Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A.S.D. "Dead To You" C10 Now Available from Thousands Of Dead Gods

GODS29: A.S.D. "Dead To You" $7.00

Chaotic and sparse anti-everything harsh noise and scrap metal abuse from reactivated southern American basement dweller A Sonic Deterrent. First recordings to emerge in nearly 20 years.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

10-56 self titled EP Now Available from Anti-Everything

10-56 - 10-56 2 x File AE96 2018

1 Program I-III 10:14
2 Program IV 11:17

"Name Your Price" download from:

*All digital releases from Anti-Everything are available for free download. Please consider throwing in a few dollars to show your support. All proceeds go towards issuing physical copies of new releases. Thank you.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

[AE95] Internecine "Ausbrecher" C20 (2018)

Internecine "Ausbrecher" C20, 4 x File AE95 2018

A1 No River Bends Where I Ask It To 5:00
A2 Twist The Blade I Never Learned Cursive 5:02
B1 Ashen Immobility 4:55
B2 Now Allowing Saints Command And Recourse 4:59

Pro duplicated Type II cassettes. Glossy Jcard. Sealed.
Edition of 24 copies.

Ships to:

"Name your price" download from:

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Fake Object "Maleficence" Now Available from Anti-Everything

Fake Object "Maleficence" C30, recycled, 1 x File AE94 2018

"Aching screams cut through agonizing walls of pure static. Decrepit, aching, violent noise. Limited edition recycled cassette in special packaging forthcoming."

1 - Maleficence (14:55)

"Name your price" download from:

*All digital releases from Anti-Everything are available for free download. Please consider throwing
in a few dollars to show your support. All proceeds go towards issuing physical copies of new releases. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

[AE93] Subklinik - S/T S/Sided C60 (2018)

Subklinik C60, 5 x File AE93 2018

New self-titled release from American death industrial legend SUBKLINIK. 30 minutes of dark pulsating electronics.

Pro duplicated Type II cassettes. Single Sided. Glossy Jcard. Edition of 35 copies.

A1 - Nekrospastik (7:33)
A2 - Mortuor Lesson Pt II (6:24)
A3 - Social Dead  (6:51)
A4 - Apath (6:05)
A5 - New Dawn (3:16)


"Name Your Price" download from:

Sunday, December 2, 2018

[AE92] Shame "Smile" C16 (2018)

Shame "Smile" C16, 4 x File #AE92 2018

Dark soundscapes, haunting voices, cutting blasts of harsh noise and rumbling power electronics from one of Richmond VA's best kept secrets. Very proud to present this one. Check this out now! 

Pro duplicated Type II cassettes. Matte Jcard. Sealed
Edition of 25

A1 - I Saw Blood (Scab) 5:01
A2 - In My Eye (Fucked) 2:29
B1 - Let It Die (Tetragrammaton Smile) 4:00
B2 - Nigger (Halls) 3:08

Ships to:

Pay as you want download from:

Saturday, December 1, 2018

[AE91] Kyle Flanagan "Life Of The Party" C32 (2018)

Kyle Flanagan "Life Of The Party" C32, 2 x File #AE91 2018

"Just what the world needs, more degenerate noise from Kyle Flanagan. Laughing Cloud and Standing in Reverse are wildly different takes on the same situation of doing large amounts of ketamine on a roof. Constant rising and falling , hopeless but fruitful disassociation.

1 Laughing Cloud        16:01
2 Standing In Reverse  15:57

Limited Edition of 25 copies


"Name your price" download from:

*All digital releases from Anti-Everything are available for free download. Please consider throwing
in a few dollars to show your support. All proceeds go towards issuing physical copies of new releases.
Thank you.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

[AE26] No-fi "Vol. 0" reissue (2018)

No-fi "Vol. 0" reissue 41 x File #AE26 2018

"No-fi was a field recording / cut-up audio cassette project from Phoebus VA circa 1994. By 1996 no-fi became a proper band led by Gary Stevens along with siblings Danny & Elizabeth Stevens and neighborhood friend Jeff Liscombe.

They wanted to be a "punk rock" band but things quickly devolved into pure noise as they soon realized not one of them could play any instruments at all! Poor kids with broken keyboards, one-string guitars and any clamorous objects at hand they filled the block with a nightly racket of wild improvised "music" amplified through practice amps with torn speakers, recording everything on their little pink boombox.

Neighborhood kids began to join these sessions and No-fi became a rotating ensemble of anyone and anything goes. As time passed the group took on many forms, finally to settle on being a so-called "experimental" project that never really took itself too seriously.

