Sunday, March 17, 2002

Existential Boredom issue #1 Now Available

Existential Boredom issue #1

a micro anthology of underground comics and mail art.mostly stuff from people who record music,run labels,make zines,etc...first issue features works by:

Marc Van Elburg (De Hondekoekjesfabriek,Monobrain,FKN'BSTRDS,etc..)
Marcel Herms (Anima Mal Nata,Het Moet Onverstaanbaar,Noisebitch,Loki,etc..)
Mark Price (Crippled Ninja Zine,Rainbow Of Goodness,Glass of Juice,etc...)
Justin Duerr (Eulogy,Liberation Through Hearing,Dextromethorphanage,etc...)
Gary Stevens (AEN,A Sonic Deterrent,Noise Conglomerate,The No-Fi,etc..)
Yves Albrechts (Kaprelles,S.U.I.C.I.D.E. Propaganda,etc...)
Laura Jane Cooney (Existential Cowgirl Zine)
Major Dust (Giant Sucking Sound)
Justin Waters (Autio-Ethik,Microcassettor,Found Sound,Zero Points Bulliten,etc...)
Maya Devi (The No-Fi)

limited to 200 copies
28 pages,color covers
$3 ppd usa $4 world
or just send stamps,IRCs,SASE...
zine trades welcome

22 S Mallory St #1 Hampton VA 23663 usa

Existential Boredom issue #2
now in the works,this time with more reading:interviews with artists that have nothing to do with thier art,bad reviews section (thats right,only reviews of the worst stuff sent our way),and more worded well as the usual mail art,comics,etc...

submissions accepted:
interviewers wanted.contributors get free copies and ad ad rates available to others.get in touch for more info.
send all to the AEN address above.

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