Tuesday, August 3, 2004

RAT WARD festival AUG 5-AUG 8

EVENT: Rat-Ward’s outsider music festival..."Noisestock" 2004.

DATES: August 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th...4 days of peace, noise and enlightenment!

PERFORMERS: Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment, Unicorn Hard-On, Mouth Pet, This Song Is A Mess But So Am I, Girl Talk, Hearts Of Darknesses, Catheter Stretch, Crayola Filth, Bunny Brains, Zom Zoms, Yip-Yip, Dan Deacon, Cairo Wings...regional acts such as: Mix Tape For Adrian, Jonathan Coward, Kid Camaro, Khate, Feralcatscan, Slide Of Hand...and many many more! *See below for full line up / itinerary.

TIME: 7PM until 3AM...we will start on time and stuff will be going on all night.

COST: FREE! (suggested donation is $3/night...no one turned away for lack of funds!)

VENUE : Rat-Ward 22 S. Mallory St. Hampton VA. 23663 floor 2 (above Bender’s Books) email: rahkasha[at]yahoo.com web: http://ratward.net

Thr AUG 5th[day 1]

[ 8:00 ]......CASH SLAVE CLIQUE

[ 8:30 ]......DOOR

[ 9:00 ]......SOCIAL JUNK

[ 9:45 ]......BYRON HOUSE

[ 10:30 ]....UNICORN HARD-ON


[ 12:00 ]....MIX TAPE FOR ADRIAN

[ 12:45 ]....MOUTH PET

[ 1:15 ]......CATHETER STRETCH


Fri AUG 6th [day 2]

[ 8:00 ]......GHOSTS N' GOBLINS

[ 8:30 ]......MDUB

[ 9:00 ]..... POWERBANE


[ 9:45 ]......GIRL TALK

[ 10:15 ]....TIERMANN / TALIBAM

[ 10:45 ]....SLIDE OF HAND


[ 12:00 ]....MIKE BELL and...

[ 12:45 ]....FERALCATSCAN


Sat AUG 7th [day 3]

[ 8:00 ]......TENTH KEY

[ 8:30 ]......JONATHAN COWARD

[ 9:15 ]...... CAIRO WINGS

[ 9:30 ]......DAN DEACON

[ 10:15 ]....YIP-YIP

[ 11:00 ]....ZOM ZOMS

[ 11:45 ]....BUNNY BRAINS

[ 12:30 ]....ART LORD and the SELF PORTRAITS

[ 1:15 ]......NO-FI

[ 1:45 ]......JOIYA

Sun AUG 8th [day 4]

[ 7:30 ]......LEE LEWIS and his ORCHESTRA

[ 8:00 ]......FLASHRAM

[ 8:30 ]......2673

[ 9:00 ]......MULTIPLE CATS

[ 9:30 ]......KID CAMARO

[ 10:15 ]....KHATE

[ 11:00 ]....AMANDA ROGERS





- Q: what kind of music is it?

- A: Outsider music means too intense/edgy/weird/experimental/artsy for mass consumption. stuff like noise music, avant-garde rock, new (now) wave, acid punk, lo-fi, electro acoustic, synth pop, sound collage, deconstructed dance music, plunderphonics, noise core, power electronics and any music that is difficult to describe...sounds that blur the lines between popular culture, art movements and D.I.Y. (do it yourself) ethics. See below for a full list of the performers and more about what they do...check out their websites/mp3s for more details. (just because you've never heard of it dont mean that it's no good, check them out and see for yourself...dare to be suprised!)

- Q: What is the Rat-Ward?

- A: a.k.a. 757Noise house. It's not a night club/sports bar...It is a non-profit, grassroots, D.I.Y. venue and our home...an alliance between the tenants of our apartment building to have shows and make music...the usual spot for so called experimental music and noise in our area....simply because no other local venues will host such events! All shows are FREE...we collect donations for the out of town bands...suggested donation is $3. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds...ever! bring your $3 just in case we ask (we will!)

Located in Hampton VA...15 minutes from Norfolk/Newport News, 30 minutes from VA Beach/Williamsburg, an hour away from Richmond, a few hours from D.C./Baltimore/Rocky Mount...not as far away as you may think (address above).

* NOISE? yes..."noise"...in a broad sense, but that's not all we are into...the Rat-Ward is an open forum for indie artists of any genre and we host a wide variety of music here.

***Disclaimer: Not originally intended be an actual fest, but why not? so many great bands wanna play this weekend it just kinda became a festival on its own!

