Friday, September 26, 2003

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friday SEPT 26th 7PM ish


THE MILL - no one records Washington state.
electro-grind-industrial-punk-core-noise hybrid.
ex members of Experimental Farm, Nobody, etc.

HORTUS - Richmond,VA. beating the stump that was your head with ugly drum
and bass core. ex members of Gnob.

36 - radon studios Fairfax VA master of percussion and noise. member/ex
member of Spaceship Panic Orbit, Maji, Sheer Terror, Nimrod, No-fi etc.

COTTON & BILLTAWM - members of Acid Mothers Temple from parts unknown.

MINUS MEN - VA beach crusty cock rings, punks and murderers. formerly
known as Pork Flavour.

NO-FI - breathmint records Rat Ward,VA shadow organization of local noise
creeps. tenative appearance.


22 south Mallory St. Hampton,VA 23663 floor 2
all shows are FREE * suggested donation $3

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