Saturday, December 12, 2009

Girl Talk listed us as one of his favorite sets of 2009 on

This is what he said...

Head Molt: Norfolk, Va. @ NorVa
Back around 2002 and 2004, I played
a house venue in Hampton, Virginia, called the Rat Ward. It was a rowdy
spot. One of the guys who lived there and ran the place hit me up prior
to coming to ...Norfolk. He wanted to play the show with his noise band
Head Molt. I'm always down for playing with more experimental acts.
With that sort of thing, there's a chance the crowd may not be able to
handle it, there's also a chance people will have their minds melted.
It's a gamble. So I made sure he understood that people may hate it,
and he totally got it. At the show, it took approximately four minutes
of their screeching set before people starting booing and throwing
garbage on stage. It got the band fired up. Things escalated as the
band started screaming a loop of "This is what you paid for!" People
started jumping on stage trying to unplug their gear. It was
confrontational music in a confrontational setting, and it was
exciting. Eventually the band, with the help of some of the extra
people on stage, knocked over all of their gear and ended the set at
the 15-minute mark.

Here's a realted link about that show:
“They had a really heavy metal sound to them, and I just didn't like it at all,” said Freshman Tara McGinley.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DEC 12th show @ Rat-Ward RVA

This Saturday DEC 12th 10:30pm
@ Rat-Ward Little Baghdad.

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BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS (Spoken Word/Performance Art)
THE GROWTH (Weird shit for sure)
BUCK GOOTER (Noise Rock)
HEAD MOLT (your hosts)
and possibly stand-up comedy from

It's a free show but bring gas money for out of towners!

email for more info.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last Minute Warning!

Tonight at the TRIPLE!

TINY CONCEPT (from France...1- woman act of experimental/ minimalist/ eerie-pop? See for yourself!!!) CRANK STURGEON (clangly, jangly, weirdo-noise from Portland, Maine), CASH SLAVE CLIQUE (the Hall and Oates of noise, from Alexandria), and last but certainly not least, HEAD MOLT!!!!! (Richmond audio-terrorist duo)

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This blog posted our one of our tapes. download it!

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Our split 7inch with Lazy Magnet is on there too.

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By ratward at 2008-11-03

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ichorspittle 'zine scans

I scanned in the first two issues of my little art 'zine Ichorspittle. Have a look!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Gary Stevens recording discography

Gary Stevens recordings discography 1992-2018


Jermflux "I Am The Lord Of The Wasteland Demo" Cassette C60, Not On Label (USA) # none, 1992

Jermflux "Jermflux Demo" Cassette C60, one sided, Not On Label (USA) # none, 1992

No-fi "No-fi Vomitron" Cassette C60, one sided, Not On Label (USA) # none, 1994

No-fi "No Track Demo" Cassette C30, Not On Label (USA) # none,1995

No-fi "Hi-fi, lo-fi, NO-FI!" Cassette C30, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE0,1996

No-fi "Generation Loss" Cassette C30, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE1,1997

No-fi "Demonstration Cassette" Cassette, recycled, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE3,1998

Netenyahoo "Superficial Struggle" Cassette C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE5, 1998

No-fi "Satanic Genetics" C60, one sided, Hairy Scary Nipples Pro-ductions (Canada) 1999

No-fi "Discography" Vol. 1 CDr Breathmint Records (USA) #BM009, 2000

A.S.D. "Indeterminate Without Respect To Performance" Cassette C30 Freedom From (USA) 2000

No-fi "Demo 2001" CDr Not On Label (USA) 2001

No-fi "Volume 0" CDr Anti-Everything (USA) #AE26, 2001

A.S.D. "Mind Pollution Color Scheme" Cassette C20 Hospital Productions (USA) #HOS-66, 2001

No-fi "Discography" Vol. 1 CDr, reissue, Breathmint Records (USA) #BM018, 2002

No-fi "Discography" Vol. 2 CDr Breathmint Records (USA) #BM021, 2002

Secret Language "Secret Language" Cassette C60 A.E.N (USA) #AE39, 2003

A.S.D. CDr A.E.N (USA) #AE40, 2003

No-fi "Live at Rat-Ward Fest 2004" Vol. 1 CDr A.E.N./Sonic Kitchen Of Love (USA) #AE41, 2005

