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DJ Rat-Ward Vol 010

Various Artists "DJ Rat-Ward Vol 010 "Soft Psych Underground 1966-1988"

Anti-Everything - AE82 - 07/30/2017 - C-60 Format
Compiled by Gary Stevens aka DJ Rat-Ward


*All tracks edited by DJ Rat-Ward*

Side A:
01 - American Spring "Fallin' In Love" (1973)
02 - ZNR "Solo Un Dia" (1976)
03 - Mike Y Toti "De Nata, Fresa Y De Limón" (1973)
04 - Roland Delys "Love" (1972)
05 - Nuno Canavarro "Untitled" (1988)
06 - Kath "As I Looked At You" (1974)
07 - White Noise "Firebird" (1969)
08 - Gabor Szabo "Walking On Nails" (1966)
09 - Nino Nardini & Roger Roger "Mowgli" (1971)
10 - Harper's Bizarre "Witchi Tai To" (1969)

Side B:
11 - Wimple Winch "Lollipop Minds" (1968)
12 - Susan Cadogan "Nice And Easy" (1975)
13 - The Marmalade "Kaleidoscope" (1970)
14 - Nora Dean "Peace Begins Within" (1972)
15 - Love "I'm With You" (1969)
16 - Nick Nicely "On The Beach" (1982)
17 - Yamasuki's "Aieaoa" (1971)
18 - Tom Newman "Alison Says" (1975)
19 - Virdinia "Bungaloo" (1977)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Rat-Ward Radio #002

Broadcast Friday July 28th 2017 

Tune in to WCLM 1450 AM in central Virginia or listen live online ( every Friday at midnight (EST)

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 If you miss the show it will be archived on the DJ Rat-Ward Mixcloud (

Check out the entire track-list posted below...

01: Willy Roy "Don't Give It Up" *DJ Rat-Ward Edit (Nigeria) 1981
Don't Give It Up - LP [Alpha Soundz] Funk / Soul, Boogie

02: Daphne Oram "Melodic Group Shapes #2" (U.K.) 1962
Electronic Sound Patterns - 7" [His Master's Voice] Electronic, Non-Music

03: A Certain Ratio "Do The Du" (U.K.) 1980
The Graveyard And The Ballroom - Cassette [Factory] Leftfield, New Wave

04: Dominatrix "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" *DJ Rat-Ward Edit (U.S.) 1984
The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight - 12" [Streetwise] Electro, Synth-Pop

05: The Action 13 "More Bread (To The People)" (Nigeria) 1973
More Bread (To The People) - 7" [EMI] Afrobeat, Psychedelic, Funk

06: Second Hand "Something You Got" (U.K.) 1971
Death May Be Your Santa Claus - LP [Mushroom] Prog Rock

07: Coloured Balls "Heavy Metal Kid" (Australia) 1974
Heavy Metal Kid - LP [EMI] Hard Rock, Proto-Punk

08: Dystopia "Backstabber" (U.S.) 1997
Various - Reality Part #2 - LP [Deep Six Records] hardcore, Punk

09: Mouth "Yahoo!" (U.K.) 1981
F¹ - 10" [Y Records] New Wave, Dub, Funk

10: Demis Roussos "I Dig You" * Todd Terje Housemix (Greece) 1977
The Demis Roussos Magic - LP [Philips] Funk, Folk, Disco

11: Roberto De Simone "Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie" (Italy) 1976
II° Coro Delle Lavandaie / Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel Part II - 12" [EMI] Folk, Disco

12: ESG "Erase You (Puppy By Your Side 12" Edit)" (U.S.) 1991
Erase You / Standing In Line - 12" [Pow Wow Records] Post-Punk, Disco

13: Toecutter "Best Party Ever" *Myspace Version (Australia) 2008
Drunk On The Blood Of Other Men - CDr [Not On Label] Happy Hardcore, Gabber

14: Snakehole "Something To Become" (U.S.) 2015
Snakehole - LP [Wharf Cat Records] Punk, No-Wave

