Thursday, October 12, 2006

HEAD MOLT / garydactyl

Sept 14th 2006, we recorded a 4-track tape, liked the results and decided to form a new group from that sessions participants..thus HEAD MOLT is born. Joshua Hickey (vocals, feedback, percussion) Robert Guynn (guitar, vocals, contact mics) Leah Peah (percussion, violin) Gary Stevens (contact mics, feedback manipulation, vocals, circuit bends, cassette decks). Split tape with Zack Kouns available soon from Teenage Whore Tapes. We hope to record more and are now planning to play some shows. and of course we have a myspace:

I'm releasing some of my not so harsh or challenging(?)solo works under the guise of GARYDACTYL. I have a few tracks posted and are working on mixing down some more shit. Have a listenin'