Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DEC 12th show @ Rat-Ward RVA

This Saturday DEC 12th 10:30pm
@ Rat-Ward Little Baghdad.

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BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS (Spoken Word/Performance Art)
THE GROWTH (Weird shit for sure)
BUCK GOOTER (Noise Rock)
HEAD MOLT (your hosts)
and possibly stand-up comedy from

It's a free show but bring gas money for out of towners!

email for more info.

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Joe Legs said...

Gary Stevens is the mother fucking DIY acid noise art wizard mother fucker. OF ALL TIME.
My new goal in life is to someday figure out how to be as sweet as Gary. Fuck any ya'll haters, He's the SHIT you YOU KNOW ITTTT! RATWARD///LIL'BAGDAD///KILL'inDAgAME4LYPHZ