No-fi birthed the Anti-Everything label, Rat-Ward DIY venue and numerous side projects, like A.S.D. Related projects include Autio-Ethik, Sounds From The Pocket label, Igon, Human Services, and many more.

This collection attempts to document some of these moments captured between 1996 and 1999. Unimportant nonsense to most but a very special part of a few people's lives, at least."

No-fi "Vol. 0" was originally released on CDr in 2001
Now here it is again, with 21 bonus tracks!

"Name your price" download from: 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Twin Aperture "Rape Of Earth" Now Available from Anti-Everything

First in a new series of digital albums on the Anti-Everything label

Twin Aperture "Rape Of Earth" 5 x File #AE90 2018

1 - Plastic Runs Deep In My Veins 13:36
2 - The Killing Of Animals In Person 8:53
3 - Death Of Future Prospect 4:21
4 - Life Of Past Decay 13:00
5 - Fear Of Present Incumbence 5:04

Pay as you want download from:

*All digital releases from Anti-Everything are available for free download. Please consider throwing in a few dollars to show your support. All proceeds go towards issuing physical copies of new releases. Thank you.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Anti-Everything on

New bandcamp page for the old Anti-Everything label. Expect uploads of long out of print AEN releases as well as new digital albums by acts currently active in the RVA Noise community, artists who frequent the Richmond scene and others. New releases planned for Scant, H.B., Xenojothsz, Coteries, Fake Object, Kyle Flanagan, Subklinik, Surfacing, Internecine, Shame, Flood Beast, Laundry Room Squelchers, Ian McColm, 10-56, Broadcastatic, Teenage Cenobite and more. Even some reissues from our sister labels Teenage Whore Tapes and Flish Records. All available for free. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

RVA Noise Fest: Strange Matter Finale - Black Friday - 11/23

Flyer by Orion Lopez



As a staple at STRANGE MATTER over nearly the past decade, we couldn't go out without one final experimental noise banger in lieu of the RVA NOISE FEST originally planned for later in the winter. THIS FRIDAY, BLACK FUCKING FRIDAY come to 929 to see all sorts of facets of the Richmond noise and experimental scenes doing round-robin style short burst of sound. Performers so far include YOHIMBE, DYRT, FAKE OBJECT , XENOJOTHSZ, TEENAGE CYNOBITE, KYLE FLANAGAN, HUNTING DOG, KASNIR, MELUL, CEREMONIAL SCISSORS, BROADCASTATIC, NU DEPTH, COTERIES. RICHMOND AVANTGARDE IMPROV COLLECTIVE. THIEVES OF SHILOH, INTERNECINE, SURFACING and more.


06:15 - Human Apartments
06:30 - Bal Dukte
06:45 - Mebus
07:00 - Cyberbully
07:15 - Clary Sage
07:30 - Escort Service
07:45 - Teenage Cenobite
08:00 - Nu Depth
08:15 - RAIC
08:30 - Thieves Of Shiloh
08:45 - Broadcastatic
09:00 - Melul
09:15 - Heavy Mistress
09:30 - Taciturnal
09:45 - Ceremonial Scissors
10:00 - Kasnir
10:15 - Surfacing
10:30 - Internecine
10:45 - Dyrt
11:00 - Purism
11:15 - Kyle Flanagan
11:30 - Hunting Dog
11:45 - Fake Object
12:00 - Xenojothsz
12:15 - H.B.
12:30 - Flood Beast Skull Forfeiture
12:45 - Coteries
01:00 - Yohimbe

*Subject to change

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Rats In The Music Cabinet

Fucked up music / noise radio!!!

80's cassette culture, weird, lo-fi, art damaged/destroyed music, DIY post-punk, minimal wave demos, early electronic music, noise, experimental etc!  
Live Streaming Wednesday Nights 8PM EST

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Mutwawa "Detestations" Cassette Now Available!

C10 - Chaotic Noise Productions / Anti-Everything #CNPR64 / AE88 (2018)

Order Now from:

"This is the first MUTWAWA release since 2014. We've slowly been working on a full length release since then and it's getting closer to being finished. In the meantime, here's a very harsh improv session recorded live at Auxiliary on March 25th 2016...Digital version coming soon.." 

