barometric." with special appearances by people and objects.


22 S. Mallory St.
Hampton, VA

Another Rat-Ward Show....


Feb 20th 7PM

HULK SMASH Hulk Smash is a two piece DIY band from Philadelphia that
plays it slow and low ...consist of 8 string bass (run through a few amp
setups), drums with triggers (playing samples of detuned drums and
explosions), ...both sing (through a processor that adds a chord to our
voices) and try to play keyboard pedalboards with (their) feet. This is
not all hulk smash is, but for now it is the easiest way to describe

ABIKU -Baltimore,MD femme vocaled electro-punk-core-noise!

KID CAMARO -VA Beach. freaked out IDM-core.

SOCIAL JUNK Social Junk is a six-armed electronic, buzzing, flashing,
geewhizbang of a band from Cross Lanes, WV... Social Junk isnt like any
other band youve heard before. Listening to Social Junk is always
exciting, thanks to Social Junks amazing electronic brain! Watch tension
mount as Social Junk ticks down the seconds with their flashing lights
and push-button action! Social Junk is so advanced that observing a
Social Junk entertainment extravaganza requires lightning fast reflexes
and quick thinking! Social Junk is so irresistible and fascinating...
witness the six-armed addictive action apparatus! Social Junk is
laser-fast fun for the whole family!

SLIDE OF HAND -Norfolk,VA folk comedy.

THE GOSPEL ACCORDIAN... -special suprise guests!