Wednesday, November 28, 2018

[AE26] No-fi "Vol. 0" reissue (2018)

No-fi "Vol. 0" reissue 41 x File #AE26 2018

"No-fi was a field recording / cut-up audio cassette project from Phoebus VA circa 1994. By 1996 no-fi became a proper band led by Gary Stevens along with siblings Danny & Elizabeth Stevens and neighborhood friend Jeff Liscombe.

They wanted to be a "punk rock" band but things quickly devolved into pure noise as they soon realized not one of them could play any instruments at all! Poor kids with broken keyboards, one-string guitars and any clamorous objects at hand they filled the block with a nightly racket of wild improvised "music" amplified through practice amps with torn speakers, recording everything on their little pink boombox.

Neighborhood kids began to join these sessions and No-fi became a rotating ensemble of anyone and anything goes. As time passed the group took on many forms, finally to settle on being a so-called "experimental" project that never really took itself too seriously.

No-fi birthed the Anti-Everything label, Rat-Ward DIY venue and numerous side projects, like A.S.D. Related projects include Autio-Ethik, Sounds From The Pocket label, Igon, Human Services, and many more.

This collection attempts to document some of these moments captured between 1996 and 1999. Unimportant nonsense to most but a very special part of a few people's lives, at least."

No-fi "Vol. 0" was originally released on CDr in 2001
Now here it is again, with 21 bonus tracks!

"Name your price" download from: 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Twin Aperture "Rape Of Earth" Now Available from Anti-Everything

First in a new series of digital albums on the Anti-Everything label

Twin Aperture "Rape Of Earth" 5 x File #AE90 2018

1 - Plastic Runs Deep In My Veins 13:36
2 - The Killing Of Animals In Person 8:53
3 - Death Of Future Prospect 4:21
4 - Life Of Past Decay 13:00
5 - Fear Of Present Incumbence 5:04

Pay as you want download from:

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Anti-Everything on

New bandcamp page for the old Anti-Everything label. Expect uploads of long out of print AEN releases as well as new digital albums by acts currently active in the RVA Noise community, artists who frequent the Richmond scene and others. New releases planned for Scant, H.B., Xenojothsz, Coteries, Fake Object, Kyle Flanagan, Subklinik, Surfacing, Internecine, Shame, Flood Beast, Laundry Room Squelchers, Ian McColm, 10-56, Broadcastatic, Teenage Cenobite and more. Even some reissues from our sister labels Teenage Whore Tapes and Flish Records. All available for free. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

RVA Noise Fest: Strange Matter Finale - Black Friday - 11/23

Flyer by Orion Lopez



As a staple at STRANGE MATTER over nearly the past decade, we couldn't go out without one final experimental noise banger in lieu of the RVA NOISE FEST originally planned for later in the winter. THIS FRIDAY, BLACK FUCKING FRIDAY come to 929 to see all sorts of facets of the Richmond noise and experimental scenes doing round-robin style short burst of sound. Performers so far include YOHIMBE, DYRT, FAKE OBJECT , XENOJOTHSZ, TEENAGE CYNOBITE, KYLE FLANAGAN, HUNTING DOG, KASNIR, MELUL, CEREMONIAL SCISSORS, BROADCASTATIC, NU DEPTH, COTERIES. RICHMOND AVANTGARDE IMPROV COLLECTIVE. THIEVES OF SHILOH, INTERNECINE, SURFACING and more.


06:15 - Human Apartments
06:30 - Bal Dukte
06:45 - Mebus
07:00 - Cyberbully
07:15 - Clary Sage
07:30 - Escort Service
07:45 - Teenage Cenobite
08:00 - Nu Depth
08:15 - RAIC
08:30 - Thieves Of Shiloh
08:45 - Broadcastatic
09:00 - Melul
09:15 - Heavy Mistress
09:30 - Taciturnal
09:45 - Ceremonial Scissors
10:00 - Kasnir
10:15 - Surfacing
10:30 - Internecine
10:45 - Dyrt
11:00 - Purism
11:15 - Kyle Flanagan
11:30 - Hunting Dog
11:45 - Fake Object
12:00 - Xenojothsz
12:15 - H.B.
12:30 - Flood Beast Skull Forfeiture
12:45 - Coteries
01:00 - Yohimbe

*Subject to change

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Rats In The Music Cabinet

Fucked up music / noise radio!!!

80's cassette culture, weird, lo-fi, art damaged/destroyed music, DIY post-punk, minimal wave demos, early electronic music, noise, experimental etc!  
Live Streaming Wednesday Nights 8PM EST

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Mutwawa "Detestations" Cassette Now Available!

C10 - Chaotic Noise Productions / Anti-Everything #CNPR64 / AE88 (2018)

Order Now from:

"This is the first MUTWAWA release since 2014. We've slowly been working on a full length release since then and it's getting closer to being finished. In the meantime, here's a very harsh improv session recorded live at Auxiliary on March 25th 2016...Digital version coming soon.." 

Side A:
Detestations Part 1

Side B:
Detestations Part 2

Monday, November 5, 2018

Rat-Ward Radio #014

Monday November 5th 2018


01 - The Sound "Night Versus Day" (1980)
02 - The Motives "Plastic" (1981)
03 - Darline Victor All Star Band "Positive Attraction" (1988)
04 - Artistic Control "Dance With Me" (1981)
05 - Paulin "Metro" (1979)
06 - Bramlaan "Space Wobble" (1981)
07 - Jimmy Murakawa "Down ? Down ,  Down !" (1982)
08 - Deborah & The Puerto Ricans "Side B Side A Side" (1981)
09 - Master Force "Hey Girl" (1979)
10 - Steve Monite "Only You" (1984)
11 - Captain Mustard "Quiet Move" (1981)
12 - The Shadow Ring "Put the Music in Its Coffin" (1994)
13 - Dome "Rolling Upon My Day" (1980)
14 - ISAN "Ampule" (1998)
15 - Wrench "Saud" (1997)
16 - Anna "Movies (Slowed Down)" (1981)
17 - KOKOKO! "L.O.V.E." (2017)
18 - Chen Yi "Rug" (1982)
19 - Statues In Motion "Blackout" (1983)
20 - Velly Joonas "Käes On Aeg" (1980)
21 - France Gall "Zoi Zoi" (1970)
22 - Ralph Lundsten And The Andromeda All Stars "Horrorscope" (1979)


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