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gif image by Gary Stevens.


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gif images by Gary Stevens.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mutwawa. Dec 1st 2011. Balliceaux. Richmond Va. Photo by Ryan Muldoon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mutwawa. Nov 13th 2011. Balliceaux. Richmond Va. Photo by Ryan Muldoon.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Video by Joe Legzz. Audio samples by HEAD MOLT and YOKO BONER.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Roedelius, Xambuca, and Head Molt at Strange Matter : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Roedelius, Xambuca, and Head Molt at Strange Matter October 5th 2011.
Live audio recordings by Scott Chapman.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Rat-Ward Presents...CHEAP FEST III

RAT-WARD Presents !!!CHEAP FEST III!!! Cheap Music For Cheap People
$2.00 Bargain Noise Fest WHY PAY LESS!? CHEAP IS NOT FREE!

$2 at the door/donations accepted

7:00-Flood Beast
7:15-Champagne Of Rats
7:30-Monolith Zero
8:00-Teen Dreams
8:15-Vveed Vvulf
8:45-Microwave Windows
9:00-Dave Smolen / Hairloss
9:15-Suicide Magnets
9:30-Zack Kouns
10:00-Frailty Of Angels
10:15-Reverse Baptism
10:30-Contortionist Jazz Exotica
10:45-Head Molt
11:00-Sex Complex
11:15-Pregnant Spore
11:30-Heavy Breathing
12:15-Drums Like Machine Guns
1:00-Radio Shock

MUTWAWA "Mayan Mutations" cassette SOLD OUT/FREE DOWNLOAD

MUTWAWA - Mayan Mutations cassette is sold out! Now available for free download from…

You can get an rar file of the album plus the art (cover, back cover, insert)

Mutwawa - Live at Strange Matter - Sept. 14, 2011 - Richmond, Virginia

Mutwawa - Live at Strange Matter - Sept. 14, 2011 - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

NEW! FLESH CONTROL "Whimgrinder" cassette c22 (AE67) 2011

FLESH CONTROL "Whimgrinder" Cassette C22 A.E.N. #AE67 2011

"Slime noise and improvised trash music."

Side A:
A1 - Whimgrinder"

Side B:
B1 - Brain Pan Synthesis

Limited Edition of 40 copies.
Distributed by CNP Records
$7.00 ppd USA - $10.00 ppd World
Paypal to

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cassette Gods Reviews: MUTWAWA - "Mayan Mutations" cs23 (AEN/CNP Records)...

Cassette Gods Reviews: MUTWAWA - "Mayan Mutations" cs23 (AEN/CNP Records)...:   Gary Stevens and Jason Hodges are Mutwawa .They both abuse those amazing ribbon synths, samplers, and a slew of other machines and deep n...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Untitled gif by Gary Stevens

Friday, August 5, 2011

HEAD MOLT - Stay Safe - Video by Joe Legzz

Music By: Head Molt - Gary Stevens, Leah Peah, Joshua Hickey, Robert Guynn

Video by: Joe Legzz

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crazy messy fun: Leah Peah debuts at Sancho Thursday

Crazy messy fun: Leah Peah debuts at Sancho Thursday
Leah Peah has been on the scene for a year but has not yet performed in L.A....until now.


Existential Boredom Issue #2 (AEN #AE38) 2003/2008

I scanned and uploaded this old zine I published. Have a look!

Existential Boredom Issue #2 (AEN #AE38) 2003/2008 An art anthology I published in 2003. Only 50 copies were made. 50 additional copies printed in 2008. The second printing includes material from Existential Boredom Issue #1. Contributors: Theo Goodman, Rora & Dobrica Kamperelic, John M. Bennett, Blaster, Dan Buck, Cammack, Major Dust, Warn Defever, Marc Van Elburg, Todd Emmert, GX Jupiter-Larsen, Marcel Herms, Kapreles, Karmakumulator, Beppi & Mary Knott, Leslie Q, Malok, Sean Whatever, Laura Jane Cooney, Ruggero Maggi, George Tantkus, Andy Ortmann, Clemente Padin, Rael, Joseph A. Uphoff Jr, Justin Waters, Scott Thompson, Pascal Lenoir, Mark Price, Justin Duerr, Gary Stevens, Happy Scrappy: Hero Pup, Bananafish, C.N.P. Records.

Monday, August 1, 2011


August First at the 1300 School Street Warehouse.

