Tuesday, October 26, 2004

broken glass

it's that type of year again when our half of this world is in a "destructive cycle" (yeah it's fall again)...things begin to fall apart...shit gets smashed...lets call it universal BAD FENG SHUI! it affects us on every level of our being...starting with our surroundings and even infiltrating our personal lives (and minds!)...anyway...i have noticed an unnatural occurence of BROKEN GLASS, i'm probally just nuts (well yeah thats true) but check this out (perhaps you've had simular experiences/perceptions) it started last week, i woke up to the sound of a car wreck on the corner outside of my apartment...SMASH!...broken glass everywhere...the next day a shelf fell off my wall and broke a large glass table top, the day after that a piece of painted glass payne (a beatutiful work of art no less) fell over in the bathroom and shattered all across the floor...the day after that some crazy women was throwing 40's bottles in our alleyway and eventually smashed out our neighbor's windows (our wonderful neighbor Leon)...that was way fucked...the next day...nothing happened...but then the next evening someone smashed out our bathroom window! (we still dont know who done it but we know whoever did either lives in or is friends with someone who lives in this building) but yeah i know glass is something commonly known for breaking...but i have never in my life witnessed so many instances of broken glass in such a short time...im starting to feel like i live in a glass house.

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