Palm Trees "Flat Apes" Cassette C30 F.L.A. Records and Tapes (USA) #FLA004, 2006

Palm Trees Cassette Duo "Skull Full of Holes" C30 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore002, 2007

Palm Trees "Skull Full of Holes/Flat Apes" (reissue) CDr A.E.N. (USA) #AE49, 2008

Garydactyl "3000 Year Old Battery" Cassette C10 A.E.N (USA) #AE51, 2008

Head Molt "Struggle Jams" Cassette C12 Flish (USA) #Flish008, 2008

Head Molt "Police Dhajaal" Cassette C22 A.E.N. (USA) #AE54, 2008

Head Molt "Black Cube of the Old Covenant" Cassette C90, recycled (USA) Obelisk Sounds #OBE060, 2009

Head Molt "Mass Mind Overscum" Cassette C10 Heavy Psych (USA) #HP40, 2009

Mutwawa "Radio Machete Mob" File, Not On Label (USA) 2010

Mutwawa ‎"Necro Zulu" Cassette Chaotic Noise Productions / Anti-Everything / Flish Records #CFNPR-20 / AE61 / FLISH 27, 2010

Glassslipper "Orgone" Cassette C30 (USA) A.E.N. #AE62, 2011

Mutwawa "Mayan Mutations" Cassette (USA) Chaotic Noise Productions / A.E.N. #CNPR-21 / AE63, 2011

Flesh Molt (Head Molt and Flesh Control) "Gigashadow" Cassette C22 A.E.N. #AE64, 2011

Head Molt "Brain Sterile" Cassette C21 A.E.N. (USA) #AE65, 2011

Head Molt "Space Funeral" Cassette C47 A.E.N. (USA) #AE66, 2011

Head Molt  "Future Survival Terror / Garbage Bait" 2 x File, MP3, Deathbomb Arc #DBADS34, 2011

Head Molt "Space Funeral" Cassette C90 Bonescrapper Recordings (USA) #BONESCRAPER 50, 2012

Mutwawa "Lamashtu Pazuzu" Cassette C26 (USA) Chaotic Noise Productions / Anti-Everything #CNPR-24, 2012

Mutwawa ‎"Subterrestrial Creeps" Cassette (USA) Chaotic Noise Productions / Anti-Everything #CNPR-25 / AE71, 2014

Mutwawa ‎"Richmond Tape Club Seven" Cassette (USA) Richmond Tape Club #RTC07, 2014

Mutwawa ‎"Mutwawa" Cassette Ormolycka (USA) #0053, 2014

Locker Room "Never Fake It" Cassette C30, Not On Label (USA) # none, 2017

Head Molt "Piss Majik" 4 x File (Reissue) Anti-Everything (USA) #AE86, 2018

Head Molt "Generation Loss" 2 x File, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE87, 2018

Mutwawa "Detestations" Cassette C10 Chaotic Noise Productions / Anti-Everything #CNPR-XX/AE88, 2018


A Sonic Deterrent / Netenyahoo split Cassette C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE8,1999

A Sonic Deterrent / Moz split 7inch EP Anti-Everything (USA) #AE001, 1999

A Sonic Deterrent / Prurient split Cassette C60 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE14, 1999

A Sonic Deterrent / Monobrain split C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE15,1999

A Sonic Deterrent / The Violet Grind split Cassette C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE16,1999

Netenyahoo / Anal Roberts split Cassette C60 Hairy Scary Nipples Pro-ductions (Canada) 1999

Vomitron / Oral Roberts split Cassette C60 Hairy Scary Nipples Pro-ductions (Canada) 1999

A.S.D. / Kadef split Cassette C60 A.E.N. (USA) #AE21, 2000

A Sonic Deterrent / Vita Verbum Lux split 7inch EP Anti-Everything / Spasmaparapsychotic Records (USA/Canada) #AE002, 2000

