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DJ Rat-Ward Vol 011

Various Artists - DJ Rat-Ward Vol 011 
"Rare Italo-Disco and New Wave Euro Pop 1981-1986"
Anti-Everything - AE83 - 09/30/2017 - C-60 Format Compiled by Gary Stevens aka DJ Rat-Ward

Side A:
01 - Daniela Alverman "Who Does" (1982)
02 - Contact Music "Keep On Dance" (1984)
03 - Ivy's Day "In Another Time" (1985)
04 - Dibany "Hardlover" (1983)
05 - 1ere Classe "Poupee Flash" (1982)
06 - Aldo Tamborelli, Stephen Head & Paolo Dossena "War" (1983)
07 - Hypno Dance "King Of The Night" (1984)

Side B:
08 - Soma Holiday "Too Many People" (1984)
09 - Lama "1993" (1983)
10 - Kaburo "Lady Night" (1983)
11 - Neurox "Romantic" (1984)
12 - Sandra "Message Telepathique" (1981)
13 - Isabelle Antena "Mummy's Not at Home Tonight" (1986)

Friday, September 29, 2017

Generator RVA: Now Playing

Generator RVA: Now Playing

October 6th through October 29th

Sediment Arts
208 E Grace St, Richmond, Virginia 23219
Generator RVA: Now Playing

Arranged by Ken Montgomery

GENERATOR is the brainchild of New York based artist Gen Ken Montgomery. Known as “New York’s first sound art gallery”, Generator existed in the East Village and then in Chelsea from 1989-1992. Gen Ken hosts performances and listening experiences by local Richmond artists and octophonic Cassette Listening Experiences by the late Berlin artist/composer Conrad Schnitzler.

The Pop-up Generator Store and Archive will be re-activated for 3 days in the Sediment Gallery Storefront. Featuring contemporary and historical, local and non-local, noise and experimental sound works for sale and distribution, including unique handmade cassette tapes, cd-rs, records, zines, posters, video, art, laminations, ephemera, and more.

Artist Bios in alphabetical order below schedule.

10/06 - 10/08 Generator RVA: Now Playing - POP-UP STORE WEEKEND
10/06 Friday 6-9pm
10/07 Saturday 1-6pm
10/08 Sunday 1-6p

10/06 First Friday Opening Reception 6-9pm
Inaugural Remote Call-In Proclamation by
The Kings of Elgaland-Vargaland: Michael von Hausswolf & Left Elggren (from Stockhom)
Octophonic Concert by Gen Ken at 8pm

10/07 - Saturday 5-7pm Live performances
Remote Poem Call-In Steve Dalachinsky (from Paris)
Cassette Concert: Music of Conrad Schnitzler performed by Gen Ken
Live performances:
Sean Julian
Chris Penalosa
Tommy Birchett

10/14 - Saturday 5-7pm Live performances
Remote Audio Call-in Performance by Gregory Whitehead
Cassette Concert: Music of Conrad Schnitzler performed by Tommy Birchett
Live performances:
Will O’Donavan
Ben Scott

10/21 - Saturday 5-7pm Live performances
Remote Call-In by Anna Homler (from Los Angeles)
Cassette Concert: Music of Conrad Schnitzler performed by TK
Live performances:
Elizabeth Nall
Fred McGann

Generator RVA

10/28 - Saturday
Listening Event ONE
1:00 -1:15pm Remote Call In Performance by Rod Summers (from Maastricht)
1:15 -1:45pm Octophonic Concert by Nigel Ayers - Aquarius Suirauqa performed by Gen Ken
1:45 -2:15pm Cassette Concert: Music of Conrad Schnitzler performed by Gen Ken
2:15 - 2:30 Remote Drama by Rod Summers - Hjalteyri Scale(d own) performed by Gen Ken
2:30 - 3:00pm Radio without the Radio - recordings from Generator Archives live mix by Gen Ken featuring: Sound Dog • Mental Anguish & Allegory Chapel • Alvin Lucier

Listening Event TWO
3:30pm Remote Call In Performance by Dylan Nyoukis (from Brighton)
3:45 -4:15pm Octophonic Concert by Gen Ken
4:30 -5pm Octophonic Concert by Stephen Vitiello
5:15 - 5:45pm Radio without the Radio - recordings from Generator Archives featuring: Gregory Whitehead • Randy Fairbanks