Side A:
Detestations Part 1

Side B:
Detestations Part 2

Monday, November 5, 2018

Rat-Ward Radio #014

Monday November 5th 2018


01 - The Sound "Night Versus Day" (1980)
02 - The Motives "Plastic" (1981)
03 - Darline Victor All Star Band "Positive Attraction" (1988)
04 - Artistic Control "Dance With Me" (1981)
05 - Paulin "Metro" (1979)
06 - Bramlaan "Space Wobble" (1981)
07 - Jimmy Murakawa "Down ? Down ,  Down !" (1982)
08 - Deborah & The Puerto Ricans "Side B Side A Side" (1981)
09 - Master Force "Hey Girl" (1979)
10 - Steve Monite "Only You" (1984)
11 - Captain Mustard "Quiet Move" (1981)
12 - The Shadow Ring "Put the Music in Its Coffin" (1994)
13 - Dome "Rolling Upon My Day" (1980)
14 - ISAN "Ampule" (1998)
15 - Wrench "Saud" (1997)
16 - Anna "Movies (Slowed Down)" (1981)
17 - KOKOKO! "L.O.V.E." (2017)
18 - Chen Yi "Rug" (1982)
19 - Statues In Motion "Blackout" (1983)
20 - Velly Joonas "Käes On Aeg" (1980)
21 - France Gall "Zoi Zoi" (1970)
22 - Ralph Lundsten And The Andromeda All Stars "Horrorscope" (1979)


New episodes of Rat-Ward Radio will now be released on the first Monday of each month in our new 90 minute format, followed by a live stream on the YouTube channel Monday nights at 8pm EST Subscribe to the channel and tune in! Thanks for listening!

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Head Molt "Struggle Jams" (reissue) on Anti-Everything

#AE89. Originally released by Flish Records in 2008 (#Flish-008). 
Now available for free on bandcamp.

Recorded live March 16th 2008 in Hampton VA.
Gary Stevens: scrap metal, effects / Leah Peah: scrap metal, effects / Joshua Hickey: vocals, effects / Cover art by Travis Miller AKA Lil' Ugly Mane.

"Pretty disturbing stuff, this...
I love the way the cover art clashes with the musical content here. This is far from your typical noise release. Very interesting textures as a background wall of sound without being numbing. More like a scratching sound made from muffled vocals. Occasionally "lyrics" are heard, but it's more like an industrial version of black metal without drums, bass and guitar. Nice one!"

Saturday, October 27, 2018

A track by one of my solo projects: Rotted Ear

Rotted Ear / Brown Piss ‎– Rotted Piss Label: Chaotic Noise Productions ‎– cnpr-26 / Anti-Everything ‎– AE72 Format: Cassette, EP Country: US Released: 2014 Genre: Electronic Style: Noise

Monday, October 22, 2018

DJ Rat-Ward "Gonzo Disco" Volume 1

Mucked up cosmic disco rarities by DJ Rat-Ward. New cassette out soon on the Gonzo Disco label.

Side A:
01 - Jan-Lou Bernatets & Groupe Schunt "Disco Partie" 1978 (Belgium)
02 - Krackers "Machines" 1978 (France)
03 - Quartz "Cool & Get Up" 1979 (Belgium)
04 - André And Leslie "Stress" 1979 (Belgium)
05 - Edda's Classical Machine "Il Clan Dei Siciliani" 1983 (Italy)
06 - Le Figlie Del Vento "Mare" 1979 (Italy)
07 - Kamel Oil Company Band "Petróleo En Bruto" 1977 (Spain)
08 - Grupo Swing "Bosque Solitaro" 1982 (Peru)

Side B:
09 - Sweety Anderson "Baby Won't You Turn Me On" 1978 (Belgium)
10 - Maj Britt And The Suggestions "Sorry Caller No One Home" 1977 (Germany)
11 - Electric Connection "Cry Of The Lone Wolf" 1979 (Japan)
12 - Kim "Disko-Téka" 1980 (Belgium)
13 - Chris "San Francisco Night (Instrumental)" 1983 (Holland)
14 - Magic Mail "Magic Lover" 1980 (Austria)
15 - Windstone "Take Time (For Some Lovin' Today)" 1979 (Oregon)

Gary Stevens recordings discography 1992-2018
Updated October 22nd 2018

Recently updated my discography and archived it here:

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Head Molt "Piss Majik" Reissue

Remastered reissue of the long out of print cassette "Piss Majik" by Head Molt now available for free on bandcamp!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Head Molt "Generation Loss" single

Now Available Head Molt "Generation Loss" single
Anti-Everything #AE87. Download for free from:

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rat-Ward is now on Patreon

Rat-Ward is now on If you would like to support the blog, YouTube channel, Rat-Ward Radio or DJ Rat-Ward mixtapes please consider becoming a patron today. Every dollar helps me buy blank tapes, print flyers and drink more coffee! Throw a coin in the gutter for my bad taste in music! Thanks for your attention!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Rat-Ward Radio #013