A.S.D. / Napalmed split Cassette C60 Abnormal Tapes (Slovenia) #ANT049, 1999

A.S.D. / Prurient "Hunt In Couples" split 7inch EP A.E.N. / Hospital Productions (USA) #AE003, 2001

No-fi / Outermost split CDr A.E.N. (USA) #AE24, 2001

No-fi / Ames Sanglantes split CDr A.E.N. (USA) #AE25, 2001

A.S.D. / Vok split CDr A.E.N. (USA) #AE30, 2001

A.S.D. / Autio-Ethik/Newton/Keith E. Stetson (Collaboration) "Lost Glasses" CDr Breathmint Records (USA) #BM15, 2001

No-fi & Newton "N Squared" Vol. 2 Cassette C60 Breathmint Records (USA) #BM46, 2002

New-Fi (No-fi & Newton Collaboration) "Tenants of Bad Tape Culture" Cassette C30 A.E.N. (USA) #AE33, 2001

No-fi / The Tenth Key / Ninja Death Squad split CDr Magnacarta (USA) #Magnacarta003, 2002

Bed / Josh Lay split Cassette C30 - Husk Records (USA) #H046, 2006

Head Molt / Zack Kouns split Cassette C24 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore 001, 2006

Head Molt / Depraved Heart Crime split Cassette C30 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore003, 2006

Head Molt / Social Junk split Cassette C21 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore004, 2007

Head Molt / Child Bride split Cassette C47 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore028, 2007

Head Molt / Child Bride split Cassette C47 (re-issue) A.E.N. (USA) #AE53, 2008

Palm Trees Cassette Duo / Legless split Cassette C32 MT5 Tapes (USA) #MT500002, 2008

Funhead (Head Molt & Fun) Funhead CDr Breathmint Records (USA) #BM, 2009

Headfun (Head Molt & Fun) Headfun CDr Breathmint Records (USA) #BM, 2009

Head Molt / Lazy Magnet "Charmed Life" split 7 inch EP Flish Records (USA) #Flish 20, 2009

Mutwawa / Facialmess ‎"The Mutwawa Mess-Ups" 3 x File, MP3 Grindcore Karaoke (USA) #GK#385, 2013

Mutwawa / Seal Team 666 ‎"Watchers From The Abyss" 5 x File, MP3 Grindcore Karaoke (USA) #GK#389, 2013

Rotted Ear/Brown Piss ‎"Rotted Piss" Cassette Chaotic Noise Productions / Anti-Everything (USA) #CNPR-26, 2014


"Splurge" Cassette C60/'zine Anti-Everything (USA) #AE2, 1998, No-fi

"All Kindsa Noise" Cassette C90 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE4, 1999, No-fi, Sonic Deterrents,
Netenyahoo, Clinton's Dick...ATTACK!!!, Vomitron

"Noise Conglomerate" Vol. 1 Cassette C90 Anti-Everything (USA) #AEX, 1999, A Sonic Deterrent

"Neus 318 Compilation 6" CDr Neus 318 (Japan) #Neu019, 1999, A Sonic Deterrent

"Terra Incognita" Cassette C60/'zine Hoogwater (Holland) 1999, No-fi

"Tyranny Of Noise" Cassette C60 The Violet Product (USA) 1999, A Sonic Deterrent

"Anti-Rascist Action" Cassette C90 Skeletor Records (USA) 1999, Vomitron, Netenyahoo, A
Sonic Deterrent

"Hellbox Recordings International Noise Compilation" CDr Hellbox Recordings (USA) 1999, A
Sonic Deterrent

"Fighting Godzilla with a Squirt Gun Complilation" Vol. 1 Cassette C60 Fighting Godzilla (USA) 1999

"Dilatazioni" Vol. 5 Cassette C60 Rarefazioni Uterine (Italy) #R.U.dd38, 2000, A Sonic Deterrent

"Ants On A Log" Cassette C90x2 Hospital Productions (USA) #HOS-37, 2000, No-fi, Netenyahoo

"All Purpose Compilation" CDr Sunship Records (USA) #Sunsixteen, 2000, A Sonic Deterrent

"International Association Of Sound" Vol. 4 CDr Amendment Records (USA) 2000, No-fi, A
Sonic Deterrent, Netenyahoo

"R.O.G. No. 11" CDR/'zine Odd Prod (USA) 2000, A.S.D.

