Sunday, March 21, 2010

Laboratory Excrement prooves brain poisoning likely to be beneficial.

TUESDAY APRIL 13th 10PM $5 21+
The Triple
3306 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23230

WHITE MICE (Providence RI/LOAD Records)
"The White Mice are an abrasive, experimental, industrial, noiserock or noisegrind band from Providence, Rhode Island. They consist of vocals, drums, bass and electronics"..."Known for unforgettable live performances, they adorn bloody lab outfits and custom circuit-bent mouse masks, and create a harsh, furious sound, a mix of bass and drum heavy rhythms, thick with distortion and wound full of howling live electronic manipulation and blistering vocals"

Two bassists/one drummer play pummeling grind/noise core/black metal/power violence.

THE AMOEBA MEN (Richmond VA/C.N.P. Records)
"3 Strange Men embark on a bizarre musical? journey through hyper space and beyond to return and deliver unclassifiable "classy" sounds for you to listen to while creating skeletons for your closet". In other words....killer art damaged weirdo punk core from these local legends.

HEAD MOLT (Richmond VA/Flish Records)
Primitive electronic music duo. psychedelic harsh noise meets early 80's industrial/power electronics.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Museum of National Plunders

This Wednesday 03.03.10

Head Molt (Richmond VA) electronics, scrap metal, bass triggers, noise.

Stress Ape (nomadic sound cult) grind punk noise blowout!

Abdul's Gaye Posse (D.C.) featuring Chris Grier and Gaybomb.

Layne/Stailey (D.C.) information missing.


915 U Street NW, Washington, DC
$? 21+

Saturnalias 3Six 2010

Saturn Day 6th of March. 10 o'clock PM - ADULTS ONLY!!!
The Triple
3306 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23230

"The return of SATANIZED from Philadelphia whose 'Voivod on crack' delivery of noise-rock/ metal/ whatever will most certainly melt your brains, and then your brains will be scooped up and forced to gloop about to the rhythmic pounding of locals SNACK TRUCK and BERMUDA TRIANGLES, then finally your brains will be pummeled into non-existence by HEAD MOLT (local scum-noise duo!!!!!!) So let's do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - CNP

Flyer art by Joe Legggz!