Merciless # 1

Black Bloc -
Head Molt -
Heavy Breathing -
Hostage Pageant -​m
Sex Of Distance -

The show begins at 10 PM. Bring donations for touring artists. No booze at the space.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NEW! HEAD MOLT "Space Funeral" cassette c47 (AE66) 2011

Head Molt "Space Funeral"
Cassette C47 A.E.N. (USA) #AE66 2011

45 minute journey into decrepit mental space. Pulsing plasma ghosts,
droning death particles, bleak oscillators and striped mining
planets. Futuristic music from a long dead past.

Side A:
A1 - Spectralith
A2 - Astroid Tomb
A3 - Dimensional Mines
A4 - Unexplained Encounter
A5 - Space Funeral
A6 - Saturn Gas Chamber
A7 - Geocrystalith

Side B:
B1 - Marsoleum
B2 - Lunar Crypt I
B3 - Lunar Crypt II
B4 - Lunar Crypt III
B5 - Lunar Crypt IV
B6 - Lunar Crypt V
B7 - Venusian Temple
B8 - Venusian Catacombs
B9 - Robot Decommission I - III


HEAD MOLT "Brain Sterile" cassette c21 (AE65) 2011

Head Molt "Brain Sterile"
Cassette C21 A.E.N. (USA) #AE65 2011

"20 minutes of trashed noise violence. Howling feedback and primitive power electronics dirge. Not so fresh feeling leaves the listener feeling sick inside. Pure audio disgust!" -A.E.N.
Side A:
A1 - Slime Wire
A2 - Untitled
A3 - Red Altar
A4 - You Can't Change Me
A5 - Give Up Your Dreams
A6 - Untitled II
A7 - Brain Sterile

Side B:
B1 - Curse On The Gate
B2 - Untitled III
B3 - Submission and Guilt
B4 - Ash Veil


FLESH MOLT "Gigashadow" cassette c22 (AE64) 2011

Flesh Molt (Head Molt & Flesh Control) "Gigashadow" Cassette C22 A.E.N. #AE64 2011

"FLESH MOLT is a collaboration project of FLESH CONTROL and HEAD MOLT. 20 minutes of glitched out and soul draining cyber punk noise. Blackened hollowed corpses piled into a mental blocks. Gnarled psychic vampirism and end of the world is fucked daydreams." - A.E.N.

Side A:
A1 - Death Sector

Side B:
B1 - Corpse Mold


MUTWAWA "Mayan Mutations" cassette c23 (AE63/CNPR-21) 2011

MUTWAWA "Mayan Mutations" cassette -C.N.P. Records/AEN (2011)

6 tracks in 26 minutes with amazing cover art by JOE LEGZZ...

Side A:
A1 - Chitauri Mind Feild
A2 - March Of The Mutwawa Police
A3 - Mayan Mutations

Side B:
B1 - Perpetual Riot
B2 - Militant Shamanism
B3 - World War 3-D


Now available for free download from

or download the rar file HERE

MUTWAWA-Chitauri Mind Field by rat-ward

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Transistor Heart VII - DJ Rat-Ward playlist for June 7th 2011

Transistor Heart VII

C-90 format
Compiled by Gary Stevens aka DJ Rat-Ward June 7th 2011
*Version 2.0 updated July 12th 2016


Side A:
01 - Bruce Haack "Invocation" 1978
02 - Michael Yonkers Band "Microminiature Love" 1968
03 - Jacques Dutronc "Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous" 1966
04 - Debris "One Way Spit" 1976
05 - Los Dug Dug's "Smog (English Version)" 1973
06 - Hard Stuff "Jay Time" 1971
07 - Jerusalem "Primitive Man" 1972
08 - Amon Düül II "Wolf City" 1972
09 - Picchio Dal Pozzo "Seppia" (Transistor Heart edit) 1976
10 - Jean-Claude Vannier "Le Roi Des Mouches" 1972
11 - Stone Harbour "Stones Thrown" 1974
12 - Jacula "Triumpratus Sad" 1969
13 - Shub-Niggurath "J'ai vu Naguere..." 1989

