Tuesday, November 12, 2002

new AEN label releases

new AEN Releases

- To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie "A Companion for afternoon walks" CDR -2002- 30 copies $4
Richmond VA's electro-shock troopers spin erratic glitch-core meets discombobulated down-tempo.

- Mike Bell "Fuzzfreebeatlust" CDR -2002- 30 copies $4
Avant guitar mud wrestling drones and swells from this veteran rocker and member of Temple Of Bon Matin.

- New-Fi "Tenants of Bad Tape Culture" CDR -2002- 19 copies $4
American kids play pass the tape via U.S. postal service without getting sick and playing shows no one came to. Featuring members of Newton, No-fi, Autio-Ethik, The Lotus, White Vulture, etc.

- Rats With Wings "Ratified Loopholes..." CDR -2002- 33 copies $4
This way twisted abstract noise hybrid from down unda will have you growing giant ears out of your back! Spliced electro junk stereo pile, neighbor's pets, rhythmic drones," real" sounds and fuzzy darkness. Foamy covers with fuzzies and feelies.

other Available Releases

- Vok / A.S.D. split CDR -2001- 35 copies $4
Manchester, England's Arlo of Pigdog Recordings comes across with some rhythmic loops composed from a metal tape measure (you'd never know just from listening to it). AEN's own A Sonic Deterrent ventures into similar territory with random household objects.

- Industria Masoquista "To my Girlfriend" CDR -2001- 35 copies $4
Ecuador's Javier Navas brings an offering of vile, dirty, erratic harsh noise.

- V/A "Microcassettor" CDR (Sounds From The Pocket / AEN) - 2001- 75 copies $4
A digital collection of micro cassette recordings produced by Sounds from the Pocket. Random audio clips, improvisational anti-music, field recordings of strange locations, band practice, toy orchestras, commercials and commentary, street rappers, noise ... Featuring: Sitori Sonics, Big City Orchestra, ADP/JTW, Autio-Etik, Nobody, ID M Theft Able, Tore.H.Boe (with Silja E.Boe), Wilt, III (disappointed), Cheap Machines, Pork Flavur, Manherringbone, Patriot Janet, Found Sound, A.S.D,DJ Shuai, George Spelvin, Nothing But Wheels, Philipp Wolokitn, Ear Drum Repair Services, Igon, Newton, The Mill, Ernesto-Diaz Infante, Skip Williamson, The R.Ward Trio, The No-fi, Another Cup of Ice, The Un-Ones, ADP, and more. Also Available from Sounds From The Pocket.

- Autio-Ethik "Christian Fiction" CDR (Autio-Ethik / AEN) -2001- 50 copies $4
Hampton, Va's own Justin Waters presents us with the first volume in a series collecting the experimental noise works of Autio-Ethik. 8 4-track recordings ranging from beat less dub to frenzy. Bonus telephone conversation w/ Erich's Mom. Other volumes in the AE collection are available at the Autio-Ethik web page.

- No-fi "Volume Zero" CDR -2001- 75 copies $4
A collection of noisy, homemade experimental music recorded between 1996 and 2000.song styles ranging from lo-fi pop, free-improv rock, sound collage, psychedelic junk blues, to abrasive electro-noise punk. Featuring members of Autio-Ethik, A Sonic Deterrent and Anus Grin.

- Ames Sanglantes / No-fi split CDR -2001- 45 copies $4
Canada's own prolific noise taper Pierre-Marc Tremblay teams up with Alexander Huard for a caustic session of improvised harsh noise. the No-fi calm things down a bit with a late night session of improvisational quiet noise.

- Outermost / No-fi split CDR -2001- 75 copies $4
Japan's Kei Yokota exports his own brand of spastic harsh noise, pulsating electronics, media manipulations and random sound clips. the No-fi summon up a thick wall of electrified scrap metal and analog synth harsh noise.

- Furisubi "Dusk" CDR -2001- 30 copies $4
Deeply organic minimalist ambience by Chris Lapke of Football Rabbitt.

- Prurient / A.S.D. split 7 inch (Hospital Productions / AEN) -2001- 500 copies $4
Prurient does a cut-up sound collage of harsh noise and feild recordings. Thick and spastic noise filth. A.S.D. plays dark and decrepit experimental lo-fi noise and burnt out power electronics. Also available from Hospital Productions.

- A.S.D. / Vita Verbum Lux split 7 inch (Spasmoparapsychotic / AEN) -2000- 300 copies $4
ASD presents a tape manipulation remix of source material performed/recorded live @222 with J.Waters (Autio-Ethik),producing a swirling mass of abrasive melodies over a darker under-current, both calming and disturbing. VVL explodes into a dense wall of scouring electronics laced with psychedelic harsh noise vilolence. Also available from Spasmoparapsychotic Records. Very few copies remain.

How to Order:
All prices are post-paid in North America, others add $1 per item.
U.S. currency, Well concealed cash, Check or Money Order made out to:
Gary Stevens (not AEN). Trades are always welcome, please write first.

Mail all orders to:
AEN c/o Gary Stevens
22 S. Mallory St. Hampton, VA 23663 USA

Past Releases (out of print)

- Existential Boredom -issue #1 zine -2002- 200 copies
- V/A "Noise Conglomerate" Vol.3 CDR -2001- 100 copies
- Humanextermination Project tape -2000- 24 copies
- Kadef / A.S.D. split tape -2000- 18 copies
- Eeyow Karoom "Aggro Sound" tape -2000- 33 copies
- Autio-Ethik tape x 2 -2000- 33 copies
- V/A "Noise Conglomerate" Vol.2 CDR -2000- 75 copies
- Monobrain / A Sonic Deterrent split tape -1999- 38 copies
- The Violet Grind / A Sonic Deterrent split tape -1999- 42 copies
- Prurient / A Sonic Deterrent split tape -1999- 29 copies
- Flatline Construct "There's Nothing Like A Dame" tape -1999- 24 copies
- Ames Sanglantes "Anti-Anti" tape -1999- 37 copies
- V/A "Free Nipples Arcola" CDR -1999- 4 copies
- Anus Grin "Limitations on the cloning perspective..." CDR -1999- 10 copies
- Four Flies On Grey Velvet tape -1999- 5 copies
- Netenyahoo / A Sonic Deterrent split tape -1999- 23 copies
- Moz / A Sonic Deterrent split 7 inch (Maladjusted Productions / AEN) -1999- 300 copies
- V/A "Noise Conglomerate" Vol.1 tape -1999- 26 copies
- Moz "Nikola" tape -1999- 50 copies
- Netenayhoo "Superficial Struggle" tape -1999- 13 copies
- V/A "All Kindsa Noise" tape -1998- 100 copies
- No-fi tape -1998- 22 copies
- V/A "Splurge" tape -1998- 100 copies
- No-fi Vomitron "Generation Loss" tape -1997- 23 copies