Tuesday, November 12, 2002

new AEN label releases

new AEN Releases

- To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie "A Companion for afternoon walks" CDR -2002- 30 copies $4
Richmond VA's electro-shock troopers spin erratic glitch-core meets discombobulated down-tempo.

- Mike Bell "Fuzzfreebeatlust" CDR -2002- 30 copies $4
Avant guitar mud wrestling drones and swells from this veteran rocker and member of Temple Of Bon Matin.

- New-Fi "Tenants of Bad Tape Culture" CDR -2002- 19 copies $4
American kids play pass the tape via U.S. postal service without getting sick and playing shows no one came to. Featuring members of Newton, No-fi, Autio-Ethik, The Lotus, White Vulture, etc.

- Rats With Wings "Ratified Loopholes..." CDR -2002- 33 copies $4
This way twisted abstract noise hybrid from down unda will have you growing giant ears out of your back! Spliced electro junk stereo pile, neighbor's pets, rhythmic drones," real" sounds and fuzzy darkness. Foamy covers with fuzzies and feelies.

other Available Releases

- Vok / A.S.D. split CDR -2001- 35 copies $4
Manchester, England's Arlo of Pigdog Recordings comes across with some rhythmic loops composed from a metal tape measure (you'd never know just from listening to it). AEN's own A Sonic Deterrent ventures into similar territory with random household objects.

- Industria Masoquista "To my Girlfriend" CDR -2001- 35 copies $4
Ecuador's Javier Navas brings an offering of vile, dirty, erratic harsh noise.

- V/A "Microcassettor" CDR (Sounds From The Pocket / AEN) - 2001- 75 copies $4
A digital collection of micro cassette recordings produced by Sounds from the Pocket. Random audio clips, improvisational anti-music, field recordings of strange locations, band practice, toy orchestras, commercials and commentary, street rappers, noise ... Featuring: Sitori Sonics, Big City Orchestra, ADP/JTW, Autio-Etik, Nobody, ID M Theft Able, Tore.H.Boe (with Silja E.Boe), Wilt, III (disappointed), Cheap Machines, Pork Flavur, Manherringbone, Patriot Janet, Found Sound, A.S.D,DJ Shuai, George Spelvin, Nothing But Wheels, Philipp Wolokitn, Ear Drum Repair Services, Igon, Newton, The Mill, Ernesto-Diaz Infante, Skip Williamson, The R.Ward Trio, The No-fi, Another Cup of Ice, The Un-Ones, ADP, and more. Also Available from Sounds From The Pocket.

- Autio-Ethik "Christian Fiction" CDR (Autio-Ethik / AEN) -2001- 50 copies $4
Hampton, Va's own Justin Waters presents us with the first volume in a series collecting the experimental noise works of Autio-Ethik. 8 4-track recordings ranging from beat less dub to frenzy. Bonus telephone conversation w/ Erich's Mom. Other volumes in the AE collection are available at the Autio-Ethik web page.

- No-fi "Volume Zero" CDR -2001- 75 copies $4
A collection of noisy, homemade experimental music recorded between 1996 and 2000.song styles ranging from lo-fi pop, free-improv rock, sound collage, psychedelic junk blues, to abrasive electro-noise punk. Featuring members of Autio-Ethik, A Sonic Deterrent and Anus Grin.

- Ames Sanglantes / No-fi split CDR -2001- 45 copies $4
Canada's own prolific noise taper Pierre-Marc Tremblay teams up with Alexander Huard for a caustic session of improvised harsh noise. the No-fi calm things down a bit with a late night session of improvisational quiet noise.

- Outermost / No-fi split CDR -2001- 75 copies $4
Japan's Kei Yokota exports his own brand of spastic harsh noise, pulsating electronics, media manipulations and random sound clips. the No-fi summon up a thick wall of electrified scrap metal and analog synth harsh noise.

- Furisubi "Dusk" CDR -2001- 30 copies $4
Deeply organic minimalist ambience by Chris Lapke of Football Rabbitt.

- Prurient / A.S.D. split 7 inch (Hospital Productions / AEN) -2001- 500 copies $4
Prurient does a cut-up sound collage of harsh noise and feild recordings. Thick and spastic noise filth. A.S.D. plays dark and decrepit experimental lo-fi noise and burnt out power electronics. Also available from Hospital Productions.