Side B:
14 - The Homosexuals "Prestel" 1982
15 - The Laughing Soup Dish "Teenage Lima bean" 1985
16 - Art Bears "Rats And Monkeys" 1979
17 - Philippe Besombes "Rugby / Jaune" (Transistor Heart edit) 1975
18 - These Trails "Share Your Water" (Transistor Heart edit) 1973
19 - Bene Gesserit "Nuits Et Chuchotements" 1985
20 - Family Fodder "Savoir Faire" 1980
21 - Martin Rev "Baby O Baby" 1980
22 - Agony Bag "Feelmazumba" 1976
23 - Horse "Step Out Of Line" 1970
24 - Wicked Lady "Run The Night" 1969
25 - Gravestone "Summer 78" 1979

Additional volumes of the Transistor Heart compilations available here:

Sunday, June 5, 2011


about to get way conceptual with you on this one. okay, so what we have here is a collaboration between three gentlemen: breathminstrel mat rademan, z radiologist jonny wray (the fun duo), and head molter gary stevens. on mischief night 2010 they laid down some material at cat mansion in richmond, virginia. then, each dude fashioned the session into four unique mixes. that's three perspectives, four jams per perspective. so 12 tracks in total, but basically one track, ya know? each manipulation takes up one side of a tape and no tape is the same. so if your versoin has the mixes "perspective 3, mix 2" and "perspective 1, mix 3", then that combo aint showing up on any other copy of halftone mud. two tracks by the same persepective do not show up on any tapes and every possible combination was used. word?

edition of 48

Friday, May 13, 2011

MAY 15th Pikacyu*Makoto/MuGuGuymen/Caves Caverns/Head Molt/Articulate Chewbecca

touring w/


also playing


929 W. Grace St. Richmond VA

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

recommended music: MUTWAWA "Necro Zulu"

Today I'd like to encourage you to check out some true undergound freak-squad music. Mutwawa, from Richmond, VA.


This 2-man unit combines mutated African rhythms and sounds, perhaps akin to the vibe of Konono No 1, with the gritty, experimental synth-stomp of Forcefield. Both members have long and impressive resumes: Jason Hodges is credited with samples and has played in the power-violence bass-n-drums band Suppression, freakout post-punk band The Amoeba Men, Bermuda Triangles... the list goes on. All of them highly recommended. Gary Stevens is credited with effects, and he is also the founding member of noise band Head Molt and for several years ran the infamous DIY house/venue The Rat-Ward. Again, I could go on...

Whole article:

Monday, March 21, 2011

PRURIENT/A.S.D. "Hunt In Couples" split 7"s For Sale.

Unearthed from the vaults!

I was digging through our basement and I found a bunch of copies of my old harsh noise project A.S.D.'s split 7" with PRURIENT from back in 2001. I have 46 unplayed/mint condition copies up for sell. 500 copies were originally pressed and I believe these to be the last. This record lists for $50.00 on ( I am selling these for only $10.00 each. Add $2.00 shipping USA / $4.00 World. Payal to: Send questions to:

Prurient / A.S.D. - Hunt In Couples
Label: Hospital Productions, Anti-Everything
Catalog#: HOS-046, AE-003
Format: Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise

A1 A.S.D. - Findings 1:21
A2 A.S.D. - Ruins Of 1:48
A3 A.S.D. - Turn Me Off 1:50
A4 A.S.D. - Acceptacons 0:54
B1 Prurient - All-In-Good-Time 6:23

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Glasslipper Live @ Strange Matter - Cheap Fest II - 10-30-10

Glasslipper Live @ Strange Matter - Cheap Fest II - 10-30-10
Gary Stevens and Amber Frances O'Hara - Video By Nic DeSantis

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mutwawa "Radio Cambodia" Video

Filmed by Silver Persinger and Amber Frances O'Hara. Gifs by Gary Stevens. Edited by Jason Hodges. This song is from the, now sold out, cassette "Necro Zulu" available for free download here:


"Here's the latest oddity to emanate from the fevered brainpans of the psychedelic electronic duo known as Mutwawa. The group, a collaboration between Jason Hodges (Bermuda Triangles) and Gary Stevens (Head Molt) combine samplers, effects pedals, and endless tape loops to create a unique--and uniquely frightening--sound collage. In this video, they've paired their usual hallucinatory audio with equally trippy imagery. The video cuts back and forth between Mutwawa live performance footage, images of pyramids and tribal costumery, and strange cut-ups of visual imagery that is sometimes completely impossible to understand. There are images of Mutwawa members menacingly pointing machetes at the camera, like guerrilla warriors filming a video to be mailed to a corrupt dictator, and strange stone statues with heads not that different from the masks that Mutwawa wear while performing live. Some of the imagery even evoked the middle section of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut--the glaring, immobile masks signaling an unmistakable evil intent. Mutwawa's music has always seemed to me like the perfect candidate for a horror movie soundtrack. Now, with this video, it sort of is."

