Monday, July 11, 2005

yummy bunny

what's eating this guy? heh. it's always somethin huh?


Monday, March 7, 2005

rat-ward venue - final update

Rat-ward (D.I.Y. venue) update.

so sorry....there's no chance that the rat-ward space will ever re-open...
(atleast not at it's previous location)

i had my foot in the door...the landlord was willing to let me have the place back, but before i could get in there someone(s) got inside and totally trashed the place...panels torn off the walls, holes in the walls, busted windows, fuckloads of garbage on the roof, splattered gunk and
pissed all over the place (among other horrible things). i think i know who did this, but i can't be sure. now the building owner is threatening to sue us all for damages (us being all the tenants who've lived there over the past 2 years).

i'm not too worried about being sued, i honestly don't think he has a case against us. i'm just very upset and way pissed off that it had to end like this.


thank yous goes out to everyone who supported us over the last 7 years!
all the people who came out to show thier support for weird music /art, everyone who donated money/art/supplies/time, all the rad "bands" who performed and all the really cool people we met along the way. it was all very inspirational...THANK YOU ALL!

Tuesday, January 4, 2005