- A.S.D. / Vita Verbum Lux split 7 inch (Spasmoparapsychotic / AEN) -2000- 300 copies $4
ASD presents a tape manipulation remix of source material performed/recorded live @222 with J.Waters (Autio-Ethik),producing a swirling mass of abrasive melodies over a darker under-current, both calming and disturbing. VVL explodes into a dense wall of scouring electronics laced with psychedelic harsh noise vilolence. Also available from Spasmoparapsychotic Records. Very few copies remain.

How to Order:
All prices are post-paid in North America, others add $1 per item.
U.S. currency, Well concealed cash, Check or Money Order made out to:
Gary Stevens (not AEN). Trades are always welcome, please write first.

Mail all orders to:
AEN c/o Gary Stevens
22 S. Mallory St. Hampton, VA 23663 USA

Past Releases (out of print)

- Existential Boredom -issue #1 zine -2002- 200 copies
- V/A "Noise Conglomerate" Vol.3 CDR -2001- 100 copies
- Humanextermination Project tape -2000- 24 copies
- Kadef / A.S.D. split tape -2000- 18 copies
- Eeyow Karoom "Aggro Sound" tape -2000- 33 copies
- Autio-Ethik tape x 2 -2000- 33 copies
- V/A "Noise Conglomerate" Vol.2 CDR -2000- 75 copies
- Monobrain / A Sonic Deterrent split tape -1999- 38 copies
- The Violet Grind / A Sonic Deterrent split tape -1999- 42 copies
- Prurient / A Sonic Deterrent split tape -1999- 29 copies
- Flatline Construct "There's Nothing Like A Dame" tape -1999- 24 copies
- Ames Sanglantes "Anti-Anti" tape -1999- 37 copies
- V/A "Free Nipples Arcola" CDR -1999- 4 copies
- Anus Grin "Limitations on the cloning perspective..." CDR -1999- 10 copies
- Four Flies On Grey Velvet tape -1999- 5 copies
- Netenyahoo / A Sonic Deterrent split tape -1999- 23 copies
- Moz / A Sonic Deterrent split 7 inch (Maladjusted Productions / AEN) -1999- 300 copies
- V/A "Noise Conglomerate" Vol.1 tape -1999- 26 copies
- Moz "Nikola" tape -1999- 50 copies
- Netenayhoo "Superficial Struggle" tape -1999- 13 copies
- V/A "All Kindsa Noise" tape -1998- 100 copies
- No-fi tape -1998- 22 copies
- V/A "Splurge" tape -1998- 100 copies
- No-fi Vomitron "Generation Loss" tape -1997- 23 copies

Saturday, October 26, 2002

it's a party

Oct 26th
Richmond, VA
@t 17 S. Lombardy St
w/ Drums Like Machine Guns / noFI

more info: graym13@hotmail.com

Monday, September 9, 2002

NOISE CULTURE: de hondenkoekjesfabriekhome

NOISE CULTURE: de hondenkoekjesfabriekhome

also read: Noise Culture

This small article sets out to introduce the wonderful cultural attempt
that is currently being made in the small Calvinistic Village of Nieuw
Leusen, some 25 Kilometres outside Zwolle, near the German Border. In an
old milk pasteurisation plant, rebaptized the Hondenkoekjesfabriek (the
Dogcookiesfactory) a Russian tinker is working on the realization of his
far fetched dream: the construction of a self supporting subversive
undercover cultural network of artists for whom the production of art &
the re-use of other people's trash is a naturalistic & perhaps even a
necessary tendency. As the use of the word 'factory' already suggests with
a cunning nod to Andy Warhol: the Hondenkoekjesfabriek regards cultural as
a product of 'work' or 'play' & not as the by-product of the genius or
divine inspiration of the mad artist. This ideology at the background of
the day to day practice at the Hondenkoekjesfabriek defines it's function
as the instigator of a micro-revolution. In the by grants corrupted Dutch
art world the artists of the Hondenkoekjesfabriek own their own means of

