Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HEAD MOLT "Brain Sterile" cassette c21 (AE65) 2011

Head Molt "Brain Sterile"
Cassette C21 A.E.N. (USA) #AE65 2011

"20 minutes of trashed noise violence. Howling feedback and primitive power electronics dirge. Not so fresh feeling leaves the listener feeling sick inside. Pure audio disgust!" -A.E.N.
Side A:
A1 - Slime Wire
A2 - Untitled
A3 - Red Altar
A4 - You Can't Change Me
A5 - Give Up Your Dreams
A6 - Untitled II
A7 - Brain Sterile

Side B:
B1 - Curse On The Gate
B2 - Untitled III
B3 - Submission and Guilt
B4 - Ash Veil