Thursday, August 28, 2003

VA people!

can anyone help us distribute Ratward flyers in and around the Tidewater
VA area? i can email you the fliers to be copied or parcel you a handful
to pass around. THANKS!


Sunday, August 10, 2003

anti everything noise conglomerate existential boredom rat ward aen

-- Camp AE news: AUGUST 2003 --

hello all! sorry for long silence...too many inquiries to ignore....lots
of info below!

Anti-Everything label update - Noise Comp Noise Comp: Vol.5 - Exist.Bore
zine #2 -
more upcoming AE releases - Rat Ward shows - Recent show reports - Web
stuff -

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available from AE:

- HERMIT "Urban Myth Vs. Common Knowledge" CD
- PRURIENT / A.S.D. split 7"
- VITA VERBUM LUX / A.S.D. split 7" *
- RATS WITH WINGS "Ratified Loopholes" CDR *
- MIKE BELL "fuzzfreebeatlust" CDR
- 36 "Spin" CDR
- NO-FI "Volume Zero" CDR
- VOK / A.S.D. split CDR *

* very limited please write first!
all items handmade to order- available exclusively from AE-mailorder.

each item: $4 ppd usa $5 ppd world
well concealed cash,check or money order made out to: Gary Stevens

22 S.Mallory St. #1 Hampton,VA 23663 usa

Noise Conglomerate Vol.5

99 track audio CD featuring:

7000 Dying Rats "Your Studied Indifference Is Duly Noted" (Illinois)
Adam Chao "Chinese Standoff" (New York)
Alien Lovers In Amagasaki "Windows 1.0"(Japan)
Allun "Hini" (Italy)
Ames Sanglantes "Eat This!" (Quebec)
Andy Au Go Go "Delicious Erb" (California)
Anne Drogyness "Know it's girl you (homage to Milli Vanilli)" (New York)
Arm "mio" (Norway)
Artificial Memory Trace "You Know" (Ireland)
Bastard Noise "FZ.41.999" (California)
Battery Operated "Clicki Reso" (France)
Big City Orchestra "Kettle1" (California)
Birchville Cat Motel "Cock Rock Alienation" (New Zealand)
Black Leather Jesus "Phone Sex" (Texas)
Carlos Giffoni "Thong Serpentina" (Florida)
Carnal Hedon Coitus "pillowtalk" (Pennsylvania)
Cock E.S.P. "We Hate Everything" (Minnesota)
Cornucopia "Communication Control Comitee" (Puerto Rico)
Courtis "......................" (Argentina)
creed of Fire "Reagan is dead and were having a party" (Sweden)
creed of Water "Universal Blood" (Sweden)
Daniel Menche "And A Insect Shall Lead Them" (Oregon)
Daniele Brusaschetto "Ferita Da Punta" (Italy)
Daruin "Song for Zetton" (Japan)
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (France)
Death Squad "Purgatory Six" (California)
Department Of Experimental Health "Anthem of the Millennium of the New
Mind" (Sweden)
Diagram:A "Neweesa shhoklf" (Massachusetts)
Earwigs "Rock and Roll" (Washington)
Eeyow Karoom (England)
Ene "What annoys our customers the most? Their own Ignorance" (Virginia)
Ernesto-Diaz Infante "11.5.02" (California)
Eugenics Council "Robot" (Missouri)
Facialmess "The Giant Hogweed Lives!" (Japan)
Fckn'Bstrds "'k heb godverdommme een jaar moete wachte" (Holland)
Found Sound (Virginia)
Gasolineman "Metal Balloon Music" (Japan)
Gerritt (Washington)
Glands Of External Secretion "Smoot Heater" (California)
Government Alpha "Infirmity" (Japan)
Guilty Connector "Easy" (Japan)
Hamartia Brady "Fishin' Buddies" (Connecticut)
Haters "The Thinking Ross Did" (California)
Hermit "Danse Aveugle" (Sweden)
Humanextermination Project "Mars Polar Surveyor" (California)
Irene Moon "Diplopitta" (Kentucky)
Joshua Norton Cabal "Stupid Monkey" (Scotland)
K2 "Red Explosion In Kaprun" (Japan)
K2 with Hyware "Destro-mixed Ramdomized" (Japan)
Kazumoto Endo "...the door is locked just you and me..." (Japan)
Kimihide Kusafuka "holy humble hymens" (Japan)
KK Null (Japan)
Lasse Marhaug (Norway)
L-Drik "Zo Snel" (Belgium)
Lefthandeddecision "Morning After Second Bliss" (California)
Lonnie Methe "An Introduction to the Anti-Rock" (Nebraska)
Macroprurient "Mother Eats Daughter" (Massachusetts/Rhode Island)
Mammal "Torpor End" (Michigan)
Meerk Puffy "Glad to be itching (B2)" (Rhode Island)
Micronympha "American Fun part 8" (California)
Miguel Tomasin "Un Bonto Surido" (Argentina)
Moncho Conlazo "Free Cotorra" (Argentina)
Monobrain & Noisebitch "Brakselstremmers" -excerpt (Holland)
Mr. Mlitter "MWalker" (Michigan)
Never Presence Forever "The Putrid Guise of Innovation" (Virginia)
New Port "Anti-Gary" (Minnesota)
Newton -no title (Pennsylvania)
NMAXMS "Robot Eating a Pinecone Pt.7" (New Hampshire)
Noise Nomads -no title (Rhode Island)
Nuclear Pig Shit "Tulameric Shaver" (Wisconsin)
Outermost "Human Stupid" (Japan)
Palsecam Vs. Job Karma -no title (Poland)
Panicsville Up (to here) With People" (Illinois)
Paul Harrison "The super last fucked up second of your life" (England)
Philipp Wolokitn "ear candy" (Russia)
Princess Dragon Mom "Zipper In The Sky" (Michigan)
Prurient "Mother Of The Clean Steps" (Rhode Island)
Radiosonde "41.376" (California)
Raphaela Bunny (Connecticut)
Rats With Wings "Off Your Face" (Australia)
Reverb "Khoonztidurjogoetnabeycheebaibutohkoneksundalpandifuckanathan"
Reynols "Masiamo un Mosco" (Argentina)
S.Isabelle "Aggravation" (Japan)
Seasonal Affect "Freak When See" (New York)
Sewer Election "When Uranium Comes Ripping" (Sweden)
Sickness "Seconds from Nothing" (Massachusetts)
State Public Defender "Monkey Teeth" (Wisconsin)
Sudden Infant "Kroesamoesa 1" (Switzerland)
Suppression "The Peeper" (Virginia)
T.E.F. "Pimping End Of Tuberculosis" (Texas)
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie "Fixing a glass bottle with a sledgehammer"
Tore.H.Boe 'Lasse -Portrait of a cereal killer" (Norway)
Towering "Filaments" (California)
Unconditional Loathing "Reality Intrusion" (Minnesota)
Viodre "Fourty-second Second" (New York)
Vok "vok4" -extended (United Kingdom)
Xome "(kushami)" (California)
Zerosum "Liquid Engineer" (Texas)
Zombi "Massive Mirrors" (Kentucky)