"Time Capsule" Vol. 2 Cassette C60 F.D.R. Recordings (USA) #125, 2000, A Sonic Detergent

"Time Capsule" Vol. 3 Cassette C60 F.D.R. Recordings (USA) #128, 2000 A Sonic Deterrent

"Difficult Music For Difficult People" CD RRs.R (Belgium) 2000, No-fi, A Sonic Deterrent

"Microcassettor" Vol. 1 CDr A.E.N./Sounds From The Pocket (USA) #AE28/PS, 2001, No-fi, Gary Stevens

"Tapes Have More Personality" Cassette Scrotum Records (Belgium) 2001, A Sonic Deterrent

"Body Clock" CDrx2 Mandarangan Recordings (USA) 2001, A Sonic Deterrent

"Two Ducks On A Truck" - CDrx2 Hospital Productions (USA) #HOS-65, 2001, No-fi, A Sonic Deterrent

"Infra-Red Healing" 3 inch CDr (with Art Fag'zine #1) Hospital Productions (USA) 2001, A Sonic Deterrent

"Supersonic Sounds Of The Fuck You Generation" CD C.N.P. Records (USA) #CNPR3, 2001, Abstract Surveilance Disthetic

"Anomalous Silencer" #5 CD/'zine Napalmed (Czech Republic) 2001, A Sonic Deterrent

"Virginia Is Still for Lovers" CDr x2 Amendment Records (USA) 2002, No-fi

"Difficult Music For Difficult People" Vol. 2 CDR RRs.R (Belgium) 2002, No-fi, A.S.D.

"Dark Assembly" Vol.2 CD Norvagoth (USA) 2002, No-fi

"Quiet Noise" CDr Sounds From The Pocket (USA) #PS7, 20XX, Secret Language

"Microcassettor Vol. II" CDr Sound From The Pocket (USA) #PS / FIVE, No-fi

"When You Find Yourself Feed It Poison" Vol. 1 CDr Satan Rock (USA) 2005, No-fi

"Husk Records Compilation #3" Cassette C92 Husk Records (USA) 2008, Bed

"Head Molt meets No-fi, Social Junk, Radioshock, Mugu Guymen, Zack Kouns Live @ Eyedrum"
DVDr Sounds From The Pocket (USA) #PS33, 2007, No-fi, Head Molt

"Inyerface" Vol. 1 DVDr Sounds From The Pocket (USA) 2009, No-fi

"Small Doses" CD (USA) Mortville Records (USA) #MORT:056, 2010, Mutwawa

"Beyond Rainbow Dome: A VOV Benefit Compilation" 38 x File, FLAC, 905 Tapes (USA) # none, 2014, Mutwawa

"Incapable Of Change: Summer Scum 2014" 34 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) # none, 2014, Mutwawa


"Transistor Heart I" 27 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) 2010

"Transistor Heart II" 20 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) 2010

"Transistor Heart III" 17 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) 2010

"Transistor Heart IV" 18 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) 2010

"Transistor Heart V" 20 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) 2010

"Transistor Heart VI" 27 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) 2010

"Transistor Heart VII" 25 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) 2011

"Transistor Heart VIII" 26 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) 2016

"Transistor Heart IX" 29 x File, MP3, Not On Label (USA) 2016

DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 001 "Euro Italo Space Disco Old School Electro Synth Pop New Wave 1980-1989" Cassette C90, recycled, Anti-

Everything (USA) #AE73, 2016

DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 002: "Cat Mansion Classics" CDr Anti-Everything (USA) #AE74, 2016

DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 003: "Unofficial Italo Electro Synth Pop New Wave Post Punk Mixtape" Cassette C90, recycled, Anti-Everything

(USA) #AE75, 2016

DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 004 "Disco's Revenge" Bootleg Disco Mixtape 1982-1984" Cassette C90, recycled, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE76,


DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 005: "Auxiliary Selector" Cassette C90, recycled, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE77, 2017

DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 006: "More Electro-Pop Classics" C90, recycled, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE78, 2017

DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 007: "Maze Inside Your Mind" 23 x File, MP3, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE79, 2017

DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 008: "Power Pop, Pop Rock and Rockin' Punk 1974-1983" 23 x File, MP3, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE80, 2017

DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 009: "Channel Rat-Ward" 23 x File, MP3, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE81, 2017

DJ Rat-Ward - Vol 010 "Soft Psych Underground 1966-1988" 19 x File, MP3, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE82, 2017

DJ Rat-Ward  - Vol 011 "Rare Italo-Disco and New Wave Euro Pop 1981-1986" 13 x File, MP3, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE83, 2017

DJ Rat-Ward  - Vol 012 "80's New Soul Funk Underground 1981 - 1987" 14 x File, MP3, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE84, 2017

DJ Rat-Ward  - Vol 013  "Grown Soft" Lo-fi Soft Rock & Adult Pop Mixtape 1976 - 1985" 16 x File, MP3, Anti-Everything (USA) #AE85,


DJ Rat-Ward "Gonzo Disco" Vol. 1 Cassette C60, Gonzo Disco (USA) #GD001, 2018


Sprawl "Satan's Discotheque" Cassette C60 (Effluvum Productions) 1995

Anus Grin "Limitations on the Cloning Perspective...." CDr/'zine Anti-Everything (USA) #AE10 1999

Autio-Ethik Cassette C60x2/'zine Anti-Everything (USA) #AE18, 2000

Autio-Ethik "Christian Fiction" CDr A.E.N. (USA) #AE27, 2001

Eugenics Council "live 2001" VHS Not On Label (USA) 2002

Cock E.S.P. "Tenth Anniversary Tour" DVDr Sunship (USA) #Sun41 2003

Mr. Brain Sander "Craigslist" Cassette C26 A.E.N. (USA) #AE56, 2008, Head Molt

Lafidki ‎"Mixtape" File, MP3, The Take Away Tape (Netherlands) #73, 2011 Mutwawa

Cock E.S.P. ‎"Historia De La Musica Cock" Cassette E.F Tapes/Breathmint/Little Mafia Records (USA) #Emo Fermunda

#199/BM330a/LM078, 2011, Head Molt

still working on this.....

Friday, October 2, 2009

intimate rager

RVA! Fry Day OCT 2nd 10PM - LAZY MAGNET - EVIL SPIRITS - NOTHINGBERRY PLASMA @ lil' Baghdad. If you know someone who may know where this is you better hit them up! GAS MONEY???? It's like that!

Monday, August 10, 2009



Thr AUG 27 - Philly
BRCM 1822 N Hancock St Philadelphia, PA 19122

Fri AUG 28 - NYC
1142 Myrtle Ave @ BDWY, BKLYN, NY

Sat AUG 29 - Providence
MARS G.A.S. CHAMBER Rhode Island College
Providence, RI 02909

Sun AUG 30 - Baltimore
Ruintown 2980 Falls Road, Ground floor, baltimore md, 21211

Mon AUG 31 - D.C.
The Velvet Lounge 915 U Street NW Washington, DC

Friday, August 7, 2009

AUG 25th show

AUGUST 25th 2009 10PM $5


(Richmond VA - Relapse Records - noisy/experimental/metal)


(East L.A. - ThreeOneG Records - Experimental/Ambient/Minimal)


(Richmond VA - harsh noise/post industrial)

The Triple

3306 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 359-7777

Thursday, August 6, 2009

AUG 21st show



(Cleveland Ohio - Outsider Punk Rock)


(Richmond VA - harsh noise/post industrial)


(Richmond VA - space/surf/psyche rock)




Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Interview with HEAD MOLT


Head Molt live!
Since September of 2006 HEAD MOLT have been scumming up basement parties and mom's kitchens with drum trigger throb and effects-pedal wizardry. Their visits to Richmond were always an anticipated, fun, and sweaty time for all in attendance. In February HEAD MOLT relocated to Richmond, VA and are going strong! In recent weeks I conducted this interview via various e-mails and text messages with core members GARY STEVENS and LEAH PEAH:

Jason- So, who the fuck is HEAD MOLT, who do you think you are?

