Thursday, August 2, 2007

Aug 11th in Philly


August 11th @ The Queen Sheba II
4511 Baltimore Ave. Phila, PA 19143

The New Flesh
The Conformists
Head molt
Antler Piss & Sanguine Vessel

9pm (seriously)

Evoking equal parts disgust and curiosity, the music of The New Flesh reflects the restlessness and frustration of its members: Jason Donnells, Rick Weaver (Human Host, ex Flowers in The Attic), and Greg Dembeck. Their progressive punk sound evolves out of the texture of 60s psychedelia, the discordance of 70s art punk, the energy of 80s west coast hardcore, and the sleaze of 90s noise rock. Jason's pounding bass and Rick's cyclonic drums provide a framework for Dan's somnambulistic guitar work. Always bringing high energy, a devastating live show, The New Flesh are a force to be reckoned with.

The tape counter hits 42 and the system stops for the barest fraction of a second; then the guitar unravels the initial riff, bending the notes and the pitch into a new pattern. The drums adjust, firing sharp even beats, cymbals punching out windows as the bass stretches across the scales, creating space. The guitar increases the pace, gaining speed as the system begins to rotate opposite its initial impetus. The cymbals gallop along the crest of the riff, drawing the bass and the guitar together in tempo. Now the bass carries the cell; everything spins faster as Mike unloads more energy into the system, screaming it all forward with cries of "Cough it up! Cough it up!" His words become sound only, grunts that cause eruptions of cymbal to equalize the pressure. The system is barely contained, rotating wildly. Too much energy has been consumed, and the system grinds to a halt.

improv/noise/garbage////influenced by crusty acid punk doom metal gazer laser avant 50's tape orchestras/lo-fi popp, electric mayhem, oozes jellies and slimes....Blood Slurpee for fans of accelerated decay. We play music ranging from harsh noise to minimal soundscapes.

Phil:"it's this... john can i borrow a cigarette?"john: "i said 'YES'" meanwhile, "michael keep typing!" john:"don't write this... i need something that's going to make people want to come out!"(john leaves the room)phil: "what is this sexxed out shit john's listening to?" "if it's that broom dusters shit, it's GREAT!" (john enters) "john, am i listening to the sound of you having sex?" john:"no, it's all over now."

Marc Z from Sharks With Wings
Newton, and Jared from Sweet Nothing

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