The term charismatic leadership, coined by Max Weber, comes to mind when
describing Monobrain, who with lots of help from his Dutch girlfriend, is
the key motivator behind this factory for the noise spirit.
When Monobrain first came to the noise & (mail-)art scene around 1994 the
quality of his work gained him a lot of feedback. The strength he got from
being connected to this large international supportive network is perhaps
the real driving force behind the Hondenkoekjesfabriek. Mental support he
still needs deadly because for all his inventiveness Monobrain is still
without a legal status. Everyday he runs the risk that the police might
find him & send him back to Russia as a result. This is the reason for him
to withdraw his real identity in a manner that might at times be called
paranoid. Even though his past is a mystery as well, the root of this
peculiar behaviour might be found in the circumstances of his former life
in Russia.
When drunk he once explained to me with great clarity & with such apparent
knowledge the current situation in Quark research that it triggered an old
memory. It dawned on me that Monobrain might be the same man whose story I
once read in the Wired. All this is just speculation but my guess is that
Monobrain is the man who used to be Dimitri Fjodorowitsj Maksimow, a
brilliant young particle scientist who lived in a Siberian Akademgorodok
for the better part of his live, highly trained & highly regarded in the
scientific community for his profound insight in quantum physics. In 1993
he vanished without a trace. Maksimows whereabouts have always been a
mystery after that, some thought that he was killed by the Russian secret
service for knowing to much, others thought he was now employed in some
secret research facility, maybe in Russia itself, or maybe he had
brain-drained abroad, perhaps to America, perhaps even to Iraq or North
Korea. When I casually dropped his name when I was visiting the Moscow
University last summer, it became clear that his sudden disappearance is
still a debated topic.
The description they gave me on his physical appearance doesn't exclude
the possibility that Maksimow has indeed reappeared as Monobrain in some
Dutch village. But perhaps too much has already been said.
It would take a few pages to give the full list of the publications
Monobrain has worked on over the last years. They contain different media
& different styles but are always recognisable as a Monobrain project: a
quick look in my own archive proves his productivity: some 100 different
booklets, tapes, cdr's, LP's, singles, video's, some of them packed with
extra tapes or books are crowding my shelves. But there is much more, the
countless projects he is cooperating on, all with releases of their own,
the concerts & performances he delivers with noise units like Gen Inc &
the FCKN BSTRDS. The costumes he has designed for his own performances as
well as for others. His relentless spirit even finds the time to organise
concerts & festivals, often in association with Hengelo based art
foundation Planetart, in this way he is able to promote countless others
Often amazed by the packages he sends me by mail, the real surprise of his
ability to baffle & encourage others came when I undertook a visit to the
Hondenkoekjesfabriek in October 2001. Some American noise act on tour was
to show up & to welcome them Monobrain invited a dozen friends from around
the country to drop by to play along with them. Eventually the Americans
got lost somewhere in Poznan, Poland & as a consequence never arrived. The
3 people who were to take part in the welcome committee & who showed up
never the less didn't bother, even though they had travelled quite some
time to get there. They just plugged in their equipment & started making
music. For the rest of the day they were so occupied with this that I
didn't have the chance to talk to them. Getting a little bored after some
hours my evening was saved when the local youth walked in carrying
guitars, keyboards & little PA-set.
Here we get to the point why I talked earlier of Monobrains Charismatic
Leadership: the ability to influence new behaviour in others by just going
his own way & showing a viable alternative. Monobrain has got that rare
power to convince people of doing something without the use of power in
the normal sense of the word.
The local noise bunch from nearby Dedemsvaart, one speeding around in his
wheelchair, at first sight looked like they where more interested in
smoking weed than playing music. Their music tastes if they had any might
be suspected to be the macho rock you except from guitar playing boys
without a girlfriend: M�t�rhead, Paradise Lost, System of a Down, Limp
Bizkit, etc. The performance that enfolded for my eyes showed something
else: the only thing they seemed to have in mind was to proof Monobrain
that they could play at least twice as loud as he could. The more subtle
aspects of noise, the cultural & historic ties with avant-garde art &
music where beyond their knowledge: the only thing they did understand
properly by the principle of 'immediate gratification' was the power, or
the empowerment, that you feel when you are able to control the roaring
earsplitting NOISE of 3 badly tuned grindcore band & a bad Tangerine Dream
clone playing all at the same time (because that was what it sounded like)
that is filling up the room.
So what I first perceived to be as just another group of bored teens in a
small village had devised a way of their own to come to terms with their
life, or better put, independently they had discovered an efficient
mechanism to express themselves in a way that can't be ignored and that
also has the function of catharsis.
The illuminating effect the Hondenkoekjesfabriek has on their life will
spread to others. Now the factory has overcome the troubled time of
beginning with such a scheme. A difficult time in which most of the
available energy went into rebuilding. Deep into it's second year the
Hondenkoekjesfabriek is running on an ever increasing pace: fine-tuning
the space available, attracting others to stay for a while to put their
talents to the mix, producing more & tighter products/projects that in
return gain more attention for the Hondenkoekesfabriek collective. As long
as worldly authorities keep from intervening, the cultural charismatic
authority of the Hondenkoekjesfabriek will rise & influence more & more
people otherwise lost to boredom.