10/29 - Sunday
Listening Event ONE
1:00 -1:30pm Octophonic Concert by DJ Olive -CON Tribute performed by Gen Ken
1:30pm Remote Call In Performance by Sam Ashley (from Berlin)
1:45 -2:15pm Conrad Schnitzler Cassette CONcert CONducted by Gen Ken
2:30 -3:00pm Radio without the Radio - recordings from Generator Archives featuring: Stv Jns • Willem De Ridder

Listening Event TWO

3:30pm Remote Call In Performance by GX Juppiter Larsen (Los Angeles)
3:45 -4:00pm Octophonic Concert by Tommy Birchett
4:15- 4:45pm Radio without the Radio - recordings from Generator Archives featuring: Blackhumour • Sean Meehan
5:00- 5:30pm Octophonic Concert by Gen Ken
5:30pm Final Remote Performance by small cruel party (from Paris)


Anna Homler

David Lee Myers
David Lee Myers is a sound and visual artist living in New York City. He has had thirty recordings released by Generator, Recommended, Line, Silent, Pogus, RRRecords, Staalplaat, Monochrome Vision, and many other labels. Collaborations have been produced with Gen Ken Montgomery, Thomas Dimuzio, Ellen Band, guitarist Marco Oppedisano, and Dirk Serries (VidnaObmana.) Two Albums were created with legendary electronic pioneer Tod Dockstader, and with Hamburg’s master sound manipulator Asmus Tietchens four projects have been released, with a fifth in progress. Myers has performed his sounds and visuals at New York’s Generator, The Kitchen, Roulette, Experimental Media Foundation, the Knitting Factory, Clocktower, MoMA/PS1, Outpost Artists Resources, Trans Pecos and Silent Barn, as well as the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Boston Museum of Modern art and Gallerie Abriss (Hamburg) and the Klang Avantgarde Music Festival (Copenhagen), among others.

Dylan Nyoukis
Dylan Nyoukis understands nothing if not the value of showmanship. Of course, a common pitfall in nurturing such a preoccupation is the squandering of the beefy content that must fortify it. People can’t be expected to cross the street for you (more than once) if there’s nothing waiting for them on the other side. Tempting though it may be to pursue a career in the vending of substances as wispy as a foul wind, Nyoukis’s vocation is solidly within the jurisdiction of Well Tempered Theatrics.
A native son from a northern area of The UK Of GB And NI, an obscure, little-talked-about quadrant of The Realm that locals claim created the modern world and everything in it, Nyoukis has been putting on the style since the early 1990s, first with Dora Doll in Prick Decay / Decaer Pinga, an experiment that transmogrified youthful no wave vigor into an exponentially larger and encompassing street brawl of visionary sound, later with painter / collage artist Karen Constance in Blood Stereo, a malleable unit that can stain with their very personal splat any avant canvas set in their way.

Elizabeth Nall / Feminacci
Classically trained violinist, Elizabeth Nall, began to experiment with electronic sound and composition while involved in a collective founded by German composer, Herbert Brun, School for Designing a Society. In her studio practice today she uses technology to test the expectations of her musical ideas, exploring method in search of inspiration in the previously unheard.

Gen Ken Montgomery is a New York-based artist whose involvement in the cassette-culture and mail-art movements of the late seventies led to the creation of Generations Unlimited with David Prescott and Conrad Schnitzler in 1987. In 1989, Montgomery opened the first sound art gallery in New York City: Generator. Generator’s wide scope and novel approach toward sound and music made it a vector-point for some of the most interesting artists from around the world. Generator re-incarnated at AVA gallery in 2013 ( and in the Print Shop at MoMA PS1 in 2014. Montgomery re-launched Generations Unlimited in 2014.

After living in Berlin in 1985 and working with Conrad Schnitzler, Montgomery has composed and performed multi-speaker concerts using amplified appliances, field recordings and electronic instruments. Montgomery’s approach to creating listening spaces gives audiences a dramatic immersive audio experience, often performed in total darkness.

Montgomery also creates visual art using photography, clippings, debris and lamination to make books to make postcards. As the Minister of Lamination (a.k.a. Egnekn) Montgomery is the world’s foremost practitioner of sonic Lamination Rituals.

Montgomery’s music has been released on some of the most respected music labels in the world: Noise Below (Greece), Chocolate Monk and Touch (UK), VOD Records (Germany), Esplendor Geometrico, (Spain), Staalplaat and De Fabriek (The Netherlands), Firework Editions (Sweden), XV Parowek (Poland), Monovision (Russia) and XI Records, Banned Productions, GD Stereo, Pogus, and Tellus in the US.