Thursday October 11th 2018 


01 - Cardiacs "To Go Off And Things" (1984)
02 - Sueno Sueno "Lluvia" (1983)
03 - Planet Ha Ha "Home" (1982)
04 - Ti-Tho "Die Liebe Ist Ein Abenteuer" (1982)
05 - ImpLOG "Holland Tunnel Dive" (1980)
06 - Silver Apples "Pox On You" (1960)
07 - Desmond Fingers Coke "Let's Chase The Sun" (1989)
08 - Lives Of Angels "Golden Age" (1983)
09 - Bernard Gagnon - Totem Ben (197X)
10 - Miracle Cave - Strange Girls (1984)
11 - Emma Sharpe & The Features "I'm Not Crying" (1982)
12 - Mark Stewart "Stranger" (1987)
13 - The Mutettes "Shark On The Beach" (1983)
14 - Chen Yi "Honey Money" (198X)
15 - Cute Heels "Silence Complot" (2013)
16 - Axhan Sonn "Keren Andromede" (2013)
17 - The Shadow Ring "Mustard Hooves" (1995)
18 - Crispy Ambulance "From The Cradle To The Grave" (1985)
19 - OTO "Anyway" (1981)
20 - Harry "Genebra" (1988)
21 - Steve Vanguard "Dead Shadow" (1981)
22 - Mike Batt "Love Makes You Crazy" (1982)
23 - Sandii "Zoot Kook" (1980)
24 - Godley & Creme "I Pity Inanimate Objects" (1979)
25 - Ettika "Ettika (French Version)" (1985)
26 - Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul With The Honeymoon Killers "I'm Always Crying" (2014)
27 - How To Get Rich In Rotterdam "Dapper Dan" (1981)
28 - Benjamin Zephania "Stop De War" (1986)
29 - The Sharks "Get Off The Radio" (1980)

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Rat Ward YouTube channel update...

Been bit of a slacker as far as updating the blog with new video uploads. Here's a batch of stuff posted to the Rat-Ward channel between April 23rd and September 29th 2018. I'll try to keep you better updated from now on.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Rat-Ward Radio #012

Friday April 20th 2018


01 - Fröhliche Eiszeit "Don't Change The Position" (1982)
02 - David Francis Mays "Jam It Up" (1984)
03 - Deborah & The Puerto Ricans "Side B Side A Side" (1981)
04 - Frankie Knuckles "Bad Boy" (Unknown Club 12" Mix) (1987)
05 - Subject "Be Carefull" (1982)
06 - Thick Pigeon "Dog" (1982)
07 - Aidala "Spirit" (1988)
08 - Alsup Miller Bros. "Funky Thing" (197X)
09 - Jazz Insects "Ghost Train" (1982)
10 - Steve Elliott "Wake Up" (1982)
11 - Tommy Mandel "Haunted (By The Girl He Always Wanted)" (198X)
12 - Ströer "Don't Stay For Breakfast" (1979)
13 - Double Jay TC "Party Busters" (1983)
14 - Kazino "Binary" (1985)
15 - Bobby G "Lollipop Girl" (1992)
16 - The Front "One In A Million Boy" (1989)
17 - Witch "Let's Get Together" (1980)
18 - Pitch "What Am I Gonna Do For Fun" (1982)
19 - DsorDNE "La Zona" (1990)
20 - Miko "Im Garten" (1985)
21 - Poésie Noire "Mohenjodare" (1985)
22 - Cosa Rosa "Traumstation" (1983)
23 - Anna Domino "Trust, In Love" (1983)
24 - Angela Werner "Won't You Be My Lover" (1981)
25 - Mazarati "Strawberry Lover" (1987)
26 - The System "Find It In Your Eyes" (1983)
27 - Gloria Ann Taylor "Love Is a Hurtin' Thing" (12" Version) (197X)
28 - Kalima "Where Is The Sunshine" (1981)

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

DJ Rat-Ward Vol 013

"Grown Soft" Lo-fi Soft Rock & Adult Pop Mixtape 1976 - 1985
Anti-Everything - AE85 - 04/07/2018 - C-60 Format Compiled by Gary Stevens aka DJ Rat-Ward


Side A:
01 - Bemouré "You'll Never Know" (1976)
02 - Joyce "Do You Want" (1985)
03 - Melanie "I'll Get You" (198X)
04 - Jivi Honk And The Attachements "Stepp'n Out" (1984)
05 - Flyer "Get Back Your Love" (1983)
06 - Jimmy Patrick "I've Been Worried" (1981)
07 - Chris Gilbey "Moonlight Lady" (1980)
08 - TR's Hot Ice "Hot Ice" (1976)