Wilfried Hou Je Bek

contact the Hondenkoekjesfabriek
po box 68
7700 AB

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

exist.bore (zine)

”ExistentialBoredom” issue #1 ‘zine $3 (AEN)
-A 32 page micro anthology of bizarre art and comics. Issue #1 features works by Marc Van Elburg, MarcelHerms, Kapreles, Justin Waters, Mark Price, Gary Stevens, Maya Devi, and Laura Jane Cooney.Limited Edition of 200 with color covers.

“Existential Boredom” issue#2 ‘zine
-underground comics,strange drawings,mail art,wordcore,and more.Available DEC 02.Featuring works by Clemente Padin,Leslie Quinlin ,Karmakumulator,John Burnette, Mary Knott & Beppi, Rael and many more.

for future issues of Existential Boredom:
mailart,comics,collage,doodles,drawings,graphics,photography,foundobjects,destroyed art,wordcore,automatic writing,etc. all contributors get copies and free ad space.

artwork / ads must be black& white
no larger than 5.5" X 8.5"
hardcopy (on paper) or on CDR
digital images must be atleast 300 dpi
saved as .PSD(PC).TIFF or .BMP(Bitmap)
include contact information,mailing address,
website and email.

Advertising Rates:
full page: 5.5x8.5 -$50
1/2 page: 5.5x4.25 -$25
1/2 page: 2.75x8.5 -$25
1/4 page: 2.75x4.25 -$15
1/8 page: 2.75x2.125 -$10

Deadline for issue #2:
Oct 31st 2002

22 s. mallory st. #1
hampton va 23663 usa


Saturday, July 20, 2002

No-fi LIVE 7/20/02 @ the Jaffe Arts Center,Norfolk VA

JULY 20th 2002 7pm "GROW"

No-Fi,Tractor Jack,Cobra Spa,Bob Rangel,Tagore Hernandez,Lee Vartainian

$5 @ Jaffe Arts Center
737 B Granby St -Norfolk VA
presented by Funhaus Norfolk

...........Artworks by G.Stevens and Maya Devi will be on display July 6th thru July 27th at the Jaffe Arts Center in Norfolk,Va during "Grow" - a spatial improvisation hosted by Funhaus Norfolk..............

Monday, July 15, 2002


THURSDAY   JULY 4th,    JULY 4th,   JULY 4th



= 7 Industrial Strength bands on the main stage at the Abyss
located just blocks from the beach in Virginia Beach, Va with
plenty of secure and free parking.
= Hard hitting DJing between sets by Dj Ragdoll, Dj Figurehead
and guests.
= FREE Dark Assembly CD to all attendees !*
= Local Vendors and merchandise tables to check out !
= the bar is open late with 99cent drafts and more !
= stage theatrics by Scot Clark

check out the music, Stage show, vendors and the gothic babes

all Bands performing are on the FREE CD...
Logic of Decay - Richmond, Va
In Tenebris - Charlottesville, Va
Media Violence - Hampton, Va
Heaven Falls Hard - Norfolk, Va
Heretics in the Lab - Virginia Beach, Va
Ordained - Norfolk, Va
and the No-Fi - Hampton, Va


the Dark Assembly Vol.2 cd is a Virginia Gothic / Industrial Compilation
featuring 17 of the areas newest and best underground bands in the
Virginia Goth Industrial, Electronic scene. Show up and get it FREE.

