Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flyer by Gary Stevens

"...There are colors everywhere, smells, sounds; chaos. And it is the most fun you have ever had. This is what listening to Nautical Almanac is like...This two-piece from West Side Baltimore has been combining metal, melody, and general mind-blowing musicianship into one incredibly intricate and threatening package for five years now, marching to the beat of their own otherworldly drummer. With their 10th full-length, Death Metal for Pussies (Heresee Records)...Since moving to Baltimore on Sept. 11, 2001, Nautical Almanac has spanned the gamut of inconsistency...On one album they ould be lavished with frothy critical adoration, the next the band would be torn apart, barely understood, everything but spit upon. One album they would be lauded as one of the greatest American avant-garde / acoustic-electronic bands in years, the next they'd be misappropriated as "arty-emo." In a recent interview with popular rock critic Brian Coldly, Ms. Ptak was heard to remark "Our "sound"... If you ever use the terms "Jazz Punk", "Art-Damage" or "Post-Hardcore Stew"...That'll be some REAL Art-Damage. I don't know what to call it, but I fucking know what not to call it...a varying spectrum of junk-harvesting Midwesterners like our "godfather of garbagtronica", MAGAS, constituted a whole new "savant garde. Climb onto this Crisco-coated locomotive and get the real deal of steel." With their upcoming tour they are hoping to wave high the flag of the current crop of "freak funk" bands who are all the rage in the British music press these days, but with their own flavour which is as American as chocolate chip biscuits and mom's apple tart. Their "take no prisoners", "no hold's barred", "whiskey drenched", "straight up rock and roll no chaser" brand of carnage will leave their audience utterly spent...And hungry! So why not order a Papa John's pizza on your Cingular Verzon phone on your way home from the venue? And if the show lets out early, and you need more entertainment, be sure to stop by Blockbuster and pick up the smash hit movie Ghostrider, now on DVD..." ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Also appearing: local weirdness:
MUTWAWA "Project of Richmond underground heads Gary Stevens (Head Molt) and Jason Hodges (Bermuda Triangles, Amoeba Men) with sounds ranging from gabber fit for inclusion on the next Thunderdome comp to futurist reggaeton emanating from the windows of undercarriage-lit ancient alien spacecraft hovering through the cyber jungle. Mutwawa anticipated the current post-noise techno zeitgeist by a few years, all the while maintaining a unique and inscrutable weirdness even in the midst of the throbbing 4-on-the-floor beats that propel their music"
CONTORTIONIST JAZZ EXOTICA "Richmond's premier harsh noise love birds scrape, skree, bang, break and bleed their hearts out" "I walked into the room after they played Raw Meet and there was blood and glass everywhere. Their tape sounds fucked up. "
FLOOD BEAST "Totally fucked up cassette tape manipulation and feedback from J. Russ of caves Caverns.
CHAMPAGNE OF RATS "Throbbing LO-NRG post human noise punk damage for the Void Century. Leo of Flesh Control and JK of Lost Tribe."