JAPANESE KARAOKE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENT - Providence, RI (Breathmint) way out space noise from the electric kingdom. spastic drums and syntheffectnoise battle con! http://www.japanesekaraoke.yoitsren.com

UNICORN HARD-ON - Philly PA (Breathmint) bleep-bop...good noises you can dance to! "Defiant music for yr Retarded dance party. Be Her Lover! Or at least love her hot jams." http://www.breathmint.net

CASH SLAVE CLIQUE - Baltimore/D.C. (Sounds from the Pocket) Baltimore's new improv noise rock super group! members from: 36, Spaceship Panic Orbit, Sheer Terror... http://www.cashslaveclique.com/

SOCIAL JUNK - West Virginia...Social Junk is a six-armed electronic, buzzing, flashing, geewhizbang of a band from Cross Lanes, WV. Diane - bs/vx Noa - gtr/vx, Neko - dms/vx. Social Junk isn’t like any other band you’ve heard before. Listening to Social Junk is always exciting, thanks to Social Junk’s amazing electronic brain! Watch tension mount as Social Junk ticks down the seconds with their flashing lights and push-button action! Social Junk is so advanced that observing a Social Junk entertainment extravaganza requires lightning fast reflexes and quick thinking! Social Junk is so irresistible and fascinating that soon you’ll be going to all the shows, so you can witness the six-armed addictive action apparatus! Social Junk is laser-fast fun for the whole family! http://www.socialjunk.net/

MIX TAPE FOR ADRIAN - VA Beach/Norfolk...avant-dance-tronics http://myspace.com/mixtapeforadrian

DOOR - New Jersey...experimental / noise

GHOSTS N' GOBLINS- Atwood, TN (Alamagator) experimental / noise. members of: Catheter Stretch and friends.
idiot humans with noisemakers VS defective thrift store fog machine VS idiot humans with noisemakers


MOUTH PET - TN (Alamagator) static beats! stoned nightmares! digital chaos! http://www.alamagator.com/

BYRON HOUSE – Florida (Cephia’s Treat) all out noisy two man fucked up roise rock duo. members of Hepatitis Youth and Russian Tsarcasm http://cephiastreat.com

MYLES OF DESTRUCTION - Philly PA (Worldeater) “Dark, feedback-induced noise with eerie—yet tasteful--violin stylings...no-wave with a twisted, confrontational style like Neurosis” – Punk Planet http://www.angelfire.com/darkside/mylesofdestruction/

THIS SONG IS A MESS BUT SO AM I - L.A. (Mattress/Oedipus) mixes elements of noise with electro, IDM, synthpop and dance music deconstruction with vocals. Using crashing synthesizers, drum machines in a state of disarray, blasts of white noise, and morose lyrics, the one man project of This Song Is A Mess But So Am I paints a vulgar picture of life. Twenty year old Freddy Ruppert has been playing out as This Song Is A Mess But So Am I since May of 2003, and this January saw the release of a split 7" with Xiu Xiu. Mixing the electronic music styles of noise, electro, and IDM with the urgency of punk, he creates a very bizarre brand of anxiety filled synthpop. His songs are very personal, honest and bring a heavy emotional weight to electronic music. His live shows are known for being filled with the bursting energy of a nervous breakdown. http://www.thissongisamess.com

GIRL TALK – Cleveland OH Pittsburg PA (Illegal Art) glitched out top 40 muzak, whack rhymes, dancing and fun!... “gratuitous sampling and pinched beats from Cleveland/Pittsburgh top 40 glitch artist Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis). imagine The Jackson 5 riding pink unicorns on digital heroin through a rainbow of pure emotion. it's hotter than your kid sister's truth vs. dare antics. the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Jay-Z, Destiny's Child and C&C Music Factory all crammed into intricate mixes of musical magic. this is the slumber party that will make kid606 look like an amateur pillow tosser. already a hit in japan!” http://girl-talk.net

HEARTS OF DARKNESSES- Cleveland OH (Schematic) off-kilter beats jabbing you in the sides and awkward shrieks coming from every direction. It certainly makes you wanna shake that dirty thing all around.http://www.heartsofdarknesses.com

POWERBANE – Cleveland OH... Andrew Strazzer aka Powerbane (aka Andriu, LA Nights, Nacht Tresor, Wet Virginia, Busch, Noel) has been an integral part of Cleveland Connect (Girl Talk, Hearts of Darknesses, Drop the Lime, So Red) since its inception 4 years ago....he has been responsible for some of the most fucked up performances that are often one time only, and definately one of a kind. He just recently returned from a 6 month photo project in Germany , where he also assisted with a documentary on castle ruins and bonfire parties and did marketing for a sculptor called "q tub dream cruiser". Many of his visual art projects have been turned down for being weird, such as with surface magazine, who rejected his photographs of dudes in jnco jeans smoking weed. Along with having toured with Cleveland Connect, Powerbane has shared stages with Black Dice, Add n to x, Nautical Almanac, the SSION, and Aelters, to name a few.