$6 at the door, ALL AGES ALL NIGHT
the Abyss is located 1065 19th St. Va Beach, Va

More information: http://DarkAssembly.NorVaGoth.net/event.asp

*free cd while supplies last (1000 available), must be a paying attendee.

this event is sponsored by: NorVaGoth.net, the House of Usher,
MuzicFest.com, Beach Road Records, Dimension one recordings,
Dj Rick Danger, Dj Vikki Wilson, Dj Ragdoll, Camp Zama Records

JULY 4th, JULY 4th, JULY 4th

NOTE: NorVaGoth inhabitants,
please keep conversations to intelligent thoughts.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Re: june 13th MAMMAL,XOMBI,NO-FI

HA,yeah it was amazing to say the least...

XOMBI one man (mike of Hair Police) and his modified "zombi" guitar (which appeared to have small metal tape measures strung across the pickups) gave us a really physical performance,for example: repeatedly bashing himself in the head with his guitar,stagediving onto the floor,and playing his "strings" with a kitchen knife.the whole while a Misfits tape was playing in the background behind his wall of crunchy feedback harsh noise.not to mention he jumped through the hole in the wall at the Hole In The Wall.great stuff.

MAMMAL was really intense.dark electronic beats and far flung noise manipulation with some really dynamic vocal mic looping going on.creating an overall sound that is simular to hardcore punk meets electronic dance music.very sick! (the 804noise crew would have really enjoyed his set)

NO-FI collaborated with Paul of Hortus and Adam No-Money of SSS churning out a thick wall of violent harsh noise.stage antics included bizarre costumes and members being beaten with a bat and dragged out of the club.i would have been scared if i were not one of the participants.

Friday, June 7, 2002


experimental electronics and noise

thursday june 13th
10pm 18+ $3

mask wearing breakdancing music for epileptics.from Dearborn MI
on Animal Disguise,Gods Of Tundra,Role Reversal and American Tapes

Hair Police member brings the harsh noise solo attack.from Lexington KY
also on Animal Disguise,Gods Of Tundra and American Tapes

improv noise collective from hampton va.
on AEN and Breathmint Records

Hole In The Wall
307 N Laurel St
Richmond VA

a 757-Noise event

friday June 14th Free Show @ the Rat-Ward,Hampton VA

friday june 14th 9pm $0

the return of:
sick grindcore from va beach

quirky synthetic rocktronics from va beach

and your hosts:
psychodelic tooth decay brain infection

22 S Mallory St floor 2
Hampton VA
# 757-rat-ward

a 757-Noise event

Thursday, May 16, 2002


May 17
Richmond, VA

LOTUS (philly's grindcore version of ace of base, last seen in Richmond at VCU opening for the Faint)

NOfi (art damaged noise from Hampton VA, Breathmint records)

the organ donors (Baltimore's answer to Arab on radar, but younger and there morals more bleeding then corrupt)

Val&Ginatron (sexy girls, sexier beats)

and possibly some more local acts.

May 17 @ 1640B West Grace Street (old avail house)
more info: graym13@hotmail.com, PoutVal@aol.com

thanks to all

Saturday, May 4, 2002


tuesday may 7th 9pm @ the ratward

insane grind/punk bastards from va beach

electro-noise scapes from richmond...www.harmstryker.org

ecclectic electronics from va beach...http://happyscrappy.mothy.net

noise from hampton...www.thenofi.com

FUCK THE FACTS canceled!

22 s mallory st Hampton VA 23663


WED MAY 8th.....2002 10 pm....18+ $4 @ Cogan's Instant Art Bar

insane noise from florida....www.squelchers.com

grind/noise legends from richmond

improv harsh noise rock from hampton...www.thenofi.com

FUCK THE FACTS canceled!

