Monday, January 28, 2008


Did these for that band JUNKS. We traded my artwork for a bunch of The Rock Coaches mp3s!

Art by Gary 2007
Art by Gary 2007
Art by Gary 2007

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

COOL THINGs to touch and hold and love


got some stuff, you got $$$.... ive been doing this for forever now, gimme some $$ show some love....

T-Shirts! a few freedumb fest shirts left:

the Kanji design with the Gary Stevens drawing, as seen right here with your eyes, 7$ppd thru paypal....

one large red with white ink
two large black with white ink
one XL black with white ink
one large green with blue ink
one large blue with yellow ink

"this one's for you freedumb" shirt: same price

one medium red with silver ink.
one medium white IRREG with black ink
one XL red with silver ink

also i have a few mp3 cd's. i only made 10, i'll keep one, so that 9 for all of you
this is nice looking, printed disc, 192kbs files, includes out of print SFTP stuff
BLACKBLACKS from jungle to civilization
BOOTLEG BOOSTER COMPANION found sound mash up by dj pussyturd of Hollow Bush / AC Temple
CASH SLAVE CLIQUE let there be cash
DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS best summer ever
FOUND SOUND v1 and v2
MICROCASSETTOR vol 2 and vol 3
REYNOLS gasom lantua 1956 (released as a microcassette, but audio is top notch)
TEA MAN WITH TEA GUM americas greatest living cowboy (Russia, Monopolka, amazing)
TORE H. BØE koh-i-noor

so thats 11 oop albums on one disc with fancy packaging with colors and stuff.. get it for 6$ppd paypal eyewaters at

MUGU GUYMEN tapes, cdr's and dvd-rs are still here and being made. 4$ each, or all 3 for 12$$!! what a deal

PONY BONES and HNY have a split tape on SFTP too, 4$ppd

theres alot more! freedumb fest dvd part one! more to come, like TUSCO TERROR.... and more freedumb fest 2005 stuff, like sunburned hand of the man, magik markers, drums like machine guns.... peace out yall. thanks. hope to see you arounnnnnnnnnnd

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Head Molt Profile DELETED! deleted our band profile Again!

Violation of Terms of Usage?

We made a new one though....Re-Add us now!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008


new track posted on the Head Molt myspace.
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Rest in peace Mercury.