Available SEPT 2003

Noise Conglomerate Vol.4
Part two in a series of 99 track audio CDs.
(track list and release date TBA, if you do not see your submission
listed above it will most likely appear on Vol.4)

* I attempted to release both volumes together,but will have to issue
each separately...also note that the track art booklet will now be an
online gallery.

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existential boredom :

Exist.Bore: An irregularly published micro-anthology of underground
comics,mail art,noise culture and other randomness...anything from the
abusurd to the avant garde. Printed atleast once per year and continually
seeking submissions for possible future issues.

Issue #2: two 24 page xerox booklets (full size and digest)
Available before Sept 03
Random works by: Marc Van Elburg,Kapreles,Leslie Q,Yarnicnoff,Clemente
Padin,Ruggero Maggi,Pascal Lenoir,Scott Thompson,Rael,Dan Buck,John M.
Bennett,Mary Knott & Beppi,Todd Emmert,Major Dust,Sean Whatever,Marcel
Herms,Rora & Dobrica Kamperelic,and Malok.

Issue #3: (format/size TBA)
Available before 2004
G.X. Jupitter-Larsen,Andy Ortmann,Justin Waters,Mark Price,Bertrand
Schwartz,and many more. (all the submission are gathered,awaiting

Submission Guidelines:
All artworks must be hard copy,black & white,no larger than 8.5" x
11",subject to slight resizing. Writing submissions may be sent via email
DEADLINE for Issue #4: FEB 2004. (Sooner is better! Hold off on sending
All contributors get free copy and ad space. ask for details.