1901 Colonial Ave Norfolk VA

Thursday, April 18, 2002

this friday: PCP ROADBLOCK, KOJAK, HORTUS, NO-FI @ Cogan's Instant Art

fri april 19th 10pm 18+ $4
@ Cogan's Instant Art Bar: 1901 Colonial Ave. Norfolk,VA #757-627-6428

PCP ROADBLOCK: totally insane surfy destructo garage noise punk core fight rock mayhem from richmond. it will be spectacle not to be missed!

KOJAK: ex members of Suppression, Sate Yelling Champion, etc...noisy aggro core from richmond on Chaotic Noise Productions.

HORTUS: ex members of Gnob, Experimental Farm, Nobody,etc...psychodelic drum and bass grindcore sludge from richmond/newport news

NO-FI: sonic trash core from hampton,on breathmint records. bring something to throw at them! www.thenofi.com

Prurient, New(York)Ton, HarmStryker, The No-Fi @ Knitting Factory NYC APRIL 29th

Monday April 29th $5 8pm @ The Knitting Factory

74 Leonard Street New York, NY 10013 #212-219-3006

the flagship project of Hospital Productions....violent conceptual harsh noise by Dom Fernow from Providence, RI

members of Newton, The Lotus, Cock E.S.P, Monotract, ORTHO, Wrong ,etc...gathered for an evening of improvisational antics and noise...brought to you by Mat Rademan of Breathmint Records

members of A Sonic Deterrent, Autio-Ethik, Anus Grin etc...free-improv noise rock dressed up for a night of chaos. from Hampton,VA on AEN and Breathmint Records

formerly known as Shuai...pulsating electronics,cut up beats and noise.from Richmond,VA on Crucial Blast

Monday April 29th $5 8pm @ The Knitting Factory
74 Leonard Street New York, NY 10013 #212-219-3006

Friday, April 12, 2002

VAZ & THe No-Fi april 15th @ cogans instant art

Monday April 15th 10pm $4 18+ @ Cogan's Instant Art Bar
1901 Colonial Ave Norfolk Va #757-627-6428

dissonant and loud indie-core ex members of hammerhead,on load records.
www.loadrecords.com www.thevaz.com

local experimental noise rockers from hampton,on breathmint records
www.breathmint.net www.thenofi.com

plus one more TBA

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Fri MAR 29th36lordXno-fi$0 @ the rat-ward.

friday march 29th 2002 9:30 pm at the rat-ward:

36:sonic percussion from fairfax

Lordx:electronics from california

the no-fi:noises

anyone else wanna play?

its free!

22 s mallory st #1 hampton,VA 23663

*DISCLAIMER!we claim no responsibility for the ideologies of performers or those in attendance at any given rat-ward event.

Monday, March 25, 2002

Eugenics Council

Eugenics Council: wow,they were really nice kids,eventhough they blew up my house,shattered windows and blew a huge hole in my ceiling (yes they used REAL pipe bombs!) boom then they were gone,then the no-fi let some real life crack heads (off the real live streets) do some free flow RAP over thier set,it was the worst! Happy Scrappy Hero Pup played as well:BUBBA GUYNN is thee best guitarist in the area,yes sir.

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Existential Boredom issue #1 Now Available

Existential Boredom issue #1

a micro anthology of underground comics and mail art.mostly stuff from people who record music,run labels,make zines,etc...first issue features works by:

Marc Van Elburg (De Hondekoekjesfabriek,Monobrain,FKN'BSTRDS,etc..)
Marcel Herms (Anima Mal Nata,Het Moet Onverstaanbaar,Noisebitch,Loki,etc..)
Mark Price (Crippled Ninja Zine,Rainbow Of Goodness,Glass of Juice,etc...)
Justin Duerr (Eulogy,Liberation Through Hearing,Dextromethorphanage,etc...)
Gary Stevens (AEN,A Sonic Deterrent,Noise Conglomerate,The No-Fi,etc..)
Yves Albrechts (Kaprelles,S.U.I.C.I.D.E. Propaganda,etc...)
Laura Jane Cooney (Existential Cowgirl Zine)
Major Dust (Giant Sucking Sound)
Justin Waters (Autio-Ethik,Microcassettor,Found Sound,Zero Points Bulliten,etc...)
Maya Devi (The No-Fi)

limited to 200 copies
28 pages,color covers
$3 ppd usa $4 world
or just send stamps,IRCs,SASE...
zine trades welcome