15: Haus Arafna "Colony Collapse (A Sign For You)" (Germany) 2010
You - LP [Galakthorrö] Industrial, Minimal, Experimental

16: Lutto Lento "It's A Horror And It's A Wonder" (Poland) 2017
Dark Secret World - LP [Where To Know?] Electronic, Experimental

17: Boy Harsher "Pain" (U.S.) 2014
Pain - 12" [Oráculo Records] Darkwave, Electro, Synth-Pop

18: Jeff Zagers "The Dark End Of The Street" (U.S.) 2016
All For The Love Of Sunshine - LP [Wharf Cat Records] Abstract, Experimental, Synth-Pop

19: Nkono Teles "Be My Lady" *DJ Rat-Ward Edit (Nigeria) 198X
Fiesta Dancin' - LP  [Teno Records] Electro, Funk, Disco

20: Toni Esposito "Processione Sul Mare" *DJ Rat-Ward Edit (Italy) 1976
Processione Sul Mare  - LP [Numero Uno] Jazz-Rock, Prog Rock

21: Urszula Dudziak "Papaya" (U.S.) 1975
Urszula - LP [Arista] Fusion, Funk, Disco

22: Amon Düül II "Sleepwalker's Timeless Bridge" (Germany) 1972
Wolf City - LP [United Artists Records] Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock

23: Fifty Foot Hose "Rose" (U.S.) 1967
Cauldron - LP [Limelight] Experimental, Psychedelic Rock

24: 23 Skidoo "Coup" (U.K.) 1983
Coup - 12" [Illuminated Records] Jazz-Funk, Industrial, Post-Punk

25: Furniture "Why Are We In Love" (U.K.) 1983
When The Boom Was On - 12" [Premonition Records] Jazz-Funk, New Wave

26: Horrific Child "Frayeur" (France) 1976
L'Etrange Mr Whinster  - LP [Eurodisc]  Psychedelic Rock, Special Effects, Prog Rock

27: Sam & Joe "Save The Children / Fear Of Smell" (U.S.) 1993
Various - Fear Of Smell - LP [Vermiform] Novelty, Spoken Word

Thursday, July 20, 2017

More DJ Rat-Ward Edits and Remixes

I've uploaded a ton of my "DJ Rat-Ward" track edits to YouTube since the last update here, too many to post! Check out the playlist below and have a listen. I've uploaded a ton of other random songs as well, check out the channel for those. More edits and mix tapes in the works.

Wasteland Jazz Unit, Developer, Light Of The Cross at Sediment Sunday July 23rd

SEDIMENT Events Presents:
Wasteland Jazz Unit, Developer and Light Of The Cross
July 23rd, 2017
Doors at 8:30
Starts at 9
$5-$10 sliding scale
208 E Grace St, Richmond, Virginia 23219 

WASTELAND JAZZ UNIT ( Cincinnati,Ohio)
Wasteland Jazz Unit has been bringing their brand of Borbetomagus fueled honkin' for over 10 years now and have been described as taking "free-jazz instrumentation (clarinet and sax) and using it to crack open the gates of hell by manipulating them using electronic signal processing and overloaded FX, unleashing skull-scraping eruptions of high-end reed abuse and extreme skronk that threaten to send blood geysering from your eyeballs."

NPR, after seeing "The Unit" play the New Atlantis Festival in 2010, explained that after clearing out half of what little audience there was through "screeching walls of feedback and distortion emanating from their stacks of amplifiers and reeds was enough to crust over your eyes in dried blood" that anyone remaining were "immediate converts."

DEVELOPER (Dayton, Ohio)
Developer is the cut-up noise project of Matthew Reis from Dayton, OH. Reis has been a staple of the Ohio noise scene since the early 00's with his group Yes, Collapse and solo project Teeth Collection. Reis is also the sole operator of Factotum Tapes. His current project, Developer, "takes Gysin's cut up techniques and musique concrete tactics" and pushes them to their furthest point.

Minimalist electronic scrawl as performed by members of Coteries and Head Molt. RVA.

