Sunday, January 18, 2004

SHOW REPORT 01-17-04

once again thank you for coming out to the rat-ward last nite!

BULLET TO CHILD started off the evening with their own brand of far flung electro free form jazz. i swear for a moment they got really poppy,like 80's nite on LSD.

MIX TAPE FOR ADRIAN came correct with some fcked up dance music that ended in a real life battle rap! Polar Bear wins!

SLIDE OF HAND was a hella funny one man performance parody rock schlock poo poo pee pee sing-a-long. long duck dong plays guitar?

NO-FI no comment! ughhh

KID CAMARO glitched it up real fine,even more abstract that last time. dance or go into a seizure,either way youre gonna move that body!

ABIKU finished off the nite with a really bombastic set. intense,dark synth-core anger.electronic hardcore punk is the new radness.

love you all