Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Existential Boredom Issue #2 (AEN #AE38) 2003/2008

I scanned and uploaded this old zine I published. Have a look!

Existential Boredom Issue #2 (AEN #AE38) 2003/2008 An art anthology I published in 2003. Only 50 copies were made. 50 additional copies printed in 2008. The second printing includes material from Existential Boredom Issue #1. Contributors: Theo Goodman, Rora & Dobrica Kamperelic, John M. Bennett, Blaster, Dan Buck, Cammack, Major Dust, Warn Defever, Marc Van Elburg, Todd Emmert, GX Jupiter-Larsen, Marcel Herms, Kapreles, Karmakumulator, Beppi & Mary Knott, Leslie Q, Malok, Sean Whatever, Laura Jane Cooney, Ruggero Maggi, George Tantkus, Andy Ortmann, Clemente Padin, Rael, Joseph A. Uphoff Jr, Justin Waters, Scott Thompson, Pascal Lenoir, Mark Price, Justin Duerr, Gary Stevens, Happy Scrappy: Hero Pup, Bananafish, C.N.P. Records.

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