Leah Peah-I dunno, some attention craving scum fucking shits from the toilets of Hampton VA that some how got plunged to RVA! Who do you think you are?

Jason- I think I'm just some hack, amateur, music, can you tell us what equipment you use to make your sounds or is that TOP SECRET?

Gary Stevens- It's no secret, I'm a pedal jockey. I have a pile of guitar pedals, build contact mics, and do some circuit bending. I like to keep it low-tech. Fucking up tapes is cool too. Lately I've been using more feedback loops, raw signals that are fun to manipulate. I'm into that.

Jason- What are your most current releases? Who released them? Why do they release them for you?

Leah- We have a C-10 tape thats in production from Heavy Psych. Not out yet, but fairly soon here.
Our newest release is a split 7inch with Lazy Magnet on Flish records.
A c-60 out on "recycled" cassette from Obelisk Sounds.
Why do they put them out? I dont know...Maybe they're tone deaf or suicidal or both. I heard tone deaf suicidal people do crazy things. None the less, each label who has put our stuff out has been nothing but amazing, as well as the finished product.
headmolt side of lazy magnet split

Jason- So what's new w/ your solo stuff LEAH PEAH? I hear your a Deftones fan, is this true?

Leah- I'm currently recording stuff for a new split tape with The Suicide Magnets of Philly, Thats going to be put out on AEN (Anti Everything Noise). Also finished up a track for an all new female comp that is called "Ladyz in Noyz: An Addendum" on Corpus Callosum which is the sequal to Ladyz in Noyz released on Spleen Coffin in 2008. Both of which come from the creative dwelling of Marlo Eggplant's veggie grated mind!

Deftones?! I got a piss boner for all this talk of Deftones!!!!
Leah Peah

Jason- What's up with your face on your facebook profile?
gary face

Gary- i hate saying "facebook" i just don't like the sound of it. That's what I look like when the earth's magnetic field is peaking.

Jason- "Facebook!!!" there I said it, SAY IT!!!!!!!! OK, enough of what are your touring plans for 2009?

Gary- We want to go up and down the coast a couple of times. Maybe hit a few spots in the midwest.

Jason- Do you guys collaborate w/ anyone? (Recording or performances) Any future collaborations you'd like to mention?

Leah- We've collaborated with a few, both for recording and live.
Recorded collaborations includes: spoken word performer Bryan Lewis Saunders aka Mr. Brain Sander. The piece we worked on together is called "Craigslist" and was released on AEN.
It's an awesome tape that focuses on the "sassy-n-sensual" side of Craigslist and just when you thought you we're at your repulsed and disgusted limits with the intensely written lyrics, it continues to downgrade your brain into some real raw filth.

We did a collaboration with FUN from Philly called "Lazy Saturday" that was recorded at the old Z Radio house. We were happily force fed bong hits and randomly handed Casios and keyboards of all varieties. As we moved throughout the house during the recording session, umbrellas, pedals, stomping and whatever one would constitute as noise ended up finding its way onto the recording. Breathmint gave birth to this collaborative session by releasing it as two CD-R's HeadFUN/FUNHead.

Live show collaborations include:
Jonathon Coward (SHAMS) Vocals and tape noise.
Brian Morsberger (Drums Like Machine Guns) Vocals.
Ed Wilcox (Temple of Bon Matin) Drums.
Zack Kouns Saxophone.

Jason- Are there any themes or social commentary involved with the sound of HEAD MOLT?

Gary- No, we don't really express any social commentary with Head Molt. Our sound comes from our own frustrations with everyday life. I wouldn't say we are apathetic but we don't feel that our music is the best vehicle for our personal ideologies. It's more of a vibration thing, our way of expelling our own negative feelings onto others. I guess I would say that the general darkness of the human condition is the true theme here...abandonned strip malls converted into prison camps or photos of car crashes?

Jason- So you guys moved to Richmond into the Church Of The Crystal Light, for our readers who aren't familiar with this spot could you give a brief history and mention a little about the current state of things there?