Send to:
22 S. Mallory St. #1 Hampton VA 23663 usa


more upcoming AE releases: release dates TBA

THE LOTUS "Version 2.0" -CD
Rz -zine
Villa Ville Kula - Javi's zine

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

RAT WARD space -HVA upcoming shows:



more TBA

Sat NOV 22nd : THE LOTUS ( with NO-fi and more TBA

*all shows are free! suggested donation $3! please come early!
RAT WARD: 22 S. Mallory St. Hampton VA 23663

WANTED: touring bands for fall/winter shows Also:people who would be
interested in showing video,DJs who want to spin between sets,artists who
want to help muralize the space...anyone who can help with
sound/PA...please get in touch!

_ __ _ _ ___ _ __
recent show reports:



After a few technical difficulties Richmond's TO KILL A PETTY BOURGEOISIE
take the floor with some spastic audio cut-up's,blasts of noise
rhythms,and suprise beats!
Up next (and just in time) was The XXO's from Chicago,a total now-wave
psych-out rock jam.
NO-FI played next just to fill the schedule until... EMIL BEAULIAEU
spun,scratched,twitched,tweaked,confused,and convulsed his way through a
very lively set of heavy sound abuse."R...RR...RRR...RRRREY POOOOO he
chanted,in his hands a phonograph record clearly affirming his mantra
with bold white letters painted across the vinyl's black surface "REY
POO".He dicates with his index finger motioning the audience to sing
along..moments later the needle hits record,in the blaring waves of noise
you can barely discern said phrase in the audio,or was it just our
imaginations? After the performance one woman asks Emil "Rape Who?",he
smirkingly replied "I never even thought of that".
More noise followed with a short,dense set of harshness from
Providence,RI's IMMACULATE:GROTESQUE...lots of grinding destruction and
guitar pedal abuse (literally!)
And finally a rather disturbing performance by PRURIENT.Piercing high-end
feedback pulsating intensely, anxiously,building up into a sudden
cathartic blast of pure self-destructive audio violence! His body
flailing a slam-dancing punker on fire! Mere seconds pass
until everything came unplugged,ending the show.... then he quickly ran
out of the building,the crowd cheering and screaming.


Day Three of Temple of Bon Matin's July 4th weekend mini tour! TEMPLE OF

First up was BAYLIE'S BAND bringing thier brand of wierdo jam-out noisy
Boston area garage rock. Next thing you know I found myself in a
daze,admiring the cleverly decorated instruments of TEMPLE OF BON MATIN
as they were setting up.A gentle guitar melody quietly loops through the
air,backed up by swirling synth sounds,like little helicopter leaves
spinning to the ground.My concentration is broken by Leslie Q's voice
shouting across the room at me as she donned her ratted-out pink bunny
ears,she seems to like the four-eyed bunny tattoo idea i scrawled across
her arm in black marker.The two drummers start to slowly brew the sounds
together.A psychedelic orgy of music was underway,drawing us into it's
lush world of colors and patterns,like a misanthropic lullabye.A mystic
wave swells to crash your the wreckage scatter into a
tribalistic acid rock fury. Philly's RADIO ERIS were next.I missed it!
Must've been a quiet set because I did'nt hear a thing.From what I was
told they played some noise damaged folk music and Patti
Smith meets Whitehouse!? New Orleans own Jimmy Cousins took a brief
time-out from his Pudhouse vacation to treat us to a most well timed
SUNTEARS ON THE HILLTOP performance.He set up out on the rooftop and
played his acoustic guitar as the sun set,and later he used a ukulele!
Scheduled performers who could'nt make it: MARY KNOTT,FRED COLLINS,NUMBER
and SCOTT BAILEY. So... why not the death metal sounds of northern VA's
Seventh Gate? NO-FI played next,I don't want to review my own band you
know.And then IGON finished the evening with thier heavy rock bastard


VA Beach's Mix Tape for Adrian went on first...a smooth mix of electronic
beats,samples and electric guitar.Follwed by the amazing synth-rock
sounds of HAPPY SCRAPPY:HERO PUP,laser light show and fog machine
included! Herbie Hancock would be most proud. Harm Stryker was scheduled
to play,but had to leave early. HORTUS played a loud ugly set of bass and
drum noisecore (not drum and bass noisecore!) They pummel us everytime!
IGON played afterwards. Finally NO-FI come across with the usual noise
antics,of course when No-fi play everyone clears the room,Party's Over!


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