Friday, July 4, 2008

Two new tape releases from the AEN label.

First new AEN releases since 2003!

LEAH PEAH "Peah Pop & The Baby Lion Show" tape/c10 (AEN/ae52) Limited 50 copies

Effects pedal looper. Leah Peah is also the brutal drummer of HEAD MOLT. This is her first solo tape (in a long list of proposed releases). Filthy harsh love. spastic fucktronics, bratty scratches... all up in your ears with that classy bitch noise style you hate to love. but you do love it. so buy this tape. 50 copies go fast.


Leah Peah

GARYDACTYLGEGEGE "3000 YEAR OLD BATTERY" Tape/C10 (AEN/ae51) Limited to 25 copies
Garydactyl is a member of HEAD MOLT. past projects include PALM TREES, A.S.D, No-fi, etc. Junk music composed of tapes, circuit bent casio, toy guitars. Some shiit you prob heard before PLUS enough filler crap to make this release totally bogusFurealz :)



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