Wednesday, April 23, 2008

v/a Spleencoffin presents: Ladyz in Noyz [3 x CD]

v/a Spleencoffin presents: Ladyz in Noyz [3 x CD]


Curated by Spleencoffin co-founder Marlo Eggplant (who now runs the Corpus Collosum music/craft distro out in Seattle), this 38 artist mega-compilation of lady noise, experimental, drone, and basement pop artists comes in the form of 3 CDs in block printed sleeves and a special zine, all packed in hand-screenprinted chipboard boxes.

Artistes include: Abiku, Arachnid Arcade, Beeping Sleauty, Blue Shift, Bonnie Mercer (Grey Daturas), Child Bride, Chic Nerve, Ecomorti, Froghat and Sofaqueen, HNY (Social Junk), Hobbyknife, Great Room, Sun Shine Sanitorium, Hot Lava, Katherine (Rosemary Krust), Adrien Barbobot (Kristin Calvarese), Mayan Bounty , Leah Peah (Head Molt), Marissa Magic, Marlo Eggplant (Hazardous Guadalupe, Brain Mucus), Mother Orchid, BCO Women's Auxiliary (Ninah Pixie, Women Take Back the Noise), Olivia Z , Noveller, Paid in Puke, Paper Rockets, Suzie Zuzek, Roaring Aurora, Rusalka, Rosemary Krust, Scout, Sharkiface, Spawning vats, Stone pillow, The Vivian Girls Experience, U.S. Girls, and C.C. Wang with USSA Pleasuredome.

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