Thursday, August 29, 2013


After a short hiatus RVA NOISE NIGHT IS BACK! RVA NOISE NIGHT #13 August 30th 2013 7PM sharp! Experimental/Electronic/Noise showcase featuring short back to back performances by: ASTROLOGY DIET (harsh jazz wall) ROSEMARY ARP (dark house throb) ROTTED EAR (spurting pus noise) DYRT (neo-static meditations) SCANT (noise thuggery) MIRANDA (streetheart energy dranks) DIAMOND BLACK HEARTED BOY (slime punk) GLISPER (in the sun) ANDUIN + ELIAN (sound art mastery collab) I.Dr. (hidden shadows from the east) NU DEPTH (lil baby postiv) CAIN/BORDEN (hi-art attack) FREE! All Ages donations strongly suggested! GALLERY 5 200 W. Marshall St., Richmond, Virginia 23220