GX Jupitter-Larsen
GX Jupitter-Larsen is based in Los Angeles. Since 1979, he has worked as a performance artist, sound artist, writer, and filmmaker. He also collects stamps, and is a devout psammologist. Much of his work is a self-created lexicon consisting mainly of personalized units of measurement. |

Stephen Vitiello
Stephen Vitiello is an electronic musician and media artist. CD releases have been published by New Albion Records, Sub Rosa, 12k and Room 40. His sound installations and multi-channel works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon. Exhibitions include a site-specific work for NYC’s High Line, “Soundings: A Contemporary Score,” at the Museum of Modern Art; the 2002 Whitney Biennial; and the 2006 Biennial of Sydney. Over the last 25 years, Vitiello has collaborated with such artists and musicians as Pauline Oliveros, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taylor Deupree, Joan Jonas, Julie Mehretu, Scanner and Steve Roden. Originally from New York, Vitiello is now based in Richmond, VA where he is a professor of Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Tommy Birchett
When Tommy Birchett is not taking out the trash in Oregon Hill, he can be found in his workshop playing with sounds and images. Using a variety of homemade instruments, found objects, discarded technology, and electronic toys, Tommy improvises alone as well as with ensembles like Ting Ting Jahe, New Loft, and Chart Junk. Tommy has recordings littered around his home, sctattered across various websites, and on fine labels like Winds Measure, Wifflefist, and Generator.

more info soon

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


In honor of our dear friend Bobbie Peters who sadly passed away this year, RVA Noise is proud to present Blue Nine Fest. This event will be a memorial and a tribute to Bobbie and will showcase a variety of performers, all of which were friends of hers and wanted to express their grief and sadness as well as celebrate the life and spirit of Bobbie in their own unique ways.
Please join us in our celebration and mourning...

Blue Nine Fest - October 1st 2017 at Strange Matter

929 W Grace St
7PM Doors // 8PM Noise // $5 // 18+

08:00: Muzak City
08:15: Sensual Assault
08:45: Yoga Demon
09:00: Thieves Of Shiloh
09:15: Flesh Control
10:00: 10-56
10:15: Fake Object
10:30: Dyrt
10:45: Coteries
11:00: Brown Piss
11:15: Stone Garden Jam Temple
11:30: Yohimbe
11:45: Scant
12:00: Kyle Flanagan

Facebook Event:

From RVA Mag:

Sunday, October 1, 7 PM
Blue Nine Fest & Memorial, feat. Kyle Flanagan, Scant, Yohimbe, Stone Garden Jam Temple, Brown Piss, Coteries, Dyrt, Fake Object, 10-56, Flesh Control, Thieves Of Shiloh, Yoga Demon, Sensual Assault, Muzak City @ Strange Matter – $5

Sunday night sees a significant gathering of the more punk-based experimental noise scene here in Richmond; sadly, it’s to commemorate a tragedy. Local noise musician Bobbie Peters, who performed under the name Blue Nine, passed away earlier this year, and their many friends in the local scene are gathering to celebrate their life with the sort of harsh noise they loved. Whether or not you knew Bobbie, this is an important event for the RVA noise scene, one that is worth checking out as much for the chance to engage with the full spectrum of the local scene as for the opportunity to memorialize a fallen compatriot.

There are way too many artists on this bill to explore even half of them to the extent they deserve, but some that merit special mention include Brown Piss, the damaged electronic harshness generated by Suppression/Mutwawa/Chaotic Noise Productions mastermind Jason Hodges as a solo performer; Scant, the harsh, foreboding chaos generated by mid-Atlantic noise renaissance man Matt Boettke; Coteries, the enveloping atmospheric noise terror of Van Ficken; and Eric Tomillon’s monster of harsh noise, Fake Object. But honestly, everyone who’s anyone in Richmond’s experimental noise scene is here, so if you need a crash course, this is your perfect opportunity to get one. It’s a shame it had to happen for such a sad reason. -

Friday, September 22, 2017

Rat-Ward Radio #007

Broadcast Friday September 22nd 2017
WCLM 1450 AM


01: Pissy Relay Switches "Ho! These Teeth" (Austrailia) 1981
Various - One Stop Shopping - Cassette [Terse Tape] Lo-fi, Punk, Experimental

