Monday, June 4, 2007

No-Core mix-TAPE! seven

This one's a little different, all cassette tapes! But not just new-school or old-school noise tapes, also some of whatever I have in my shoeboxes of old tapes. Little bit of 90's alterna-rock, metal, soundtracks, some rare/unique stuff, and even a bit of my own high school noise band. Much more self-indulgent than usual, sorry, but still lots of fun I think.


Aaron Dilloway, Gang Wizard, Devo, White Vulture, Burning Star Core, Sightings, Double Dungeon, Organ Donors playing the Misfits, NAUSIA 88, Jason Zeh, God Willing, Boss Hog, Newton & Neon Hunk, Do It Big, Napalm Death, Placebo Ra, Head Molt, Dirt Electrica 147, Tropical Attitude, plus surprises!

P.S. Not sure why it sounds like my nose is plugged throughout this podcast...

P.P.S. See details in the last podcast for info on a record sale, going on now!