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Gary Stevens recording discography

I've been meaning to do this for some time now. List based mostly on what I have in my own collection. still some holes to fill, forgotten submissions, unfinished works and new releases to come. I'll try to keep this updated.

Gary Stevens recordings discography 1992-2009


Jermflux "I Am The Lord Of The Wasteland Demo" Cassette C60 (USA) 1992

Jermflux "Jermflux Demo" Cassette C60 one side (USA) 1992

No-fi "No-fi Vomitron" Cassette C60 one side (USA) 1994

No-fi "No Track Demo" Cassette C30 (USA) 1995

No-fi "Hi-fi, lo-fi, NO-FI!" Cassette C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE0 1996

No-fi "Generation Loss" Cassette C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE1 1997

No-fi "Demonstration Cassette" Recycled Cassette Anti-Everything (USA) #AE3 1998

Netenyahoo "Superficial Struggle" Cassette C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE5 1998

No-fi "Satanic Genetics" C60 one sided Hairy Scary Nipples Productions (Canada) 1999

No-fi "Discography" Vol. 1 CDR Breathmint Records (USA) #BM009 2000

A.S.D. "Indeterminate Without Respect To Performance" Cassette C30 Freedom From (USA) 2000

No-fi "Demo 2001" CDR (USA) 2001

No-fi "Volume 0" CDR Anti-Everything (USA) #AE26 2001

A.S.D. "Mind Pollution Color Scheme"Cassette C20 Hospital Productions (USA) #HOS-66 2001

No-fi "Discography" Vol. 1 Remastered Edition CDR Breathmint Records (USA) #BM018 2002

No-fi "Discography" Vol. 2 CDR Breathmint Records (USA) #BM021 2002

Secret Language Cassette C60 A.E.N (USA) #AE39 2003

A.S.D. CDR A.E.N (USA) #AE40 2003

No-fi "Live at Rat-Ward Fest 2004" Vol. 1 CDR A.E.N./Sonic Kitchen Of Love (USA) #AE41 2005

Palm Trees "Flat Apes" Cassette C30 F.L.A. Records and Tapes (USA) #FLA004 2006

Palm Trees Cassette Duo "Skull Full of Holes" C30 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore002 2007

Palm Trees "Skull Full of Holes/Flat Apes" (re-issue) CDR A.E.N. (USA) #AE49 2008

Garydactyl "3000 Year Old Battery" Cassette C10 A.E.N (USA) #AE51 2008

Head Molt "Struggle Jams" Cassette C12 Flish (USA) #Flish008 2008

Head Molt "Police Dhajaal" Cassette C22 A.E.N. (USA) #AE54 2008

Head Molt "Black Cube of the Old Covenant" Recycled Cassette C90 Obelisk Sounds (USA) #OBE060 2009

Head Molt "Mass Mind Overscum" Cassette C10 Heavy Psych (USA) #HP40 2009


A Sonic Deterrent/Netenyahoo split Cassette C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE8 1999

A Sonic Deterrent/Moz split 7inch EP Anti-Everything (USA) #AE001 1999

A Sonic Deterrent/Prurient split Cassette C60 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE14 1999

A Sonic Deterrent/Monobrain split C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE15 1999

A Sonic Deterrent/The Violet Grind split Cassette C30 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE16 1999

Netenyahoo/Anal Roberts split Cassette C60 Hairy Scary Nipples Pro ductions (Canada) 1999

Vomitron/Oral Roberts split Cassette C60 Hairy Scary Nipple Pro ductions (Canada) 1999

A.S.D./Kadef split Cassette C60 A.E.N. (USA) #AE21 2000

A Sonic Deterrent/Vita Verbum Lux split 7inch EP Anti-Everything/Spasmaparapsychotic Records (USA/Canada) #AE002 2000

A.S.D./Napalmed split Cassette C60 Abnormal Tapes (Slovenia) #ANT049 1999

A.S.D./Prurient "Hunt In Couples" split 7inch EP A.E.N./Hospital Productions (USA) #AE003 2001

No-fi/Outermost split CDR A.E.N. (USA) #AE24 2001

No-fi/Ames Sanglantes split CDR A.E.N. (USA) #AE25 2001

A.S.D./Vok split CDR A.E.N. (USA) #AE30 2001

A.S.D./Autio-Ethik/Newton/Keith E. Stetson (Collaboration) "Lost Glasses" CDR Breathmint Records (USA) #BM15 2001

No-fi & Newton "N Squared" Vol. 2 Cassette C60 Breathmint Records (USA) #BM46 2002

New-Fi (No-fi & Newton Collaboration) "Tenants of Bad Tape Culture" Cassette C30 A.E.N. (USA) #AE33 2001

No-fi/The Tenth Key/Ninja Death Squad split CDR Magnacarta (USA) #Magnacarta003 2002

Bed/Josh Lay split Cassette C30 - Husk Records (USA) #H046 2006

Head Molt/Zack Kouns split Cassette C24 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore 001 2006

Head Molt/Depraved Heart Crime split Cassette C30 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore003 2006

Head Molt/Social Junk split Cassette C21 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore004 2007

Head Molt/Child Bride split Cassette C47 Teenage Whore Tapes (USA) #Whore028 2007

Head Molt/Child Bride split Cassette C47 (re-issue) A.E.N. (USA) #AE53 2008

Palm Trees Cassette Duo/Legless split Cassette C32 MT5 Tapes (USA) #MT500002 2008