02: Les Yeux Interdits "Schicksal" (Netherlands) 1982
Tear Part Tapes - Cassette [Tear Apart Tapes] Synthwave, Synth-Pop

03: Elijah Rock Featuring Strawberri & Flikk "Take It To The Floor" (U.S.) 1985
Take It To The Floor - 7" [A Piece Of The Rock Records] Funk

04: Abaco Dream "Cat Woman" (U.S.) 1969
Life And Death In G & A - 7" [A&M Records] Funk, Psychedelic

05: Dick Hyman "Give It Up or Turn It Loose" (U.S.) 1969
The Age Of Electronicus - LP [Command] Electronic, Funk

06: Taugenixe "Reggae Ron" (Germany) 1984
Reggae Ron - LP [Ariwa] Reggea, Dub

07: Sound 5 "Ala Kaboo (Version Idjut Boy)" (U.K.) 1999
Ala Kaboo - 12" [Gut Records] Electronic, House, Disco

08: Raymilland "Distant View" (U.S.) 1980
Talk - 7" [Praxis] Electronic, Rock, Punk

09: Standard of Living "N.F.A." (U.S.) 1982
Six Songs - 12" [Vinyl Records] New Wave, Minimal, Synth-Pop

10: Ris "Love-N-Music" (Italy) 1983
Love-N-Music - 12" [Proto Records] Electronic, Italo-Disco

11: Ja Ja Ja "I Am An Animal" (Germany) 1982
Ja Ja Ja - LP [Ata Tak] New Wave, Experimental

12: Severed Heads "Lambourgingi" (Austrailia) 1982
Various - Entrave Et Étouffement, From Australia... - x2 10" [L'Invitation Au Suicide] Industrial, Synth-Pop

13: Gee Tagbas "Friday Nite" (Nigeria) 1987
Rap Dazz - LP [Coconut] Electro, Boogie, Pop Rap

14: Noel Williams "Music Street (Instrumental)" (U.S.) 1982
Music Street - 12" [Tashamba] Electro, Funk

15: Nicky & Nicky "Souvenir" (Italy) 1985
Souvenir - 12" [Lombardoni Productions] Electronic, Italo-Disco

16: Excitement Pathetix "The Age Of The Fun Cassette" (Austrailia) 1980
Various - Fire On Boat - Cassette [Terse Tapes] Experimental

17: The Freshies "My Tape's Gone" (U.K.) 1980
My Tape's Gone - 7" [Razz Records] New Wave, Power Pop

18: Big Stick "Drag Racing" (U.S.) 1985
Drag Racing - 7" [Recess Records] Electronic, Industrial, Rock

19: Kalyanji Anadji "Dance Music" (India) 1981
Commander - LP [Music India] Hindustani, Disco, Soundtrack

20: Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo "Nocturna Op. 1" (Cuba) 1977
Super Son - LP [Areito] Jazz-Funk, Afro-Cuban Jazz

21: Captain D.J. "Disco UFO. Part II" (U.S.) 1978
Disco UFO - 7" [G-Note Records] Funk, Disco, Experimental

22: The Electro-Harmonix Work Band "I Am Not A Synthesizer" (U.S.) 1977
State-Of-The-Art Electronic Devices - LP [Electro-Harmonix] Electro, Jazz-Funk

23: Ash "Go One (Part 1)" (Italy) 198X
Go One - 7" [G And G] Electronic, Italo-Disco

24: Kaburo "Lady Night" (Italy) 1983
Lady Night - 12" [Discomagic Records]
Electronic, Pop, Italo-Disco

25: Afrikan Dreamland "Welcome To Alkebulan" (U.S.) 1982
Dance And Survive! - LP [Ayo] Roots Reggae, Ska, Psychedelic

26: Bay Of Pigs "Everything Changes" (U.S.) 1981
Various - Club Foot - LP [Subterranean Records] Jazz-Funk, Post-Punk

27: Karen Cooper Complex "Jerkin Pretty" (U.S.) 1981
Shinjuku Birdwalk - ? [Artifacts/yclept] Art Rock, Avantgarde

28: Milovan Srdenovic "The Pollutions" (U.S.) 2000
Colour These Bears - LP [Freedom From] Experimental

29: Royal Trux "Jet Pet" (U.S.) 1991
Various - New York Eye And Ear Control - LP [Matador]
Art Rock, Indie, Experimental

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Transistor Heart Radio - Part 4

Revisiting my old mixtape series "Transistor Heart"