Kevin Greenspon, J Hamilton Isaacs, Gardener at Sediment Arts Friday July 21st

SEDIMENT Events Presents:
Kevin Greenspon, J Hamilton Isaacs, Gardener
July 21st, 2017
Doors at 8:30
Starts at 9
$5-$10 sliding scale

208 E Grace St, Richmond, Virginia 23219


A touring veteran of fragmented scenes that stretch from Los Angeles into parts unknown and overlooked, Kevin Greenspon has performed hundreds of shows across the USA in venues ranging from art museums to abandoned naval bases.

Using multiple video projectors, tape machines and synth programs that react to each other, Greenspon’s live performances of contemplative ambient techno create an immersive audio-visual environment and ethereal atmosphere for self-reflection.

For the past decade, he has run the Bridgetown Records label, releasing albums of all genres for like-minded peers from the deep reaches of the underground each season.

“Greenspon elevates the practice of label-heading to a higher stratum by musically participating in his own scene — or, perhaps more accurately, serving as a shared focal point for dozens of loosely connected scenes across America. His exhaustive tour schedule, which tends to place him somewhere around the 100-shows-a-year benchmark, connects him with more nooks of the US underground on a regular basis than anyone should ever be able to keep track of in their brains. His tightly synced audio-visual sets, which time abstract visual expanses to the drifting layers of his synth-based compositions, have captivated normies and heads alike in an untold number of basement spaces or DIY living rooms.” - Maxwell Allison, Tiny Mix Tapes


Denver based artist J Hamilton Isaacs has been making experimental music under the moniker dugoutcanoe since 2006. Modular synthesizers, Midi sequencing and sampling hardware are used to create meta-musical sound collage cacophonies to facilitate transcendental deep listening experiences. Drawing inspiration from works such as Steve Reich's Phase Music or the lush drones of Phil Niblock, to the relentless fury of Balinese gamelan; Isaacs creates original compositions that betray their foundational structure of decades steeped in the American DIY underground.


Under the name Gardener, Richmond, VA-based Dash Lewis uses a modular synthesizer, effects pedals, and his own voice to create intricately layered, rhythmically complex slabs of trance-inducing psychedelia deeply influenced by German kosmiche music of the 1970s, mid-career Beach Boys, and spiritual jazz. A frequent performer, Lewis has toured or shared the stage with The War on Drugs, Meg Mulhearn, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Fred Thomas, Benoit Pioulard, Jeff Zeigler, Mary Lattimore, Suuns, Brian Case (Disappears), Tashi Dorji, Mind Over Mirrors, and many more.

Transistor Heart Radio - Part 2

Revisiting my old mixtape series "Transistor Heart"

In this installment we unearth "Transistor Heart II" released May 15th 2010. An eclectic blend of Cosmic Jams, Library Music, Mellow Psych, Synth Rock and beyond. For more information about the Transistor Heart series (including album downloads) visit the Rat-Ward blog:

01 - Christine 23 Onna "Cosmic Jungle" 2000
02 - The United States Of America "The American Metaphysical Circus" 1968
03 - The Red Krayola "Hurricane Fighter Plane" 1967
04 - Sam Sklair & Gus Galbraith "Readout" 1981
05 - Sammy Burdson Group "Space Beauty 1" 1980
06 - Janko Nilovic "Metropolis" 1976
07 - Sam Spence "Swamp" 1972
08 - Elektriktus "Second Wave" 1976
09 - Jean-Michel Lorgère "Psycho-Nébuleux" 1971
10 - Piero Umiliani "Nuove Realtà" 1975
11 - Unknown Artist "Cambodian Cassette Archives - Unknown Title - Khmer New Wave" 2004
12 - Jesus "L'Electrocute" 1968
13 - Chico Magnetic Band "Pop Or Not" 1971
14 - Franz Auffray "Son Of Popcorn (excerpt)" 1969
15 - Human Egg "Onomatopaeia" 1978
16 - Salvation "Salvation Jam" 1968
17 - Cluster "Caramel" 1974
18 - Metropakt "C.T.L." 1985
19 - X Ray Pop "Klac-Klac" 1985
20 - Waitresses "Clones" 1978

Friday, July 14, 2017

Rat-Ward Radio #001

Broadcast Friday July 21st 2017
Tune in to WCLM 1450 AM in central Virginia or listen live online ( every Friday at midnight (EST)

Follow @ratward on Twitter for live tweets (

If you miss the show it will be archived on the DJ Rat-Ward Mixcloud (

Check out the entire track-list posted below...

