Friday, July 9, 2004

Sat Nite! MIKE BELL and.....@ the rat-ward.

757NOISE / AEN / Sonic Kitchen of Love present:

Sat JULY 10th 9PM

MIKE BELL and....
loud noisy improv rock from Baltimore. member of
Temple Of Bon Matin,
The Dirt, Billy Syndrome, Jennifer Blowdryer, etc.
also known as
DJ Herbal Tea. check out his radio show Fridays 8-10
PM on WMBC.>

Baltimore heavy noise rock.

dark droning melodic rock from Hampton VA.

more TBA? open improv session after the show. bring
your toys and get down. hopefully the JESUS CHRIST
MOTOR CYCLE will show up too!


Bands/Labels bring copies of your music for future
radio airplay on WMBC radio, baltimore. TRADES

one more thing!
please bring fans! ice! cool stuff!


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