Friday, December 8, 2006

!NOISE!NEWS! //unwanted sounds//unwanted information//


::out soon::

Demonologists/Head Molt split tape out soon from  Hung Like A Horse?!

Social Junk/Head Molt split tape (Teenage Whore Tapes)
available when josh gets backs from europe, dec 18th?

Depraved Heart Crime/Head Molt split tape (Teenage Whore Tapes)

track made for a bukkake themed art book/cd comp , details soon i hope. (josh!??!)

Head Molt 30 minute tape for Turgid Animal Records is planned.

Kenji Siratori/Head Molt "BLOOD ELECTRIC" collaboration.
spoken noise/and sounds scapes. very limited high quality book on tape format, Feb 2007? (
Teenage Whore Tapes)

Palm Trees Cassette Duo "Dead Blood" tape (MT5)

Palm Trees Cassette Duo "Swamp Of Souls" tape (Magic Swamp)

Palm Trees Cassette Duo "Nubian Gold Shaft" CDR (Sounds From The Pocket)

there's more but i can't tell yet!!! :) hehehe


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