Friday, March 8, 2002


Sunday March 24th 2002 10 pm 18+ @ Cogan's Instant Art Bar:

AEN/Rat-Ward productions presents a rare area appearance by extreme underground music,electronic and noise artists,featuring:

PANICSVILLE (Helicopter/Nihilist records, from Chicago)

ROSEMARY MALIGN  & THE EUGENICS COUNCIL (Menschenfeind productions, from St.Louis)

NO-FI (AEN/Breathmint records,from Phoebus)

18+ $4 / 21+ $3
Cogan's 1901 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA 23517 (757) 627-6428

PANICSVILLE is primarily a one-man outfit –that man being Andy Ortmann- with occasional appearances by a rotating crew of sonic terrorists. Over the course of the last several years, PANICSVILLE has released three full-length albums, a cut-and-paste record (in a limited edition of 100, Ortmann collected and then destroyed `crates and crates' of records and then reassembled them in a playable fashion), and several striking singles. Ortmann's tastes seem to run the gamut as his pieces are occasionally beautiful, and at other times terrorizing. But beyond the always-compelling compositional elements, Ortmann also exhibits a profound concern with the conceptual capabilities of his craft. Not simply content with musical experimentation, Ortmann attempts to push `consumers' beyond preconceived or assumed notions of track sequencing, formatting and even packaging in an attempt to synthesize each project into it's own abstracted entirety.

ROSEMARY MALIGN & The EUGENICS COUNCIL Group members: founding members D.N. & Rosemary Malign, new/ touring members Shannon X, Sharon Y Music style: Power Electronisc,Harsh Noise,Experimental,Early Industrial,New Wave,No Wave some material described as resembling circus/or horror mvie sountracks. Varies from track to track, most all is noisy. live performances can also vary greatly soundwise from all the styles listed above, or it may take on a more focused theme, exploring a specific style or subject Partial History The Eugenics Council began about 7 years ago under the name Total waste of Time, about 5 years ago they changed it to the Eugenics Council. Since that time E.C. has been playing shows across the U.S. Rosemary has been featured on the Susan Lawly release "Extreme Music From Woman", and published in Feral House's Apocalypse Culture II. E.C. along with Dr. Randall Phillip headlined Chicago's Expo of the Extreme, sharing the bill with Motorhead, Genitortures, jello Biafra, Mary Ramone, Electric Hellfire Club, Fang, and several others. E.C. has recently played Houstons Dead Audio Music Fest, and has just finished finished a string of shows with improv noise artists Cock esp. E.C. currently has 2 cds out on Menchenfeind Productions, both splits with Dr. Randall Phillip, the infamous author of the extreme hate zine "fuck", and contributor to Answer Me. A now sold out 7' split record with Japanese electronic artist Facialmess was also released on menschenfeind productions. E.C. have a # of releases that will be out shortly, including a full length cd, split 7's with the prima donnas, Cat Hope, and the flesh peddlers. A collaboration with industrial drum troupe Sikhara, and Ny's Praying for Oblivion will be out later this month under the name "Coalition for a better Tomorrow" Various live cds, and videos have also been released, though most of these are not official releases. Some Instruments mig welder,Steel drums,springs,Circuit bent casios,Drills,homemade steel bass guitar,fans,Korg synth,Guns,industrial machines,children toys,children,stolen sound,and about anything else that we can get to produce an interesting sound, the majority of the sounds produced come from unique custom designed instruments constructed by E.C. reviews One review described the Eugenics Council as : "brimming with malevolence, and so are her lyrics: "I don't want a fucking job/I don't want a goddamn fucking baby/shit, shit, shit". I'm sure if I could make out any of the other vocals they would follow suit. The first half of the disk sounds like a hardcore band set up to record in an industrial factory, and they are losing their voices and blowing their amps trying to drown out the noise. Some of the tracks have a surprisingly melodic appeal, with a clean bass guitar, undistorted drum machine and clear vocals. As if to discard any melodic complacency, this soon gives way to brazenly spite-filled noise, overlapped with equally malicious screams. This is not for then weak-eared." editor of "Waste Combat" had this to say: "Rosemary Malign's vocal style is unique, she could scream about child-fucking and make the audience think it's normal, and then in one sentence hit them over the head with their own reality. She practices word-hammering, complex simplicity. De-sensitizing the listner to the subject matter through repetition and word-play, and then suddenly, plain as day, she serves them up a foul and harsh truth, even if it is her your own." A review of Rosemary's track on the Extreme Music From Women c.d. (Gary Simmons): "First off is Rosemary Malign's 'No You Listen', the best 'song' title in this collection by far without yet having heard a single note. Ooh! That made me jump, wasn't expecting that! The sound of a mainframe computer (a Cray 2 or 3 with any luck) tied to the back of a truck and taken for a scrape down the dirt track, bouncing to its piecemeal decimation. The initial child-like vocals are almost Ramptonesque ..A deranged cacophony of the very highest quality. Wonderfull! What a great way to open the album. "

NO-FI very difficult to describe........

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