Funhead (Head Molt & Fun) Funhead CDR Breathmint Records (USA) #BM 2009

Headfun (Head Molt & Fun) Headfun CDR Breathmint Records (USA) #BM 2009

Head Molt/Lazy Magnet "Charmed Life" split 7 inch EP Flish Records (USA) #Flish 20 2009


"Splurge" Cassette C60/'zine Anti-Everything (USA) #AE2 1998 No-fi

"All Kindsa Noise" Cassette C90 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE4 1999 No-fi, Sonic Deterrents,
Netenyahoo, Clinton's Dick...ATTACK!!!, Vomitron)

"Noise Conglomerate" Vol. 1 Cassette C90 Anti-Everything (USA) #AE 1999 A Sonic Deterrent

"Neus 318 Compilation 6" CDR Neus 318 (Japan) #Neu019 1999 A Sonic Deterrent

"Terra Incognita" Cassette C60/'zine Hoogwater (Holland) 1999 No-fi

"Tyranny Of Noise" Cassette C60 The Violet Product (USA) 1999 A Sonic Deterrent

"Anti-Rascist Action" Cassette C90 Skeletor Records (USA) 1999 Vomitron, Netenyahoo, A
Sonic Deterrent

"Hellbox Recordings International Noise Compilation" CDR Hellbox Recordings (USA) 1999 A
Sonic Deterrent

"Fighting Godzilla with a Squirt Gun Complilation" Vol. 1 Cassette C60 Fighting Godzilla (USA) 1999

"Dilatazioni" Vol. 5 Cassette C60 Rarefazioni Uterine (Italy) #R.U.dd38 2000 A Sonic Deterrent

"Ants On A Log" Cassette C90x2 Hospital Productions (USA) #HOS-37 2000 No-fi, Netenyahoo

"All Purpose Compilation" CDR Sunship Records (USA) #Sunsixteen 2000 A Sonic Deterrent

"International Association Of Sound" Vol. 4 CDR Amendment Records (USA) 2000 No-fi, A
Sonic Deterrent, Netenyahoo

"R.O.G. No. 11" CDR/'zine Odd Prod (USA) 2000 A.S.D.

"Time Capsule" Vol. 2 Cassette C60 F.D.R. Recordings (USA) #125 2000 A Sonic Detergent

"Time Capsule" Vol. 3 Cassette C60 F.D.R. Recordings (USA) #128 2000 A Sonic Deterrent

"Difficult Music For Difficult People" CD RRs.R (Belgium) 2000 No-fi, A Sonic Deterrent

"Microcassettor" Vol. 1 CDR A.E.N./Sounds From The Pocket (USA) #AE28/PS 2001 No-fi, Gary Stevens

"Tapes Have More Personality" Cassette Scrotum Records (Belgium) 2001

"Body Clock" CDRx2 Mandarangan Recordings (USA) 2001 A Sonic Deterrent

"Two Ducks On A Truck" - CDRx2 Hospital Productions (USA) #HOS-65 2001 No-fi, A Sonic Deterrent

"Infra-Red Healing" 3 inch CDR (with Art Fag'zine #1) Hospital Productions (USA) 2001 A Sonic Deterrent

"Supersonic Sounds Of The Fuck You Generation" CD C.N.P. Records (USA) #CNPR3 2001 Abstract Surveilance Disthetic

"Anomalous Silencer" #5 CD/'zine Napalmed (Czech Republic) 2001 A Sonic Deterrent

"Virginia Is Still for Lovers" CDRx2 Amendment Records (USA) 2002 No-fi

"Difficult Music For Difficult People" Vol. 2 CDR RRs.R (Belgium) 2002 No-fi, A.S.D.

"Dark Assembly" Vol.2 CD Norvagoth (USA) 2002 No-fi

"Quiet Noise" CDR Sounds From The Pocket (USA) #PS7 20XX Secret Language

"When You Find Yourself Feed It Poison" Vol. 1 CDR Satan Rock (USA) 2005 No-fi

"Husk Records Compilation #3" Cassette C92 Husk Records (USA) 2008 Bed

"Head Molt meets No-fi, Social Junk, Radioshock, Mugu Guymen, Zack Kouns Live @ Eyedrum"
DVDR Sounds From The Pocket (USA) #PS33 2007 No-fi, Head Molt

"Inyerface" Vol. 1 DVDR Sounds From The Pocket (USA) 2009 No-fi


Sprawl "Satan's Discotheque" Cassette C60 (Effluvum Productions) 1995

Anus Grin "Limitations on the Cloning Perspective...." CDR/'zine Anti-Everything (USA) #AE10 1999

Autio-Ethik Cassette c60x2/'zine Anti-Everything (USA) #AE18 2000

Autio-Ethik "Christian Fiction" CDR A.E.N. (USA) #AE27 2001

Eugenics Council "live 2001" VHS (USA) 2002

Cock E.S.P. "Tenth Anniversary Tour" DVDR Sunship (USA) #Sun41 2003

Mr. Brain Sander "Craigslist" Cassette C26 A.E.N. (USA) #AE56 2008 Head Molt

still working on this.....

Friday, October 2, 2009

intimate rager

RVA! Fry Day OCT 2nd 10PM - LAZY MAGNET - EVIL SPIRITS - NOTHINGBERRY PLASMA @ lil' Baghdad. If you know someone who may know where this is you better hit them up! GAS MONEY???? It's like that!