By Andrew Necci

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GLASSSLIPPER "Orgone" Cassette c30 (AE62-2011)

GLASSSLIPPER "Orgone" Cassette c30

GLASSSLIPPER is a new experimental music duo from Richmond VA, consisting of visual and sound artist Amber Frances O'Hara and local noise provocateur Gary Stevens (Head Molt/Mutwawa/A.S.D.). A fantasy soundtrack for children lost in a glittering crystal labyrinth.

(AEN-AE62) Limited Edition of 50 copies.
silver stencil on clear cassettes, black on transparent inserts.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Head Molt set from Jan 7th

Head Molt - Live at Ghostprint Gallery - Jan. 7, 2011 - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

Thanks to Silver Persinger for filming this!
He documents many events in the Richmond VA area, check out his blog.


MUTWAWA on Free Music Archive!


UFO DNA. Gary Stevens. FEB 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Richmond, South Africa - Kuupuu Шаман aркада Mutwawa

Sauti Mutwawa mchanganyiko Kuupuu (Video by Nic DeSantis) featuring live footage of MUTWAWA.

MUTWAWA - Mystic Brain Funk (Video by Nic DeSantis)

Necro Zulu

Monday, February 7, 2011

MUTWAWA "Necro Zulu" cassette (2010)


"The mysterious new-world-electronics" duo MUTWAWA gave away their final copies of the "Necro Zulu" cassette at a show last night at Strange Matter. It was limited to 50 copies with individual, handmade, collages (examples above) for each cassette by Leo Heinzel. Originally 100 were to be made but MUTWAWA have decided to use the other 50 tapes for a new, almost finished, release...
Posters with all of the collage pieces are coming soon...


1. Radio Cambodia
2. Radio Tokoloshe
3. Spyra Sphinx
4. Sleeper In The Sands
5. Sacred Geometer
6. Howling Dead Monks
7. Centauri Street Force
8. Mystic Brain Funk


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Sonic Deterrent / Prurient - "Hunt in couples" (2001 Anti-everything/Hospital productions)

Another old Anti-Everything release found on the blogosphere! Courtesy of Cranial Vulnus. Thanks to Mat Rademan for showing me this one too!

A1 Prurient - All-In-Good-Time 6:23
B1 ASD - Findings 1:21
B2 ASD - Ruins Of 1:48
B3 ASD - Turn Me Off 1:50
B4 ASD - A Tyrant's Mother 1:22
B5 ASD - Acceptacons 0:54


Various - "Noise Conglomerate Vol. 3" (2000 anti-everything)

Ha! cool! An old Anti-Everything compilation I published back in 2000. Courtesy of the people from Cranial Vulnus. Thanks to Mat Rademan for showing me this!

VERY cool lo-fi sorts....

an extremely nice, printed paper bag with excellent artwork housing the very cool, though fairly plain disc.

..but once you get to the cd, the look of it doesn't matter as much as you thought it did.

this is one solid slab of good old late 90's early 2000's slab of harsh noise from all over.

   1 Cock E.S.P. - best dressed free-improv Artist 1987 2:38

   2 Prurient - seen not heard 3:02

   3 Outermost - High Risk 1:31

   4 Autio-Ethik - Inner Tyranny 2:05

   5 Sickness - Blood On My Hands 0:45

   6 Joshua Norton Cabal - Serenades To A Chimp 2:58

   7 Involocru - All Your Orafices Bleed 2:38

   8 Cornucopia - Loss 1:19

   9 Moz - Untitled 3:03

10 Humanexterminationproject - Photon Torpedos 3:01

11 Ames Sanglantes - Spaceship In My Nose 2:56

12 Pervatrons, The - Dutch Concert 2:46

13 Kummerlige Forhold - Kortslutning 3:05

14 Daruin - Config 3:06

15 Suppression &

Facialmess - Spit In Your Mother Fucking Face 5:56

16 Orgy Of Noise featuring

Melt Banana- Insert Earplugz 3:06


Thursday, January 20, 2011