Friday, October 13, 2017

Rat-Ward Radio #009

Broadcast Friday October 13th 2017


01: Diamond Black Hearted Boy "Atom Gave Eve" (U.S.) 2010
Unknown [Not on label] Experimental, Electronic, Hip Hop

02: Cranes "Clear (Davidian Memorial Mix)" (U.S.) 1993
Clear / Cloudless - 12" [RCA] Industrial, Ambient

03: Illusion Of Safety "Musikfuck" (U.K.) 1991
Various -  A Persons Healthy Guide To Listening - Cassette [Regelwidrig]
Experimental, Ambient, Minimal

04: Suicide "Cheree (Remix)" (U.S.) 1999
Suicide - LP [Red Star Records] Garage, Electro, Punk

05: Bruce Haack & Fantastic Plastic Machine "I'm Bruce" *excerpt (U.S.) 2005
06: Bruce Haack & Tipsy "Popcorn" *excerpt (U.S.) 2005
07: Bruce Haack & Stereolab "Mudra" *exceprt (U.S.) 2005
Various -  Dimension Mix: A Tribute To Dimension 5 Records - The Music Of Bruce Haack And Esther Nelson - CD [Eenie Meenie Records] Abstract, Experimental, Electronic

08: Oiling Boiling "Cyclops Dance" (Finland) 1977
Two Faces - LP [CBS] Jazz-Funk

9:  Zazou, Bikaye and CY1 "Eh! Yaye (Remix)" (Belgium) 1990
Noir Et Blanc [Crammed Discs] Tribal, Electronic

10: Emergency Broadcast Network with Coldcut & Hexstatic "Timber" (Canada) 1998
Timber - CD [Ninja Tune]  Illbient, Experimental, Ambient

11: Ventla "Harataima" (Japan) 2012
Auditory Phantom - MP3 [Not on label] Synth-Pop, Experimental

12: Lizzy Mercier Descloux "Torso Corso" (U.S.) 1979
Press Color - LP [ZE Records] New Wave, No Wave, Free Punk

13: Victor Uwaifo And His Titibitis "All Correct" (Nigeria) 1979
O.T.F. (On The Floor) - LP [Polydor]  Highlife, Disco, Afrobeat, Funk, African

14: Blancmange "Overspreading Art Genius" (U.K.) 1980
Irene & Mavis - 7" [Not on label] New Wave, Synth-Pop, Minimal

15: Francis Bebey "My Tropical Flower" (France) 1982
Pygmy Love Song - LP [Editions Makossa] Folk, Disco

16: Jeff Majors "Summertime" (U.S.) 1986
 For Us All (Yoka Boka) - LP [Glass Wing] New Age, Soul Jazz

17: Exkurs "Fakten Sind Terror" (Germany) 1981
Fakten Sind Terror - LP [Konkurrenz] Post-Punk, New Wave, Synth-Pop

18: Tom Ellard "Mount" (Austrailia) 1982
80's Cheesecake - CDr [Sevcom] Minimal, Experimental

19: Antomar "Hawaiian Excursion" (U.S.) 1985
Variety Is... The Spice Of Life  - LP [A.M.P. Records] Funk, Soul

20: Cleaners from Venus "Corridor of Dreams" (U.K.) 1982
Midnight Cleaners - Cassette [Man At The Off Licence] Lo-fi, Psychedelic Rock, Post-Punk

21: Legendary Pink Dots "Defeated" (U.K.) 1981
Kleine Krieg - Cassette [Mirrordot] Synth-Pop, Indie Rock

22: Yukihiro Takahashi "Mirrormanic" (Japan) 1982
Various - Tokyo Mobile Music 1 - Cassette [The Mobile Suit Corporation] New Wave, Minimal

23: The Lijadu Sisters "Come On Home" (Nigeria) 1979
Horizon Unlimited - LP [Afrodisia] Folk

24: Glaxo Babies "Maximum Sexual Joy" (U.K.) 1980
Nine Months To The Disco  - LP [Heartbeat Records] Post-Punk, No Wave

25: ESG "Moody (Spaced Out)" (U.S.) 1983
Come Away With ESG - LP [99 Records] New Wave, Disco

26: Abecedarians "Smiling Monarchs" (U.S.) 1985
Smiling Monarchs - 12" [Factory] Post-Punk, Indie Rock

27: Vivien Goldman "Launderette" (U.K.) 1991
Launderette - 7" [Window] Leftfield, Post-Punk, Dub

28: Elisa Waut "Russia" (U.K.) 1985
Elisa Waut - LP [Statik Records] Leftfield, Synth-Pop

29: Chrisma "Gott Gott Electron" (Italy) 1979
Hibernation  - LP [Polydor] New Wave, Synth-Pop

30: K.S.B. "Misaluba" (Italy) 1983
Misaluba - 12" [Empire Records] Electro

31: Windows "When The Music's Over" (U.K.) 1981
Uppers On Downers - LP [Skeleton Records] Dub, Punk, Experimental

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