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"This 2-man unit combines mutated African rhythms and sounds, perhaps akin to the vibe of Konono No 1, with the gritty, experimental synth-stomp of Forcefield. Both members have long and impressive resumes: Jason Hodges is credited with samples and has played in the power-violence bass-n-drums band Suppression, freakout post-punk band The Amoeba Men, Bermuda Triangles... the list goes on. All of them highly recommended. Gary Stevens is credited with effects, and he is also the founding member of noise band Head Molt and for several years ran the infamous DIY house/venue The Rat-Ward. Again, I could go on..." - M.P. Lockwood/

MUTWAWA  "Lamashtu Pazuzu" cassette C26 (C.N.P Records/Anti-Everything) 2012

8 tracks of live electronics/spaced out tribal dance rhythms by the people from Suppression and Head Molt.

Side A:
A1 - Lamashtu Pazuzu
A2 - Epsilon Eridani
A3 - Skrull Eternal
A4 - Initiation Of The Portal
A5 - Snakes Of Solomon

Side B:
B1 - Sitsoi You
B2 - Uluru
B3 - Highway Fallujah

First edition limited to 50 copies.
$6.00 ppd USA - $8.00 ppd WORLD
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New Mutwawa video by Joe Legzz

MUTWAWA "Mayan Mutations" cassette -C.N.P. Records/AEN (2011)

6 tracks in 26 minutes with amazing cover art by JOE LEGZZ...

Side A:
A1 - Chitauri Mind Feild
A2 - March Of The Mutwawa Police
A3 - Mayan Mutations

Side B:
B1 - Perpetual Riot
B2 - Militant Shamanism
B3 - World War 3-D


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"Here's the latest oddity to emanate from the fevered brainpans of the psychedelic electronic duo known as Mutwawa. The group....combine samplers, effects pedals, and endless tape loops to create a unique--and uniquely frightening--sound collage. In this video, they've paired their usual hallucinatory audio with equally trippy imagery. The video cuts back and forth between Mutwawa live performance footage, images of pyramids and tribal costumery, and strange cut-ups of visual imagery that is sometimes completely impossible to understand. There are images of Mutwawa members menacingly pointing machetes at the camera, like guerrilla warriors filming a video to be mailed to a corrupt dictator, and strange stone statues with heads not that different from the masks that Mutwawa wear while performing live. Some of the imagery even evoked the middle section of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut--the glaring, immobile masks signaling an unmistakable evil intent. Mutwawa's music has always seemed to me like the perfect candidate for a horror movie soundtrack. Now, with this video, it sort of is. - Andrew Necci/RVA Magazine

MUTWAWA "Necro Zulu" cassette - C.N.P Records/Flish Records/AEN (2010)

"The mysterious new-world-electronics" duo MUTWAWA gave away their final copies of the "Necro Zulu" cassette. Limited to 50 copies with individual, handmade, collages by Leo Heinzel.


1. Radio Cambodia
2. Radio Tokoloshe
3. Spyra Sphinx
4. Sleeper In The Sands
5. Sacred Geometer
6. Howling Dead Monks
7. Centauri Street Force
8. Mystic Brain Funk

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"Those yearning for some 1970s rock/jazz/ambient/noise-inspired outsider weirdness should check out Richmond's dada sound manipulators, Mutwawa....the duo creates rhythmic cinematic soundscapes that draw their influence from the caustic trances pioneered by Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound and Whitehouse....They like to call their largely improvised, tribal sonic experiments reptilian alien death shamanism, and it is a more-than-fitting summation of their cerebral aggressions. Whatever you want to call it, Mutwawa's expansive electronic alchemy would be the perfect fit for the movies of Terry Gilliam and David Lynch or as background music for audiobook versions of Thomas Pynchon's "The Crying of Lot 49" or William Burroughs' "Point of Saints." - Chris Bopst/Richmond Times Dispatch