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International Noise Conference Tour Brings Rat Bastard & Friends To Gallery 5 - RVA MAG


Posted by: Necci – Jun 17, 2013


Since 2004, south Florida troublemaker Rat Bastard has been inviting noise acts, experiment freaks and guitar butchers from all over America to come to Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood, where he books three days of shows at Churchill's Pub, dubbed the International Noise Conference. INC has become an annual tradition, sending crews of paintsplattered noisemakers and their suitcases southbound to Florida every February--and frequently bringing half a dozen shows through Richmond on the way there. For the past couple of years, Rat Bastard has flipped the program, taking his Miami crew on tour and selecting INC acts to curate a local show for him in the same format.

Photo by Ronnie Rivera

Tuesday June 18th will bring Rat Bastard and his crew, the Laundry Room Squelchers, to Gallery 5, along with a lineup curated by RVA Noise Fest's Gary Stevens and Matt Boettke. The evening's bill is densely packed with Richmond's electronic overloaders and sonic bludgeoners. Here's a breakdown of whats likely to go down.

LAUNDRY ROOM SQUELCHERS - Miami road dogs; Rat Bastard and company, strangled guitar punk and amplifier suplexing.
STONE GARDEN JAM TEMPLE - Joe Legz (Contortionist Jazz Exotica/H0-AX), mindmelting splatter freakout
MUTWAWA - space futurist Detroit Techno corroded by noise lifer psychic decay, HEAD MOLT x SUPPRESSION
CLOSE YOUR EYES I'M CHANGING - uptown art gallery installation heaviness meets bad trip anxiety rockers downtown, spirit jazz for hive mind
HEAVY BREATHING - HC machismo reduced to cold hateful electronics
A9CONCUSS - over the top rave jungle from Richmond's most talented aesthetic chameleon
CHAMPAGNE OF RATS - Cat Mansion house band; drum machine abuse from Strange Matter/LOST TRIBE's J. Kassalow and hissing guitar from OLDE SHAME's L. Heinzel
STRESS ORPHAN - standout set from RVA NOISE FEST--suburban grindcore maniac gone full out disgusting power-electronics noise; new tape, Trash Pussy, out now
DAGGERING - SCANT + FLOODBEAST duo, distort-riddim, buzz & blast, bring yr eyedropper
BROADCASTATIC - Audio Visual feedback craftsman, live videodroming, not to be missed while staring at yr smart phone
GEORDI LA KORG - heady brass & synth platter, head cleaner for Broadcastatic's VCRs
INKLING JUROR (basement gamelan, salvage metal performance art)

June 18th will be a heavy round robin. The event begins at 7 PM. Sets are limited to 15 minutes, with two different performance areas set up to minimize downtime. Donations are encouraged, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Gallery 5 is located at 200 W. Marshall St. For more details on this event, click here.

And for a taste of what's in store, check out the video below, which was shot during last year's Art Basel Conference. It features an excerpt from a Rat Bastard set at a house show, during which he was accompanied by Kenny Millions (sax), Thurston Moore (guitar), Kramer (bass), and Steven Bristol (drums). This sort of chaos will be going down at Gallery 5 tomorrow night--get ready.

By J. Russell

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