Leah- The Church of Crystal Light was a place with a lot of potential but with the city's current stance on places like Church, there was really no way for it to survive and when it comes to extremely DIY situations like Church its better to leave it a complete whimsical mystery.

Jason- Well said. How do you guys like living in RVA? Any funny or horror stories worth sharing?

Gary- Richmond and it's people have been good to us. It's way better than the shit hole Hampton we've been living in for years before. We feel slightly less isolated now, playing more shows too. We definitley plan to stay here for a while longer. So far the only horrific thing that has happened was when the city shut down the art space we were living in for 4 months (Church of Crystal Light). We're somewhat homeless now but things are starting to look better for us. We're thankful for the great friends we have here who are helping us out.

Jason- So I remember that you guys opened for GIRL TALK at the NorVA some months back, I also remember seeing tons of feedback from folks on the internet...both positive and negative. How was this experience and how did you get on this show?

Gary- I've known Greg since the first time I booked Girl Talk at my old place (The Rat-Ward in Hampton). That was back in 2001. A buddy of mine instant messaged me about the Norva show and jokingly suggested we get on the bill. So I emailed Greg not expecting anything and he quickly responded and was into the idea. He had his booking agent contact us and that what that.

Leah- I didnt really know what to do with myself, I don't think any of us did. So we drank A LOT like we would at any other show. We had a talent assistant, we got free rum and beer and all that other cliche stuff that comes with playing places like the NORVA. It was interesting to hear a mixture of boos, and cries of confusion, with people chanting along with the "lyrics" but in all honesty I was more into the sensation of how loud we actually were. That alone makes me want to play bigger shows again and again.

Gary- Over a thousand people were angered by our performance. It was the best "fuck off" to the Hampton Roads area I could ever think of. I'm not sure if we can ever top that.

Leah- The reviews of our set for that show are hilarious. The reviewers themselves made it obviously clear a mass majority of people still suffer the typical mentality of; "I cant like it til someone tells me it's ok to". Which is exactly what Girl Talk did during the middle of his set. It was weird to have people come up and talk with us after the show. People wanting to take pictures with us and asking questions, but for every one picture we took, we had 3 dirty looks following it up. I guess these are the trials and tribulations a band must face when venturing over to the "other side" of acceptable mainstream music, especially coming from where we do.

Gary- no matter how many times people are told it's OK to like us, they probably won't. I'm OK with that.

Head Molt live

Jason- What does the name Head Molt mean?

Gary- It was really just two random words put together. After I did a web search for the phrase I learned it's a common occurrence in the animal world, to cast off an outer covering periodically. Which kinda makes sense considering Head Molt was a sort of musical rebirth for myself.

Jason- OK final questions, what does the future hold for Head Molt? Where do you want to see this thing going? What's your favorite beverage?

Gary- The future is a nightmare world for future punks, hard core pirate punks, apocalyptic poets and Mad Max types.
Working on more tapes, some new vinyl splits, hopefully a new home. Don't really care where this mess takes us, into the gray hairs, into complete obscurity. Where ever we end up I will always enjoy cheap whiskey.

Leah- I don't know where it's going to go, and I don't know what the future holds, I'm just going to keep doing it and whatever happens, happens.

I like Malibu and Coke, Baileys on the rocks, and Buttery Nipples.

Jason- I should know because that's what you guys order when you come to the bar I work at...Thanks for doing this, Ciao babies!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

FRIDAY JUNE 5th (during first friday artwalk)



harsh sounds and self mutilations from Clyo, GA


drone rock from northern Virginia


post industrial scum noise

more TBA

309 N. Adams St. Richmond VA

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Live Show At The Current Zradio Headquarters

Saturday MAY 23rd

8:00 PM








Zradio residence, 4th & Beanie - south philly, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148
donations for out of towners, please.

The show will be broadcast live on Zradio


(May 23rd show moved to...)

May 15th!