Side B:
09 - Double Jay TC "Party Busters" (1983)
10 - Antomar "Hawaiian Excursion" (1985)
11 - Magic Power "Walking Down The Street" (1983)
12 - White Fire "Don't Lock Away Your Love" (1980)
13 - Byron "too Much" (1985)
14 - Kronic Flux "All Of My Love" (197X)
15 - Brigitte Carole "Baby, I Always Love You" (1982)
16 - Goad "To Mars With You" (1984)

Saturday, April 7, 2018

JOHN WIESE 04.12-04.13 Performance, Artist Talk, Screening

 SEDIMENT Presents:


THU 04.12.2018
Artist talk, noon, $0, The Depot, 831 W Broad St
Film screening, 8pm, $5-$10, Sediment, 208 E Grace St

FRI 04.13.2018
Performance, 9pm-11pm, $7-$15, Sediment, 208 E Grace St

"John Wiese has become a highly respected figure, both in the academic world of contemporary sound art as well as within the international experimental music underground. His music ranges from the serene and sublime to the frenetic and irregular, a sign of his ability to adapt and utilize a plethora of sounds to build captivating aural works. As a performer and recording artist, his expertise in composition, texture, and experimentation with sound is not restricted to work under his own name. Wiese is also known for his influential grind/noisecore band Sissy Spacek, extreme electronics unit LHD, and for his numerous collaborations with some of the finest experimental artists from around the world. He is also an accomplished visual and graphic artist with a long list of exhibitions and printed materials published across the globe. " -Anthology Film Archives

Join us Thursday, April 12th at noon at The Depot for an artist talk by Wiese.

Later in the evening of April 12th at 8pm at Sediment, Wiese will present eight films that incorporate elements of documentation, narrative, and abstraction, using image, sound, and often silence, to create a visual score for both real and imagined sound.

Friday, April 13th, don't miss a live performance by Wiese, with opening act, local Steven Ashby. Doors at 8:30, sounds at 9pm. $7-$15

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rat-Ward Radio #011

!!! RAT-WARD RADIO UPDATE !!! Hey all, just a quick note for the folks who've been asking what happened to Rat-Ward Radio. I'm sad to announce that WCLM 1450 AM has closed it doors and the show has been subsequently canceled. But worry not! Rat-Ward Radio will be back in April 2018 as a monthly podcast. In the meantime please enjoy Episode 011 featuring some of my favorite tracks in heavy rotation over the last couple of months. Thanks for your support, More soon! 

Rat-Ward Radio - Episode 011
Sunday February 11th 2018 

01 - Attrition "Dilemma" (1982)
02 - Bernard C "A Iche La Mo" (1985)
03 - Bernard C "8000 Hz *" (1985)
04 - Dr. Fish "Flere Sanger Om Indianere Og Eskimoer" (1983)
05 - Melanie "I'll Get You" (198?)
06 - UKW "Oslokai" (1980)
07 - (Lady) Liz "Make Your Future Come Right Now" (1982)
08 - The Chocolate Grinders "People With Leukaemia" (1981)
09 - Minnie And The Underfunk "Lover Baby" (1988)
10 - D-Void "Colours" (1982)
11 - The Jones Sisters "Step By Step" (1983)
12 - The August Sons "You Taste So Good To Me" (1989)
13 - The System "Vampirella" (1983)
14 - Roland Young "I Believe In You" (1987)
15 - Greg Mason "Bonnie and Clyde" (1986)
16 - Naffi-Locksman "We Are Willing" (1985)
17 - Bilal Sabir "Changes" (1978)
18 - Antoinette "Now You're Gone" (1985)
19 - Mappa Mundi "Sexafari" (1990)
20 - Al Rose Trio "Drum Talk" (1972)
21 - The Broomfields "Boomerang" (1980)
22 - The League Of Gentlemen "Minor Man" (1981)
23 - Jivi Honk And The Attachements "Stepp'n Out" (1984)
24 - Anita Lina "Komm Und Verlieb Dich In Mich" (198?)
25 - Antonella Forte "Quattro Lune" (1981)
26 - Maximum Joy "All Wrapped Up!" (1982)
27 - Ramona Knirps "Fear" (2014)
28 - Atlantis Transit Project "Fugleperspektiv - Bird Perspective" (1989)
29 - Mr. Maxted "Conditioned" (1984)
30 - Brother Ah "Love Piece" (1972)