Monday, December 11, 2006

your life is mine...

...all the time.

new HEAD MOLT track posted. "Your Life Is Mine"
this meandering ballad sings of LOVE and CONTROL.
another excerpt from our thanksgiving eve improv tape ritual.

Friday, December 8, 2006



Palm Trees Cassette Duo "Skull Full Of Holes" tape (c-24) limited 24 copies * almost gone!*  $6ppd from Teenage Whore Tapes.

mailorder info: AIDSVIRGIN@YAHOO.COM

Label description:
Palm Trees brings you future of noise. "Skull Full Of Holes"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this lovely c24 comes housed in a standard tape case with a beautiful full color j card with art by gggary stevens. a cover insert printed on transparency paper. also a regular insert partly hand painted by ggggary hand numbered. annnnnnnnd hand painted tapes. a really stunning looking release all together. the music WILL make you want to cover yourself in the blood/semen mixture of your victims only to dance naked in the moonlight while trying to fuck yourself with an unlubed femur. yeah.... it's that good. total raw and mangled tape manipulations and junk electronics collide with heavily treated guitar and contact mics. so simple yet so tasty. you need it." - Teenage Whore Tapes


 ZACK KOUNS / HEAD MOLT "Zack Molt" split tape (c24) limited to 50 copies *almost gone*  $6ppd from Teenage Whore Tapes.

mailorder info: AIDSVIRGIN@YAHOO.COM

Label Description:
"This beautiful piece of analog delight comes in a limited edition of 50 copies with hand painted intestine blob maze labels by world renowned artist GGGary Stevens and full color cover art also constructed by GGG. The A side is a ten minute long journey inside the saxaphone of multi instrumentalist Zack Kouns from Ohio. At times relaxing, other times driving you to the brink of insanity(in a good way). THIS WILL DIG DEEP INTO YOUR BRAIN AND SET IT AFIRE. Side B contains the first recorded material of the deeply psychadelic noise fuck that is Virginia's HEAD MOLT. Beware.... if the smell of burnt synapses appeals to you then this is right up your alley, everyone else... your dead anyway." -Teenage Whore Tapes

PALM TREES CASSETTE DUO "Flat Apes" cassette. (FLA004) an audio collage of little improvs. all hand painted covers (pictured below)  $5 ppd. limited to 30 or so copies from FLA records and tapes 
listen/download for free from:


Now Available: H046 JOSH LAY / BED split tape (30 minutes) $6.00 ppd from HUSK RECORDS *almost gone* I have some copies too, message me if interested.


!NOISE!NEWS! //unwanted sounds//unwanted information//


::out soon::

Demonologists/Head Molt split tape out soon from  Hung Like A Horse?!

Social Junk/Head Molt split tape (Teenage Whore Tapes)
available when josh gets backs from europe, dec 18th?

Depraved Heart Crime/Head Molt split tape (Teenage Whore Tapes)

track made for a bukkake themed art book/cd comp , details soon i hope. (josh!??!)

Head Molt 30 minute tape for Turgid Animal Records is planned.

Kenji Siratori/Head Molt "BLOOD ELECTRIC" collaboration.
spoken noise/and sounds scapes. very limited high quality book on tape format, Feb 2007? (
Teenage Whore Tapes)

Palm Trees Cassette Duo "Dead Blood" tape (MT5)

Palm Trees Cassette Duo "Swamp Of Souls" tape (Magic Swamp)

Palm Trees Cassette Duo "Nubian Gold Shaft" CDR (Sounds From The Pocket)

there's more but i can't tell yet!!! :) hehehe


Wednesday, December 6, 2006

new HEAD MOLT trx up: police Dhajaal / Tomb of Shells

new head molt tracks posted. listen now!

firstly, an excerpt from 'police Dhajaal' (rough mix) the full version will be released on the Demonologists/Head Molt split tape which will be out soon on Hung Like A Horse?! it's a totally mindless and brutal jam!

next up, 'tomb of shells' recorded live on thanksgiving eve. this sorrowful dirge seems to resonate issues going on within the group. claustrophobic frustration? more tracks from this session soon to follow!