Saturday, December 12, 2009

Girl Talk listed us as one of his favorite sets of 2009 on

This is what he said...

Head Molt: Norfolk, Va. @ NorVa
Back around 2002 and 2004, I played
a house venue in Hampton, Virginia, called the Rat Ward. It was a rowdy
spot. One of the guys who lived there and ran the place hit me up prior
to coming to ...Norfolk. He wanted to play the show with his noise band
Head Molt. I'm always down for playing with more experimental acts.
With that sort of thing, there's a chance the crowd may not be able to
handle it, there's also a chance people will have their minds melted.
It's a gamble. So I made sure he understood that people may hate it,
and he totally got it. At the show, it took approximately four minutes
of their screeching set before people starting booing and throwing
garbage on stage. It got the band fired up. Things escalated as the
band started screaming a loop of "This is what you paid for!" People
started jumping on stage trying to unplug their gear. It was
confrontational music in a confrontational setting, and it was
exciting. Eventually the band, with the help of some of the extra
people on stage, knocked over all of their gear and ended the set at
the 15-minute mark.

Here's a realted link about that show:
“They had a really heavy metal sound to them, and I just didn't like it at all,” said Freshman Tara McGinley.

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