Thursday, April 18, 2002

this friday: PCP ROADBLOCK, KOJAK, HORTUS, NO-FI @ Cogan's Instant Art

fri april 19th 10pm 18+ $4
@ Cogan's Instant Art Bar: 1901 Colonial Ave. Norfolk,VA #757-627-6428

PCP ROADBLOCK: totally insane surfy destructo garage noise punk core fight rock mayhem from richmond. it will be spectacle not to be missed!

KOJAK: ex members of Suppression, Sate Yelling Champion, etc...noisy aggro core from richmond on Chaotic Noise Productions.

HORTUS: ex members of Gnob, Experimental Farm, Nobody,etc...psychodelic drum and bass grindcore sludge from richmond/newport news

NO-FI: sonic trash core from hampton,on breathmint records. bring something to throw at them!

Prurient, New(York)Ton, HarmStryker, The No-Fi @ Knitting Factory NYC APRIL 29th

Monday April 29th $5 8pm @ The Knitting Factory

74 Leonard Street New York, NY 10013 #212-219-3006

the flagship project of Hospital Productions....violent conceptual harsh noise by Dom Fernow from Providence, RI

members of Newton, The Lotus, Cock E.S.P, Monotract, ORTHO, Wrong ,etc...gathered for an evening of improvisational antics and noise...brought to you by Mat Rademan of Breathmint Records

members of A Sonic Deterrent, Autio-Ethik, Anus Grin noise rock dressed up for a night of chaos. from Hampton,VA on AEN and Breathmint Records

formerly known as Shuai...pulsating electronics,cut up beats and noise.from Richmond,VA on Crucial Blast

Monday April 29th $5 8pm @ The Knitting Factory
74 Leonard Street New York, NY 10013 #212-219-3006

Friday, April 12, 2002

VAZ & THe No-Fi april 15th @ cogans instant art

Monday April 15th 10pm $4 18+ @ Cogan's Instant Art Bar
1901 Colonial Ave Norfolk Va #757-627-6428

dissonant and loud indie-core ex members of hammerhead,on load records.

local experimental noise rockers from hampton,on breathmint records

plus one more TBA