Friday, October 20, 2017

Rat-Ward Radio #010

Broadcast Friday October 20th 2017
WCLM 1450 AM


01: Phil Davies And Christopher Ried "Muscle And Heat" (France) 1978
Catchy - LP [Musical Touch Sound] Soul, Disco, Library

02: Jean Guy Ruff "Cover Girl" (France) 1976
Ma Fiancée Traverse Une Crise D'Obsession Sexuelle - 7" [Barclay] Funk, Soul, Pop

03: Jean-Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli "Knock Out" (France) 1977

Turn Radio On - LP [Marcy Music] Electronic, Disco, Experimental

04: Brian Sands "Slippery Stones Of Dovedale" (U.S.) 1980
Fixation - LP [Bizart Records]  Psychedelic Rock, Synth-pop, Experimental

05: Holger Czukay "Witches' Multiplication Table" (Germany) 1981
On The Way To The Peak Of Normal - LP [Welt-Rekord] Experimental, Rock

06: Placebo "Balek" (Netherlands) 1973
1973 - LP [CBS] Jazz, Funk, Soul

07: Mistral "Jamie" (Netherlands) 1977
Jamie - 7" [CNR] Synth-Pop, Disco

08: Mutation "Eudoxus / Twentynine Days" (Germany) 1978
Eudoxus - 7" [Columbia] Electronic, Disco

09: Lovefingers "Bermuda" (U.S.) 2007
Rvng Of The Nrds Vol. 4 - 12" [Rvng Intl] Psychedelic Rock, Disco

10: Art Bears "Rats & Monkeys" (Germany) 1979
Rats & Monkeys - 7" [Ralph Records] Art Rock, Experimental

11: Roger Melt "Pleine Lune" (U.K.) 1984
Pleine Lune - 12" [G.K. Records] Acoustic, Art Rock

12: Ralph Lundsten And The Andromeda All Stars "Alpha Ralpha Boulevard" (Sweden) 1979
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard - LP [Harvest] Funk, Soul, Abstract, Disco

13: Tony Wilson "Hangin' Out In Space" (U.S.) 1983
Hangin' Out In Space / Only What You Steal - 12" [Connection] Funk, Soul, Electro

14: Dream 2 Science "My Love Turns To Liquid" (U.S.) 1990
My Love Turns To Liquid - 12" [Power Move Records] Electronic, Deep House

15: Mary Lattimore "Otis Walks Into The Woods" (U.S.) 2016
At The Dam - LP [Ghostly International] Ambient, Modern Classical

16: Michel Colombier "My Fairy In The Crystal Reeds" (U.S.) 1983

Old Fool Back On Earth - 2xLP [Columbia] Jazz-Rock, Experimental

17: Richard Peaslee "The Dancing Phantom" (U.S.) 1980
Passage - LP [Linear]  Experimental, Synth-pop, Prog Rock, Ambient

18: Tako "Flotation Dance" (Japan) 2008
*Edit of Living Satellite "IO" Of Jupiter by Yujii Ohno
My Kind Of Woman - 12" [Ambassador's Reception] Disco, Jazz-Funk

19: Andriessen Jurriaan "Overtones" (Netherlands) 1977
The Awakening Dream - LP [Basart Records International]  Modern Classical, Ambient

20: Pat "Never Look Back" (Germany) 1986
Music Is - 7" [Magic Cube]  Free Funk, Disco

21: Shoc Corridor "Sargasso Sea" (U.K.) 1982
A Blind Sign - LP [Shout]  Synth-pop, Minimal, Ambient

22: Big Bong "My Brother Death" (Austria) 1989
My Brother Death - 12" [Dum Dum Records] Electro, New Beat

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