22 S Mallory St #1 Hampton VA 23663 usa

Existential Boredom issue #2
now in the works,this time with more reading:interviews with artists that have nothing to do with thier art,bad reviews section (thats right,only reviews of the worst stuff sent our way),and more worded randomness...as well as the usual mail art,comics,etc...

submissions accepted:
interviewers wanted.contributors get free copies and ad space...cheap ad rates available to others.get in touch for more info.
send all to the AEN address above.

free show Mar 21st Temple of Bon Matin, Metal, The No-Fi, HarmStryker


Thursday March 21st 2002 9 pm @ the Rat-Ward

Temple Of Bon Matin:
the legendary spaced out neo-folk indie noise rockers from Philly.on Bulb! Records ".....Years from now hordes of ignorant naysayers will be climbing over each other to claim that they were there when no one really was...."

Harm Stryker:
(aka Shaui) hard-edged electronic beats,and soundwave attack.on Crucial Blast records "....Combining hardcore electronics with an art-punk approach, Richmond VA's digital activism artist explores feedback and breakbeats..." see also 804noise.

experimental electronics from Richmond,Va."a sweet ambient pulse of atmospheric minimalism"

free-improv damaged rock music and noise from Hampton.on Breathmint Records

The Rat-Ward:
22 S Mallory St floor 2 Hampton,VA 23663

Friday, March 8, 2002


Sunday March 24th 2002 10 pm 18+ @ Cogan's Instant Art Bar:

AEN/Rat-Ward productions presents a rare area appearance by extreme underground music,electronic and noise artists,featuring:

PANICSVILLE (Helicopter/Nihilist records, from Chicago)

ROSEMARY MALIGN  & THE EUGENICS COUNCIL (Menschenfeind productions, from St.Louis)

NO-FI (AEN/Breathmint records,from Phoebus)

18+ $4 / 21+ $3
Cogan's 1901 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA 23517 (757) 627-6428


PANICSVILLE is primarily a one-man outfit –that man being Andy Ortmann- with occasional appearances by a rotating crew of sonic terrorists. Over the course of the last several years, PANICSVILLE has released three full-length albums, a cut-and-paste record (in a limited edition of 100, Ortmann collected and then destroyed `crates and crates' of records and then reassembled them in a playable fashion), and several striking singles. Ortmann's tastes seem to run the gamut as his pieces are occasionally beautiful, and at other times terrorizing. But beyond the always-compelling compositional elements, Ortmann also exhibits a profound concern with the conceptual capabilities of his craft. Not simply content with musical experimentation, Ortmann attempts to push `consumers' beyond preconceived or assumed notions of track sequencing, formatting and even packaging in an attempt to synthesize each project into it's own abstracted entirety.