01: Wizard "It's On" (U.S.) 1982
It's On - 12" [Chocolate Cholly's] Funk / Soul

02: Lives Of Angels "Imperial Motors" (U.K.) 1983
Elevator To Eden - Cassette [Color Disc] New Wave, Minimal

03: Ela Eis - My Clown (Germany) 1982
Various ‎- Partysnäks - LP [Ink Records]
New Wave, Minimal

04: Kym Yancey "We're So Happy" (U.S.) 1984
We're So Happy / Jimmy And Sally  - 7" [Chaminade Records] Funk / Soul

05: Third World War "Preaching Violence" (U.K.) 1971
Third World War - LP [Fly Records] Blues Rock, Hard Rock

06: Death "Politicians In My Eyes" (U.S.) 1976
Politicians In My Eyes / Keep On Knockin - 7" [Tryangle Records] Hard Rock, Punk

07: United Mutation "Own Way" (U.S.) 1983
Fugitive Family - 7" [DSI Records] Hardcore, Punk, Psychedelic Rock

08: Denis Mpunga & Paul K. "Criola" (Belgium) 1984
Various - Terra Incognita II - LP [Auxilio De Cientos] African, Experimental

09: The Peace "Black Power" (Zambia) 1971
Black Power - LP [Zambia Music Parlour] Afrobeat, Psychedelic Rock

10: Os Mutantes "Bat Macumba" (Brazil) 1968
Os Mutantes - LP [Polydor] Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock

11: Livy Ekemezie "Friday Night" (Nigeria) 1983
Friday Night - LP [Linic Major Production Records] Boogie, Disco, Funk

12: Mandy B. Jones "1,2,3,4 (We Ain't Got Much Time)" (Germany) 1977
1,2,3,4 (We Ain't Got Much Time) / Lovemaker - 7" [CBS] Disco

13: Negative Approach "Lead Song" (U.S.) 1982
Negative Approach - 7" [Touch And Go] Hardcore, Punk

14: Television Personalities "Part-Time Punks" (U.K.) 1978
Where's Bill Grundy Now? - 7" [King Road] Punk, Alternative Rock

15: O-Zone "Disco Train" (U.S.) 1979
Disco Train / 5th Ave N.Y.C. - 7" [Town Sound Records] Disco, Soul

16: Experience "Happiness" (?) 19??
Tropical, Soul

17: Magic Mooris "(I'm) Choosing You" (U.S.) 1983
(I'm) Choosing You / (Let's Get) Funk-Ka-Fized - 7" [Soul-Out Records] Funk / Soul

18: The Android Sisters "Robots Are Coming" (U.S.) 1984
Songs Of Electronic Despair - LP [Vangaurd] Electronic, Experimental
19: King Tutt "Comin' Out" (U.S.) 1980
Comin' Out / Even Though  - 12" [T.K. Disco] Soul, Disco, Electro

20: Virna Lindt "I Experienced Love" (U.K.) 1984
I Experienced Love - 12" [The Compact Organization] Pop
21: Rare Silk "Storm" (U.S.) 1985
American Eyes - LP [Palo Alto Records] Jazz

22: Zenit "Waitin'" (Austria) 1986
Straight Ahead - LP [Spray Records] Jazz-Rock, Funk, Electro

23: Aksak Maboul "Scratch Holiday" (Belgium) 1984
Various - Made To Measure Vol. 1 - LP [Crammed Discs] Downtempo, Minimal, New Beat, Experimental
24: Chino Amobi & Elysia Crampton "Children Of Hell" (U.S.) 2016
Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City - LP [Break World Records] Electronic, Hip Hop, Experimental