In this installment we unearth "Transistor Heart IV" released July 28th 2010. An eclectic blend of Minimal Synth, Garage Rock, Psych, Sci-Fi Disco and more. For more information about the Transistor Heart series (including album downloads) visit:

01 - Mekanik Kommando "Stop And Play" 1982
02 - Jean-Jacques Burnel "Jellyfish" 1979
03 - Rah-Bras "War Ribbing Ode" 2005
04 - Die Doraus & Die Marinas "Fred Vom Jupiter" 1981
05 - Greg Vandike "Clone" 1979
06 - The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor "Is All I Need" 1982
07 - Null And Void "New Life" 1982
08 - Casino Music "Viol AF 015" 1979
09 - Conrad Schnitzler "Contra 4" 1981
10 - Nostromo "Theme From Alien" 1979
11 - The Soft Machine "Why Are We Sleeping?" 1968
12 - The Index "Shock Wave" 1967
13 - Nightshadow "Illusion" 1968
14 - Ultimate Spinach "Ego Trip" 1968
15 - The Troggs "I Can't Control Myself" 1966
16 - The Move "Do Ya" 1971
17 - Ariel Kalma "Generus" 1979
18 - Ghedalia Tazartes "Tazartes Transports 5" 1980

Friday, September 15, 2017

Rat-Ward Radio #006

Broadcast Friday September 15th 2017

Tune in to WCLM 1450 AM in central Virginia or listen live online ( every Friday at midnight (EST)

Follow @ratward on Twitter for live tweets (

If you miss the show it will be archived on the DJ Rat-Ward Mixcloud (

Check out the entire track-list posted below...

01: Joe Moks "Boys And Girls" (Nigeria) 1979


02: Nok Liar "The Birds" *Weirdshit Xu Paelk Lipelis Edit (Thailand) 2015


03: Peter Westheimer "Tin Drum" *Len Leise @33rpm Edit (Austrailia) 1983


04: Zru Vogue "Do The Zru" (U.S.) 1982


05: Cécilia "Chocolat" (France) 1983


06: Inside "Wizzard King" (U.S.) 197X


07: Nyrabakiga "Cor Corora" (Netherlands) 1981


08: Meat Puppets "Hair" 1981


09: The Revolutionaries "Afro Rock Part 1" (U.K.) 1977


10: Danny Boy "Discomix" (Netherlands) 1983


11: Danny Boy & Serious Party Gods "Castro Boy (Spaced Out Mix)" (U.S.) 1983


12: Arbeid Adelt "Death Disco" *Todd Terje Edit (Belgium) 1987


13: Carl & Carol "Jam Without Mercy" (Barbados) 1988


14: Super Eccentric Theater "Oh Les Beaux Japonais!" (Japan) 1984


15: XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster "Press Play" *Featuring Zackey Force Funk (U.S.) 2016


16: Sho-Nuff "Tonight" (U.S.) 1984


17: Naomi Elizabeth "God Sent Me Here to Rock You" (U.S.) 2010


18: Risque "Starlight" (Netherlands) 1982


19: Prince "Controversy" *Rare Purple Mix White Label (U.S.) 2001


20: Mr. Fingers "Stars" (U.S.) 1987


21: Mythos "When The Show's Just Begun" (Germany) 1980


22: Junior Homrich with Bran Gascoigne "Eagle Break" (U.S.) 1985


23: Battiato "Areknames" (Italy) 1972


24: Stephan Wittwer "Der Rechte Weg" (Switzerland) 1983

Friday, September 8, 2017

Rat-Ward Radio #005

Broadcast Friday September 8th 2017

Tune in to WCLM 1450 AM in central Virginia or listen live online ( every Friday at midnight (EST)

Follow @ratward on Twitter for live tweets (

If you miss the show it will be archived on the DJ Rat-Ward Mixcloud (

Check out the entire track-list posted below...