ROSEMARY MALIGN & The EUGENICS COUNCIL http://menschenfeind.com Group members: founding members D.N. & Rosemary Malign, new/ touring members Shannon X, Sharon Y Music style: Power Electronisc,Harsh Noise,Experimental,Early Industrial,New Wave,No Wave some material described as resembling circus/or horror mvie sountracks. Varies from track to track, most all is noisy. live performances can also vary greatly soundwise from all the styles listed above, or it may take on a more focused theme, exploring a specific style or subject Partial History The Eugenics Council began about 7 years ago under the name Total waste of Time, about 5 years ago they changed it to the Eugenics Council. Since that time E.C. has been playing shows across the U.S. Rosemary has been featured on the Susan Lawly release "Extreme Music From Woman", and published in Feral House's Apocalypse Culture II. E.C. along with Dr. Randall Phillip headlined Chicago's Expo of the Extreme, sharing the bill with Motorhead, Genitortures, jello Biafra, Mary Ramone, Electric Hellfire Club, Fang, and several others. E.C. has recently played Houstons Dead Audio Music Fest, and has just finished finished a string of shows with improv noise artists Cock esp. E.C. currently has 2 cds out on Menchenfeind Productions, both splits with Dr. Randall Phillip, the infamous author of the extreme hate zine "fuck", and contributor to Answer Me. A now sold out 7' split record with Japanese electronic artist Facialmess was also released on menschenfeind productions. E.C. have a # of releases that will be out shortly, including a full length cd, split 7's with the prima donnas, Cat Hope, and the flesh peddlers. A collaboration with industrial drum troupe Sikhara, and Ny's Praying for Oblivion will be out later this month under the name "Coalition for a better Tomorrow" Various live cds, and videos have also been released, though most of these are not official releases. Some Instruments mig welder,Steel drums,springs,Circuit bent casios,Drills,homemade steel bass guitar,fans,Korg synth,Guns,industrial machines,children toys,children,stolen sound,and about anything else that we can get to produce an interesting sound, the majority of the sounds produced come from unique custom designed instruments constructed by E.C. reviews One review described the Eugenics Council as : "brimming with malevolence, and so are her lyrics: "I don't want a fucking job/I don't want a goddamn fucking baby/shit, shit, shit". I'm sure if I could make out any of the other vocals they would follow suit. The first half of the disk sounds like a hardcore band set up to record in an industrial factory, and they are losing their voices and blowing their amps trying to drown out the noise. Some of the tracks have a surprisingly melodic appeal, with a clean bass guitar, undistorted drum machine and clear vocals. As if to discard any melodic complacency, this soon gives way to brazenly spite-filled noise, overlapped with equally malicious screams. This is not for then weak-eared." editor of "Waste Combat" had this to say: "Rosemary Malign's vocal style is unique, she could scream about child-fucking and make the audience think it's normal, and then in one sentence hit them over the head with their own reality. She practices word-hammering, complex simplicity. De-sensitizing the listner to the subject matter through repetition and word-play, and then suddenly, plain as day, she serves them up a foul and harsh truth, even if it is her your own." A review of Rosemary's track on the Extreme Music From Women c.d. (Gary Simmons): "First off is Rosemary Malign's 'No You Listen', the best 'song' title in this collection by far without yet having heard a single note. Ooh! That made me jump, wasn't expecting that! The sound of a mainframe computer (a Cray 2 or 3 with any luck) tied to the back of a truck and taken for a scrape down the dirt track, bouncing to its piecemeal decimation. The initial child-like vocals are almost Ramptonesque ..A deranged cacophony of the very highest quality. Wonderfull! What a great way to open the album. "

NO-FI very difficult to describe........ www.thenofi.com

Friday, February 15, 2002

Feb 15th 2002 9pm $0 live at the RAT-WARD

Feb 15th 2002 9pm $0 live at the RAT-WARD:

The Mill: psychodelic industrial grind core from baltimore, md former members of experimental farm,nobody.

Hortus: acid sludge core 2-piece from richmond,former members of gnob.

Sprawl: sci-fi hard core from hampton/nn

Deacon Brodie: melodic aggressive punk core from hampton

No-Fi: free-improv noise punk from hampton

Feb 15th 2002 9pm $0 at the RAT-WARD 22 s mallory st floor 2 hampton,va 23663 #757-rat-ward www.ratward.com

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Sat Jan 12th 9pm Live Experimental Electronics at the RAT-WARD.FREE!

SAT JAN 12th 9pm Live Experimental Electronics.Free Show at the RAT-WARD.

22 S Mallory St. Floor 2.Hampton,VA 23663 #757-RAT-WARD www.ratward.com



chicago's holocaust brings us quality experimental hardcore consisting of noisy breaks and analog experimentalism. due for a 7" release on digital hardcore recordings limited series.

pittsburg's girltalk come to us with a very unique brand of cut and paste style turntablism. sometimes taking popular songs out of context and mixing them over noise and hip-hop breaks to create a statement we all should be able to relate to.

north carolina's buckettovsissors brings us thier own style of eerie disjointed electronic music with political leanings

buckettovsissors cast member has some aural surprises for us

NO-FI are a improv noise band with tape machines, drums, bass, guitar and haunting vocals. they make some of the most beautiful droning noisescapes in these parts. I'm positive of that. this show is also in their house and it might be free i'm not sure.they'll probably just pass around a hat for donations http://thenofi.com

HAPPY SCRAPPY:HERO PUP from Va Beach play experimental electronic music for the eager kids at the rat-ward http://mothy.net/happyscrappy