Thursday, March 6, 2008

Child Bride / Head Molt -split tape REVIEW from Vital Weekly

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CHILD BRIDE/HEAD MOLT (Cassette by Teenage Whore Tapes)
POD BLOTZ - OBEYING SCUM.... LIVE (Cassette by Teenage Whore Tapes)

From the home with a horrible name, two tapes
with three bands in total. The most interesting one is the Child Bride and Head Molt split release. Child Bride create their music with organ, guitar, vocals, percussion and samples and create a hippy atmosphere with it, mumbling voices and music that sometimes doesn't appear over the hiss. Including a beatle sample towards the very end. Miles away from Head Molt, who use tapes, guitar, vocals and percussion. They sound like a bunch of angry young, with distorted loops, tape collages and spitting vocals on top. It's actually quite nice, since it rapid changes and moves. It's aggressive but it could have used a better production.

Pod Blotz (crazy label name attracts crazy band names, me thinks) operate in the scenery which I these days leave to Jliat, but these twenty minutes of unrelentness noise were actually tolerable. Perhaps it's because my cassette player isn't hooked up to my installation (and seeing the current amount, I think I should hook it up), so I have to revert to my headphones, which is probably more effective for this kind of music anyway. Tape manipulations at point blank. Speeding up cassette tapes, feeding signals through distortion boxes - that work, but as said long enough here. Gives you a certified headache on headphones. (FdW)

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