01: APB "Shoot You Down" (U.K.) 1981
Shoot You Down - 7" [Oily Records] New Wave, Funk, Punk

02: Pappo's Blues "Especies" (Argentina) 1971
Pappo's Blues - LP [Serie Discoteca] Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock, Acid Rock

03: Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Titibitis of Africa "Ewere Noyoyo" (Nigeria) 1980
Jackpot - LP [Polydor] Funk/Soul, Afrobeat, Highlife

04: Urszula "Shenkansen" (U.S.) 1979
Future Talk - LP [Inner City Records] Jazz, Fusion, Free Improvisation

05: Essential Logic "Flora Force" (U.K.) 1979
Popcorn Boy Waddle Ya Do? - 7" [Rough Trade] New Wave, Post-Punk

06: No More "Dark Side Of The Town" (Germany) 1982
A Rose Is A Rose - 10" [Too Late Records] Synth-Pop, Minimal, New Wave

07: Joe Meek & The Blue Men "I Hear A New World" (U.K.) 1960
I Hear A New World - CD [RPM Records] Pop, Novelty, Experimental

08: Syreeta "I Love Every Little Thing About You" (U.S.) 1972
Syreeta - LP [MoWest] Funk, Soul

09: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich "Hold Tight" (U.K.) 1966
Hideway / Hold Tight - 7" [Fontana] Pop Rock

10: Rudimentary Peni "When You Are a Martian Church" (U.K.) 1983
Death Church - LP [Corpus Christi] Punk, Deathrock

11: Form A Log "Walking Distance" (U.S.) 2014
For The Record - LP [Bathetic Records] Electronic, Experimental

12: Siouxsie and the Banshees "Congo Conga" (U.K.) 1981
Arabian Knights - 12" [Polydor] Punk, New Wave, Goth Rock, Post-Punk

13: Tuxedomoon "19th Nervous Breakdown" (U.S.) 1980
Various - Can You Hear Me? Music From The Deaf Club - LP [Optional Music] New Wave, Punk

14:  Crash Course In Science "Cakes In The Home" (U.S.) 1979
Cakes In The Home - 7" [GO GO Records] Electro, Minimal, Industrial

15: Codek "Tim Toum" (U.K.) 1982
Tim Toum / Closer - 12" [Codek] Electro, Tribal, Disco

16: The Pool "Jamaica Running" (U.S.) 1983
Dance It Down - 12" [Moment Productions] Electro, New Wave, Synth-Pop, Tribal

17:  Aguaviva "La Niña De Hiroshima" (Spain) 1971
Apocalipsis - LP [Accion] Folk Rock, Prog Rock

18: Harry Pussy "Showroom Dummies" (U.S.) 1993
Harry Pussy - 12" [Siltbreeze] Noise, Rock, Experimental

19: The Units "High Pressure Days" (U.S.) 1980
Digital Stimulation - LP [415 Records] New Wave, Synth-Pop, Synth-Punk

20: Section 25 "Looking From a Hilltop" (U.K.) 1984
Looking From A Hilltop - 12" [Factory] Electro, Synth-Pop

21:  Was (Not Was) "Hello, Dad...I'm In Jail" (U.S.) 1992
Hello, Dad...I'm In Jail  - CD [Fontana] Pop Rock, Funk, Disco

22: Glaxo Babies "Limited Entertainment" (U.K.) 1980
Limited Entertainment - 7" [Y Records] Post-Punk, New Wave, Avantgarde

23: Harry Roesli "Jangga Wareng" (Indonesia) 1976
Titik Api - Cassette [Aktuil] Prog Rock

24: Walter Carlos "Variations For Flute and Electronic Sound" (U.K.) 1965
Various - Electronic Music - LP [Turnabout] Electronic, Experimental, Modern Classical

25: Sleepy John "You Say" (U.S.) 1970
Sleepy John - LP [Rockadelic Records] Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock

26: The Equals "Mystic Sister" (Trinidad) 1977
Mystic Sister - 7" [Ice] Funk, Soul, Psychedelic Rock

27: John Malick "Mon Histoire" (Ivory Coast) 197X
Flirte - 7" [Safie Deen] Latin, Folk, Funk, Soul, Afrobeat

28: PragVEC "Mens Casual Wear 1962" (U.K.) 1980
Various - No-Cowboys - LP [Spec Records] New Wave, Experimental, Post-Punk

29: Nick Nicely "Treeline" (U.K.) 1980
D C T Dreams - 7" [Ariola Hansa] Synth-Pop, Post-Punk, Psychedelic Rock

30: Annette Peacock "Pony" (U.K.) 1972
I'm The One - LP [RCA Victor] Blues Roc, Avantgarde, Experimental

31: Jacques Lejeune "Petite Suite" (France) 1970
Lettre À Une Demoiselle / Dichotomie / Petite Suite / D'Une Multitude En Fête - LP [La Voix De Son Maître] Electronic, Prog Rock, Experimental, Musique Concrète