Wednesday, September 27, 2017


In honor of our dear friend Bobbie Peters who sadly passed away this year, RVA Noise is proud to present Blue Nine Fest. This event will be a memorial and a tribute to Bobbie and will showcase a variety of performers, all of which were friends of hers and wanted to express their grief and sadness as well as celebrate the life and spirit of Bobbie in their own unique ways.
Please join us in our celebration and mourning...

Blue Nine Fest - October 1st 2017 at Strange Matter

929 W Grace St
7PM Doors // 8PM Noise // $5 // 18+

08:00: Muzak City
08:15: Sensual Assault
08:45: Yoga Demon
09:00: Thieves Of Shiloh
09:15: Flesh Control
10:00: 10-56
10:15: Fake Object
10:30: Dyrt
10:45: Coteries
11:00: Brown Piss
11:15: Stone Garden Jam Temple
11:30: Yohimbe
11:45: Scant
12:00: Kyle Flanagan

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From RVA Mag:

Sunday, October 1, 7 PM
Blue Nine Fest & Memorial, feat. Kyle Flanagan, Scant, Yohimbe, Stone Garden Jam Temple, Brown Piss, Coteries, Dyrt, Fake Object, 10-56, Flesh Control, Thieves Of Shiloh, Yoga Demon, Sensual Assault, Muzak City @ Strange Matter – $5

Sunday night sees a significant gathering of the more punk-based experimental noise scene here in Richmond; sadly, it’s to commemorate a tragedy. Local noise musician Bobbie Peters, who performed under the name Blue Nine, passed away earlier this year, and their many friends in the local scene are gathering to celebrate their life with the sort of harsh noise they loved. Whether or not you knew Bobbie, this is an important event for the RVA noise scene, one that is worth checking out as much for the chance to engage with the full spectrum of the local scene as for the opportunity to memorialize a fallen compatriot.

There are way too many artists on this bill to explore even half of them to the extent they deserve, but some that merit special mention include Brown Piss, the damaged electronic harshness generated by Suppression/Mutwawa/Chaotic Noise Productions mastermind Jason Hodges as a solo performer; Scant, the harsh, foreboding chaos generated by mid-Atlantic noise renaissance man Matt Boettke; Coteries, the enveloping atmospheric noise terror of Van Ficken; and Eric Tomillon’s monster of harsh noise, Fake Object. But honestly, everyone who’s anyone in Richmond’s experimental noise scene is here, so if you need a crash course, this is your perfect opportunity to get one. It’s a shame it had to happen for such a sad reason. -

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