MIKE BELL and... - Baltimore MD (AEN) loud noisy improv rock! member of Temple Of Bon Matin, The Dirt, Billy Syndrome, Jennifer Blowdryer, etc. http://www.geocities.com/sonickitchenoflove/index2.html

FERALCATSCAN - Newport News, VA atmospheric sound collage artist. mysterious noise scapes, drones and swells. http://feralcatscan.com

MDUB - Brooklyn, NY "most of the time,when a band comes along sounding a mess like these barbarians do, we turn up our noses. But not just anyone can do fucked-up with the right combination of spirit and determination, and we think this Duo-at times coming off like a cross between Beat Happening and Vertical Slit-may know something it isn't telling us" - Time Out New York http://mdub.com

CATHETER STRETCH - Atwood, TN (Alamagator) harsh, extreme noise given bunny ears and a dirty sanchez. a disgrace to "serious" experimental music. http://www.alamagator.com/

acid punk noise veterans...back to their original line-up BUNNYBRAINS 88! include(s) former members of Sonic Youth, Plant & Page, Great White, Vatican Commandos, etc.... BB's have won an international reputation for annoying & entertaining many dozens of people, sometimes all at once. In fact, Adam Yauch of the the Beastie Boys was recently quoted in a trade advertisement as saying that the Bunny Brains were one of his earliest influences. The Bunny Brains are perhaps best known for their stint last autumn blowing Sebadoh off the stage night after night. They weren't opening for Sebadoh, they were just blowing them off the stage... http://bunnybrains.com

ZOM ZOMS – Austin TX (Instincto) freaky rockin new wave synth punk! (Bright, space-aged 80's style music.) "Zom Philmapster and Zoms Frenchman have been living and making music together for the past 7 years. Zom, a retired encyclopedia salesman, met Zoms when he took a job as a pizza delivery driver. Obsessed with the similarity of their first names, the two became fast friends and soon discovered their common love for the musical arts...http://www.tubezomzoms.com/

YIP-YIP – Florida...experimental electronic duo. "They must be seen to be believed" is the sort of caveat that's typically applied to shitty music, but Yip-Yip makes a great racket that stands up well on it's own. However, in the full-context of their Jawa-as-hostpital attendant outfits, relentlessly swaying stage presence and keyboards-as-beating-victims aggression accompanying their fractured futurama funk, Yip-Yip really are a sight to behold." http://www.yip-yip.com/

ART LORD & THE SELF PORTRAITS - Greenville NC new wave art miscreants! synth pop meets lo-fi. http://ideasforhousecrafts.com

NO-FI - Hampton VA (AEN/Breathmint) very noisy deconstructed hardcore punk rock!

DAN DEACON - Baltimore MD (Standard Oil) "Absurdist Composer and Electronic Musician, Dan Deacon, is based in Westchester New York. Splitting his output into two major sections, live performance and composition, Dan has been both completing his MFA in Composition and performing his song-based electronic music through New York area with is messy table of fancy electronic whosit and howsthat...His performance and compositional techniques shows strong influences from the Fluxus Movement, Italian Futurism, Performance Art, Spiderman, Absurdism, and the current movement in underground rock. While maintaining a constant performance and tour schedule Dan has spent most of his time working on pieces for brass ensemble, string quartet, solo cello, solo study and his study in mid and high frequency sine waves." http://www.dandeacon.com/

CAIRO WINGS - New York...insane audio deconstructions! members of Nuclear Power Pants. http://www.bxxxxzt.com/

JOIYA – Eastpointe MI...a performance ensemble consisting of cello, violin, guitar, and drums. http://www.purevolume.com/joiya

JONATHAN COWARD - Norfolk Va...electro acoustic music...home made electronics, minimalism, drone, whatever you want to call it.

KHATE - Newport News...Khate makes electronic music which she has given up trying to name, genre-wise. Current major influences include: bells, Godzilla, vinyl static, the weather, ultradistorted kick drums, graphic files opened as raw PCM, loss, cicadas, dub, microsounds, thunderstorms, 50's monster movie scores, and mixed peppercorns... http://khate.org

THE PHILLIP MICHAEL THOMAS SEARCH PARTY - Hampton VA...noise / grind absurdists from Hampton, VA and beyond. http://tpmtsp.theminusmen.com/

MULTIPLE CATS - D.C./Richmond VA crazy! http://www.myspace.com/multiplecats

2673 – New Jersey (Kittyplay) experimental noise. http://2673.org

FLASHRAM - New Jersey...experimental noise. http://flashram.cjb.net/

AMANDA ROGERS - New York (Immigrant Sun) Amanda plays beautiful music with her piano, her sincere lyrics, and her burning voice. http://amandaspiano.com

SLINGSHOT DAKOTA - Long Island NY (Immigrant Sun) indie rock/pop http://slingshotdakota.com

LEE LEWIS and his ORCHESTRA - Smithfeild VA (Valiant Death) http://www.valiantdeath.com/

JESUS CHRIST MOTORCYCLE – Newport News VA...space rock psyche noise.

THE DIRK BENEDICT EXPERIENCE – Newport News VA...insane improv!