Sunday, January 11, 2004

SHOW REPORT 01-10-04

MAD THANKS to eveyone who came out to the
Rat-Ward last SAT to support "non-conformist
music and outsider art"

KID CAMARO played a set of glitchy electro
dance-core of the highest calliber.

FERALCATSCAN summoned forth beautiful
ambient drones that built up into a frenzy of

KHATE played her wonderful collection of
modified toy instruments,melding the sounds
into an intense mental scape.

36 noise-rocked the kitchen in a major
way,while in the back room HAPPY SCRAPPY:
HERO PUP blipped and bleeped thier way
through a set of synth mastery. The Mr. T
motivational video was a nice touch!

Then DJ PANIC played a record with a
hack-saw! 20 years from now all DJ's will play
records with hack-saws!

They win the most points for audience
participation! By the end of their set all their
instruments were taken over by
show-goers,so they just began to bang on
anything they could find in the kitchen!

IAN NAGOSKI was passed out drunk on my
couch,so BULLET TO CHILD took the floor
with their own eclectic brand of free-jazz

What else? We just about broke even on the
keg (Thanks Grayson and Kelly!),sold some
hand-made t-shirts,scored a free Electro
Harmonix bass micro synth and a DD-5 digital
delay! (Thanks Sam!) I even sold a painting
and used the money to buy the bands
breakfast! so rad! Thanks to all the bands for
your great performances! Thanks to everyone
else who helped out! Happy Birth Day LUX!