Monday, March 17, 2014

Record Review: Mutwawa - Subterrestrial Creeps - RVA MAG

Posted by: brad – Mar 17, 2014


Local electro-noise duo Mutwawa has released a new 3 track EP and it replicates a sound we’re all too fond of and familiar with.

With a heavy stress on the electro, the first track “Earth is Fucked” opens with synth drums and distorted bleeps and bloops. A vocal track comes in and out, I’m not sure if it’s something you could sing along to, but it’s catchy enough to have been stuck in my head over the weekend. Or maybe I just keep chanting “earth is Fucckkkkked.” Either way, I’m sold.

The second track, “Erosion,” follows the near-marching beat and delayed synth-horn style which first attracted me to Mutwawa. For those who have caught them live, the know the key to Mutwawa is their live show and I have a feeling this track would get the crowd swaying something fierce.
Typically dissonant, I look forward to being sweaty and confused at the next Mutwawa show when this track comes on. Clocking in at just over 5 minutes, the track ends with a great build-up which provides for some solid ear-drum splitting feedback.

“Caleuche” closes the short record, but is a great finale. Another great build up stretches across this 7+ min track. The pounding drum beat keeps a head nodding and the drones and feed-back bleeps are sure to warm the soul of any noise fan.

Mutwawa has done a lot with the broad genre of “noise” music. It’s their beats and live show which keeps fans like myself coming back for more. Even if you’re not a fan of raucous feed back jams, consider checking out Mutwawa whenever possible - they are a shining jewel in RVA’s scene.
Check them out when they open for Acid Mothers Temple at Strange Matter Apr 25

Review by BK

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