Wednesday, July 30, 2003

noise comp noise comp


99 track audio CD featruring:

7000 Dying Rats "Your Studied Indifference Is Duly Noted" (Illinois)
Adam Chao "Chinese Standoff" (New York)
Alien Lovers In Amagasaki "Windows 1.0"(Japan)
Allun "Hini" (Italy)
Ames Sanglantes "Eat This!" (Quebec)
Andy Au Go Go "Delicious Erb" (California)
Anne Drogyness "Know it's girl you (homage to Milli Vanilli)" (New York)
Arm "mio" (Norway)
Artificial Memory Trace "You Know" (Ireland)
Bastard Noise "FZ.41.999" (California)
Battery Operated "Clicki Reso" (France)
Big City Orchestra "Kettle1" (California)
Birchville Cat Motel "Cock Rock Alienation" (New Zealand)
Black Leather Jesus "Phone Sex" (Texas)
Carlos Giffoni "Thong Serpentina" (Florida)
Carnal Hedon Coitus "pillowtalk" (Pennsylvania)
Cock E.S.P. "We Hate Everything" (Minnesota)
Cornucopia "Communication Control Comitee" (Puerto Rico)
Courtis "......................" (Argentina)
creed of Fire "Reagan is dead and were having a party" (Sweden)
creed of Water "Universal Blood" (Sweden)
Daniel Menche "And A Insect Shall Lead Them" (Oregon)
Daniele Brusaschetto "Ferita Da Punta" (Italy)
Daruin "Song for Zetton" (Japan)
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (France)
Death Squad "Purgatory Six" (California)
Department Of Experimental Health "Anthem of the Millennium of the New Mind" (Sweden)
Diagram:A "Neweesa shhoklf" (Massachusetts)
Earwigs "Rock and Roll" (Washington)
Eeyow Karoom (England)
Ene "What annoys our customers the most? Their own Ignorance" (Virginia)
Ernesto-Diaz Infante "11.5.02" (California)
Eugenics Council "Robot" (Missouri)
Facialmess "The Giant Hogweed Lives!" (Japan)
Fckn'Bstrds "'k heb godverdommme een jaar moete wachte" (Holland)
Found Sound (Virginia)
Gasolineman "Metal Balloon Music" (Japan)
Gerritt (Washington)
Glands Of External Secretion "Smoot Heater" (California)
Government Alpha "Infirmity" (Japan)
Guilty Connector "Easy" (Japan)
Hamartia Brady "Fishin' Buddies" (Connecticut)
Haters "The Thinking Ross Did" (California)
Hermit "Danse Aveugle" (Sweden)
Humanextermination Project "Mars Polar Surveyor" (California)
Irene Moon "Diploitta" (Kentucky)
Joshua Norton Cabal "Stupid Monkey" (Scotland)
K2 "Red Explosion In Kaprun" (Japan)
K2 with Hyware "Destro-mixed Ramdomized" (Japan)
Kazumoto Endo "...the door is locked just you and me..." (Japan)
Kimihide Kusafuka "holy humble hymens" (Japan)
KK Null (Japan)
Lasse Marhaug (Norway)
L-Drik "Zo Snel" (Belgium)
Lefthandeddecision "Morning After Second Bliss" (California)
Lonnie Methe "An Introduction to the Anti-Rock" (Nebraska)
Macroprurient "Mother Eats Daughter" (Massachusetts/Rhode Island)
Mammal "Torpor End" (Michigan)
Meerk Puffy "Glad to be itching (B2)" (Rhode Island)
Micronympha "American Fun part 8" (California)
Miguel Tomasin "Un Bonto Surido" (Argentina)
Moncho Conlazo "Free Cotorra" (Argentina)
Monobrain & Noisebitch "Brakselstremmers" -excerpt (Holland)
Mr. Mlitter "MWalker" (Michigan)
Never Presence Forever "The Putrid Guise of Innovation" (Virginia)
New Port "Anti-Gary" (Minnesota)
Newton -no title (Pennsylvania)
NMAXMS "Robot Eating a Pinecone Pt.7" (New Hampshire)
Noise Nomads -no title (Rhode Island)
Nuclear Pig Shit "Tulameric Shaver" (Wisconsin)
Outermost "Human Stupid" (Japan)
Palsecam Vs. Job Karma -no title (Poland)
Panicsville Up (to here) With People" (Illinois)
Paul Harrison "The super last fucked up second of your life" (England)
Philipp Wolokitn "ear candy" (Russia)
Princess Dragon Mom "Zipper In The Sky" (Michigan)
Prurient "Mother Of The Clean Steps" (Rhode Island)
Radiosonde "41.376" (California)
Raphaela Bunny (Connecticut)
Rats With Wings "Off Your Face" (Australia)
Reverb "Khoonztidurjogoetnabeycheebaibutohkoneksundalpandifuckanathan" (Singapore)
Reynols "Masiamo un Mosco" (Argentina)
S.Isabelle "Aggravation" (Japan)
Seasonal Affect "Freak When See" (New York)
Sewer Election "When Uranium Comes Ripping" (Sweden)
Sickness "Seconds from Nothing" (Massachusetts)
State Public Defender "Monkey Teeth" (Wisconsin)
Sudden Infant "Kroesamoesa 1" (Switzerland)
Suppression "The Peeper" (Virginia)
T.E.F. "Pimping End Of Tuberculosis" (Texas)
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie "Fixing a glass bottle with a sledgehammer" (Virginia)
Tore.H.Boe 'Lasse -Portrait of a cereal killer" (Norway)
Towering "Filaments" (California)
Unconditional Loathing "Reality Intrusion" (Minnesota)
Viodre "Fourty-second Second" (New York)
Vok "vok4" -extended (United Kingdom)
Xome "(kushami)" (California)
Zerosum "Liquid Engineer" (Texas)
Zombi "Massive Mirrors" (Kentucky)

*lineup subject to slight change

Available sometime 2004

Thanks for your patience!


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