Sunday, June 16, 2002

Re: june 13th MAMMAL,XOMBI,NO-FI

HA,yeah it was amazing to say the least...

XOMBI one man (mike of Hair Police) and his modified "zombi" guitar (which appeared to have small metal tape measures strung across the pickups) gave us a really physical performance,for example: repeatedly bashing himself in the head with his guitar,stagediving onto the floor,and playing his "strings" with a kitchen knife.the whole while a Misfits tape was playing in the background behind his wall of crunchy feedback harsh noise.not to mention he jumped through the hole in the wall at the Hole In The Wall.great stuff.

MAMMAL was really intense.dark electronic beats and far flung noise manipulation with some really dynamic vocal mic looping going on.creating an overall sound that is simular to hardcore punk meets electronic dance music.very sick! (the 804noise crew would have really enjoyed his set)

NO-FI collaborated with Paul of Hortus and Adam No-Money of SSS churning out a thick wall of violent harsh noise.stage antics included bizarre costumes and members being beaten with a bat and dragged out of the club.i would have been scared if i were not one of the participants.

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