@ Dude Manch
7th and Franklin








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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Head Molt write up from Black Fontanelle


HEAD MOLT just moved to Richmond from Hampton, VA and upon arriving added Travis of ACROSS on vocals. For those who haven't witnessed the beast that is a Head Molt performance, one can expect brutal effects-pedal manipulations, pounding drum triggers, mutant vocals, spasms, bleeding, scraping, etc. Great fun!!! They have tons of tapes available HERE and, local label, FLISH RECORDS just released a split 7 inch with HEAD MOLT and LAZY MAGNET, jump on this one because there are only 200 copies pressed!!!

-Mr. Cockroach

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NEW! Lazy Magnet / Head Molt splt 7" (Flish Records)

(Flish-20-2009) LAZY MAGNET / HEAD MOLT split 7" ep



Saturday, April 18, 2009

BULL TONGUE “TOP TEN #2″ by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore


Leah Peah

2. Hampton, Virginia has been throwing down hard lately with its weirdo sick homegrown noise skuzz scene. The group Head Molt seems to be the chief instigators, particularly with the inclusion of wild woman Leah Peah. Leah’s solo cassette, peah pop & the baby lion show on Anti-Everything/AEN tapes is a peek into the furious sensibility she seemingly has raging through her consciousness. Lots of junk psychosis noise swill dementia. But it’s her split tape with freak loop weirdos Cheezface that really caught our attention. A highly contagious flow of sense bliss destruction.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tonight at Nara Sushi

Thursday April 9th 9pm $5

new thrill parade

diamond black hearted boy


twilight memories of the three suns

caves caverns

head molt

Nara Sushi
1309 W Main St
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 353-1315

Monday, April 6, 2009

April 3rd 2009 videos and pics

Head Molt at the Norva. Norfolk VA. April 3rd 2009.

"I was there for this and it was terrible. Like I felt bad for the band but honestly all their "music" did was hurt everyone's ears for like 20 minutes."

see "related videos" for more footage.

photos by Joe Fitz

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Girl Talk / Head Molt @ The Norva (04-03-09) Reviewed


This show right here has been a big question for me and my brother leading up the event. The question was quite simple really (how the hell did Head Molt get on the bill for this show????) we later found out it was due to the fact that head molt & girlk talk go back since the early 2000's when head molt helped book girl talk shows in the norfolkin area. However that wasnt the only question on are minds, the other question was (what the hell are these guys gonna play)

So finally the night of the show came after a good month of speculation. Head molt played their set in the style of prue theater. Blistering noise going every direction. Theatrics at a maximum. Lead singer yelling this is what you paid for & you paid for this constantly (and yes these were their only lyrics). The audience was having none of this. Bottles were throw / chants for girlk talk insuide / running to the bathroom for pussy fucks went down (kind of dissapointg / but by no means was all this a shock). More or less their set was fuckin' killer. Totally what I wanted from the band (it would of been nice if they weren't playing extremely over the top / but I assume this was their way of coping playing for a large audience that was quite against their rebel yells)

Next act on the bill was girl talk (big sho0ckz) I kind of have mix feelings about this dawg / his albums are always fun mash up jams but something about his crowd situation at shows is just throwing me off. Its a weird mixture of so many different groups that on paper sounds great (aka everyone partying together) however it just turns into a big mash of drunken prep kids dancing to top 40 radio hits mashed with some indie rock. Basically girlk talk is a fun dance show / and dont worry I got sweaty / I had my fun. However something about his show just throws me off . I get the point of what hes going after / however its just not the perfect party that it gets advertised to be.

-Andy Dunlap

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Head Molt opening for Girl Talk!



friday APRIL 3rd 9PM

sorry the show is already sold out!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

Head Molt photos from International Noise Conference 2009 Miami Florida

photos by That Bad Larry. FEB 14th 2009 Churchill's Miami

photos by Gold Pony. FEB 14th 2009 Churchill's Miami

photos by SFTP. Post I.N.C. show FEB 15th 2009 Heinrich's Workshop Tampa

photos by XDUGEF feb 11th 2009 Pre-I.N.C. show George's Meet and Greet Gainsville.

photos by That Bad Larry. FEB 11th 2009 Pre-I.N.C. show George's Meet and Greet Gainsville