Monday, February 7, 2011

MUTWAWA "Necro Zulu" cassette (2010)


"The mysterious new-world-electronics" duo MUTWAWA gave away their final copies of the "Necro Zulu" cassette at a show last night at Strange Matter. It was limited to 50 copies with individual, handmade, collages (examples above) for each cassette by Leo Heinzel. Originally 100 were to be made but MUTWAWA have decided to use the other 50 tapes for a new, almost finished, release...
Posters with all of the collage pieces are coming soon...


1. Radio Cambodia
2. Radio Tokoloshe
3. Spyra Sphinx
4. Sleeper In The Sands
5. Sacred Geometer
6. Howling Dead Monks
7. Centauri Street Force
8. Mystic Brain Funk


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